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  1. Looks as if QM2 is enjoying her sea trials. This is a question from MOH, Does the ship need a sea worthiness certification? and who carries it out.
  2. I am sure I have seen a photo of the passage ways with underlay laid.Forever hopeful.And the shower curtains, ah well we’re old friends .
  3. That picture of her is absolutely beautiful! Looks like the two queens are sailing around together in the North Sea.And it’s rough weather.
  4. At last it’s arrived! All those days of counting down.Have a wonderful time, and many happy memories
  5. As a cat lover, so lovely to see your photos .They are really bonding,and Coco- Canel is showing you who is the boss.
  6. May I suggest that chengkp 75 becomes a lecturer on board the Cunard ships. It would make exceptional listening.Better than some !
  7. Thank you Winifred 22 I have made enquiries on this site earlier and believe there is a tour for passengers who are flying back to the UK.It would be a lovely end to our trip.
  8. Hi again Looks like we are going to be doing the same plans.We are flying out the day before she sails.We will not have time to see much, just thankful we have a hotel near to the terminal.We are going to book the Cunard tour of NY , believe you can only book on board.We fly back to the UK in the evening.See you soon !
  9. On our last voyage we found that the day after leaving NY was chilly, but still lots of people lounging on the deck chairs well wrapped up. I was wearing a coat and woolly hat.From the next day on it just kept on improving.Light trousers ,shorts ,tee shirts, blue skies , and blue sea. People in the pools and Jacuzzi .Absolutely fabulous! Counting the days !! Think it’s only 50 now 🌴🌞
  10. Really pleased to see the changes.Do you think Cunard reads our comments?Another last minute reschedule?
  11. Thankyou will be following every day.😀
  12. It’s four years today that we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Millieloulou.Our thoughts are so very much with you.
  13. Couldn’t sleep last night with the thought that QM2 being made to look like a cruise ship.She is an iconic ocean liner, and the only one for a memorable voyage( in my opion) Feel better reading Germancruiser’s post this morning.
  14. Chengkp75 Thankyou so much for your very informative reply.By looking at your “badge” we certainly got the right person to reply.
  15. We are really interested in what goes on for our beautiful ship’s long awaited refit Do all the crew disembark and rejoin later? Does the captain stay with the ship whilst she’s in Rotherham? Are all the stores taken off? Why is she going to Rotterdam and not where she was built? Over to you ,Cunarders.
  16. I’m including several outfits which I will keep for the end of the voyage.Of a more loose fitting to compensate for the “sea air shrink “ Catch my drift,!
  17. 67 days to go, and I am already twirling around in my long dresses trying to choose what I need to pack.Trying on different shoes, handbags and jewellery.This is what I love about Cunard.You can just be as you want to be.
  18. We have been checking those dates as well.Seems strange that the Gala night is not on New Years Eve ? That will be the evening that most people will want to “push the boat out “ and get ready to party.New Years day will be a time to relax after getting to bed in the early hours. Counting the days!
  19. Thank you! Things are just getting better. Will certainly keep in touch a bit nearer the time
  20. Thankyou! Thankyou! 🇺🇸Feel so much happier this morning. Only reason we fly is because MOH refuses to cross the Atlantic in December. Working on it!
  21. Thankyou so much.Hopefully the weather will be good enough for us to do something😀
  22. Thankyou so much.You always have the answers! I am going to ask on board if there is anyway we can see New York before we leave.I do remember someone writing that there is a tour pre flight.
  23. When I go into my Cunard and most popular shore excursions and select New York Highlights ,put the date in and our names appear.It’s just a case of ticking the boxes and paying. Sometime ago I did ask on the forum if there was such an excursion , I am sure the answer was yes.
  24. Another question for another answer? We want to book the New York excursion on January 3rd when our cruise finishes and before we fly back to the UK.It commences at 8.30 and is for four hours. I cannot find out if our luggage stays on the coach whilst we are on the tour.? Do we go back to the cruise terminal to get on another coach to go to the airport? If we do not take our luggage where is it stored.? That’s a worry as new passengers will be queuing to get on board. I have asked Cunard but up to now no one can find the answer. I am sure that someone will come up with the answer, you always do !
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