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  1. I say at Elite ++ - if price drops after final payment, you get your money back and keep your perks!! At Elite +, i would like to get best price guaranteed without all the exceptions and apply difference as OBC for existing cruise or apply different to a future booking. These are perks really worth something!! Amy
  2. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  3. YEAH!! We also saved another $ 600.00 and kept our perks since they were offering the go Best! See you on board! I do suspect more deals given the inventory but feel the price was perfect!
  4. Hello- We are on the same cruise as you. This is a tough call and a roll of the dice either way. Although this cruise has alot of cabins left, we went ahead and booked our favorite suite cabin- which will make it "our" cabin 3 years in a row. It came with all 4 perks plus the big box gift card when we get home (of which we have purchased a computer and TV in the past). We did contemplate taking the resident rate offer which is approx 1500 less with no perks but after doing the math- the perks on an 11 day cruise are worth more than that so we are staying put. If it drops after final payment- so be it- we love the location of our cabin and the perks. In the past, we have seen the price drop close to AQ and CC cabin prices but one never knows and it may not have perks. In the past we did upgrade to suite guarantee on a med cruise but didn't to get our cabin assigned until 2 weeks before the cruise. The price increase totaled $300.00 for the two of us with perks but most low prices seem to be void of perks these days. I would decide on what your comfortable paying and then book based on that whether it is before or after final payment and then never look at the prices again- tha'ts what we do 🙂. Good luck
  5. I agree completely! While I love Luminae, I order french onion soup and escargot off the MDR menu all the time. If this is true- not happy about that at all...
  6. I hope your cruise improves. One thing to consider on Celebrity is to try a sky suite. We love the suite perks and would be fun to get you and your parents a sky suite. Luminae is fabulous. When I traveled with my mom who had mobility issues (used walker, cane and scooter- oh and was on oxygen) we always booked a sky suite, at a minimum. Plenty of room and with the use of the butler for a warm breakfast, we could leisurely get ready in the morning and have a wonderful breakfast. If mom was tired, we would order dinner in the room off the regular menus. She loved tea in michaels club and all the special perks. I cannot say enouogh about the suite class perks. Check out luminae, suite perks etc while you are on board so you can decide about your trip with your parents. Wishing you an wonderful cruise. Amy
  7. following along and can hardly wait to see more photos! Enjoy!
  8. Orator- thanks for sharing the name. Glad to hear cruise is going great! Amy
  9. Yes- he did ask for a moment of silence. The crew member was from Ukraine and reportedly left a note that was found by his roommate. It was a sad and somber day.
  10. We were on this cruise and thought it was one of the best trips ever!! It was perfecto!! Butler, the tours we booked, the food- fabulous! Amy
  11. We just got off Reflection and had to get one new card as it suddenly stopped working so you WILL need to return to guest relations. Problem not 100% resolved. Also, they started putting your blue chip casino status on the front of the card. I had not idea we were even "in" blue chip club. Asked several crew member what Onyx meant and they had no clue. finally, someone in the casino let us know that is our blue chip status. Who knew??!! Amy
  12. We used Michel as well and was a fantastic day!!
  13. Amazing. Thank you for touching my heart. Sending healing thoughts to you and your family.
  14. For a 14 night cruise, I would definitely go to different restaurants to break things up. Our favorites in order for dinner are: 1) Lawn Club Grill 2) Murano 3) Tuscan Grille Lunch or dinner * Our friends love the porch and the seafood tower
  15. Thanks for sharing! Looks fun!
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