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  1. Have a printed version. They gave me hassle and requested it last time. Finally, an employee gave me his name and a specific time to meet him at the front desk in order to accept Apple Wallet/screenshot of email as I didnʻt have wifi. I think one of my cards didnʻt go thru and I had to request once I returned home.
  2. I would go on annual PCC field trips and planned the day for students at least 10 different times with all the seriousness of the ultimate maximizer. Arrive early and try to hit all of the villages. Grab the canoe tour at the beginning or very end. Donʻt miss SAMOA show and the activity time at Aotearoa. Highly recommend! Just make your way around in order- with a little back and forth for the movie to watch in the heat of the day! So much fun!!
  3. It rubs me the wrong way to hear about the tree. It represents a lot to perhaps many here so I don't want to offend you and your ways you connect to Maui with my opinion. But deep down, I don't want to scroll by without mentioning, so many lives lost in a horrific way and many more still actively searching. I am most heartbroken with overwhelming concern of the suffering of the families and people. The tree is/was beautiful but not as beautiful as the people who love and take care of each other.
  4. I was assuming it is one charge per app/phone access. Maybe it's once per cabin?
  5. ^Good to know! As a new cruiser, I want to know which is worth exploring or suck it up! Grass is greener mentality is breaking down. 🙂 I do want to try at least one or two more- perhaps HAL then. Seriously wouldn't have tried another except for the "surprise". I emailed corporate when it first released but got a generic reply.
  6. https://www.hsta.org/news/recent-stories/donate-to-teachers-affected-by-maui-wildfires/
  7. Schools have burned. The teachers, staff, and students' homes are gone. Lives have been lost. Places of employment destroyed. The shock has not worn off. The internet (and thus communication) is not available for those who need it most and there may be a two-week wait for power. There is widespread suffering. Here are a few places to give...there are many. If you benefit from gifts of the islands or your memories of your visits, please consider how you can offer something more. If you have connections, use them to help. https://pshf.org/ https://hawaii.salvationarmy.org/
  8. Same. I told my cousin and husband who I am bringing as new to Princess companions all about the perks and now I have to tell them oh we all are ordering room service off of one phone now. So junk! We will think about the up charge multiple times thru the cruise.
  9. I will likely be looking at other cruise lines. No brand loyalty at this point. Too close to other offerings. I'm open to new experiences if it means it's a comparable cost.
  10. ....or maybe we give up the premium to stay Reserve Collection Cabana - Cabana Deck!! If only I could fly with the stars someday. 😉
  11. The $5 rewards varies and that's the only time I saw it of all the times I had been on the AARP site (maybe 10-20 times). It's not popping up anymore.
  12. I looooooooove the chairs and that there are no restrictions. I can stay for hours. The early bird catches the worm and although it was not everyday- only two half days, I got very comfy! #unpopularopinion #keepscrolling
  13. I have C1 shopping installed either as an extension or on my desktop and It flashed the rewards (different than ones i've seen for membership) $5 before I clicked in. I didn't see it track immediately so maybe you are right, it is just for gift cards. I thought all the rewards were gift cards so I assumed it was good. Hope nobody has been chasing it- I thought I was giving accurate info.
  14. I will be in E434....any opinions? LOL! I forgot - it is an interior!! 🙂 Shoot!
  15. Clicking thru Capital One Shopping had $5 cash back AARP rewards.
  16. Here's a bunch of old episodes. https://www.youtube.com/@lordtopcat/videos Here's info on the new one. https://www.princess.com/the-cruise/ AUS to NZ on Majestic (3 years old) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iziLdS-v75U
  17. The cruise director and team on Majestic are on fire! So glad they are going to be captured on video. Top notch talent! I hope we can find it in US eventually!
  18. New cruiser here. Thought I was sold out on Princess but adding 1/4 cost of my cruise for.....room service- that's all I really wanted--sigh! No thanks. My mom said Princess nickel and dimes and I was like noooooooo, but I guess so. We have two booked but I will pay ala carte (minimally) and actually enjoy myself less so as a result. It's super disappointing that they instituted it for all cruises already booked. If they said, going forward for cruises not yet booked, that would have been fair enough for decision making. What about the people who are past their cancellation deadlines....😦
  19. Good to know. It did show up (received another summary email) by the next day.
  20. Rebooked with additional people. Looks like the shareholder credit dropped off. I wrote in and resent my original email with supporting documents. Has anyone ever experienced this before?
  21. Went there for 2 nights and most favorite experiences were the Swedish meatballs and went to the Nobel Prize Museum.
  22. I just got the credit applied!! Woot woot! Confirmation came as an email nearly identical to my initial Booking summary confirmation...except with the shareholder credit.
  23. I had been thinking about buying the stocks since March....UGH I wish I did but waited until my June cruise and had to buy when I returned! I wish I did it before but better late than never. BTW, stock took a nice climb today. Hooray!! Thanks for the info! Just sent my request in for the first time. EXCITED!!
  24. Allegro was easiest to book, Symphony staff seemed so joyous and the most interesting/interested, Concerto had easy access to theater.
  25. Thank you so much!! Sorry! I think I got FCD and FCC mixed up maybe off-topic but that helped. 🙂 🙂
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