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  1. RV's, Wally-World parking lot, pre-cruise, perfectly safe. Time for another sabbatical. See ya!! Have a nice summer.
  2. When your ship arrives in Port Zante walk out to the taxi stand, get a cab to the Marriott, walk up to the concierge counter on your LEFT. With a big smile and credit card in hand tell him which ship you are on he'll swipe your card for $35(US)+tax your in. You can also book through Resorts for a Day. I just walk in like I own the place and in about 5 minutes I do. You can do the exact same thing. Have fun been going here for almost 20 years and never get tired of it. Todd
  3. "it isn't a thing here" staying overnight in the Walmart parking lot?? Pre-cruise?? I've never heard of such a thing and don't want to. Sounds scary too me and that's just for starters. Somebody needs to come up with Plan C, STAY IN A F☆☆☆☆☆G HOTEL.
  4. Hey Geronimo whats up? We still not make it out of bed yet?
  5. When you get off the ship walk up to the Curacao Welcome Center can't miss it and get a city map it's free. Follow everyone else walk through the tourist area on your right, walk across the bridge and your in town. Really nice place, people are awesome, nice little bars super laid back, you'll figure it right out. 😉
  6. BTW no hurry but when you get a moment could you please give me an idea on how to start planning a "land trip" this would without a doubt be a place I could stay for a period of time. Shanghai addicting? Looks like it that place ROCKS!! Best bars IN THE WORLD?? Looks like it. I'll check into it. Can't do 1 day in Shanghai it would piss me off, that's a place and this is very rare where I would stay outside the US for a long period of time, especially me. I would not only stay here I'm sure I would have difficulty in leaving. Thank you have a nice evening. Todd
  7. In Dec. 2018, we had a lady who sat with us at dinner on the Caribbean Princess nice lady, smart and you could tell it. She told me I had to see the museum in Shanghai before I did anything else. She said it would give me an idea of Chinese culture, was very impressive and I needed to see it, she looked right at me seriously. In other words it's going to completely freak me out, I love Asians traveled with a million of them they're a different kind of funny and a completely different kind of BIG. Singapore-Shanghai NUTS, BEYOND my realm of awesomeness but I can handle it, always do.😉 Your pointing me in the direction I need to be going I have to break Ft. Lauderdale and the Caribbean. I can do that. Thank you
  8. Stay on the ship. For once in someone's life please take my advice, until something positive happens to this island and someone on Trinidad decides up to step up to the plate STAY ON THE SHIP. Ships tour?? Your guide better be armed and have lots of bullets. That's ok, I'll pass stay snug as a bug in a rug on the ship. So should you. Later Todd
  9. This information is inaccurate. Actually it's a bunch of BS. "the beaches are not the highlight on St. Kitts" hmmmm that certainly is a new one. Carambola your right does SUCK, the BEACH at the St. Kitts Royal Marriott is AWESOME, one of my favorites in the western Hemisphere much less the Caribbean. Cockelshell is beautiful, great beach GREAT vibe, nice people. The beaches on St. Kitts other than Carambola are awesome, most of them are never busy either. Love being on an awesome true Atlantic Beach all by myself, nothing like it.
  10. Your certainly welcome Captain CouchPotato.😉
  11. Estonia that's so awesome, a week post in London so nice. I need to try and take a responsible cruise like that, instead of going to a Caribbean or Central American Beach all the time. I need to try and get past that a Russian cruise would do it. Thank you
  12. Let me tell you something Hyatt must have one hell of a loyalty program, you are something else. Jeezus, Hyatt they owe you cash lots of it. You could sell ice to Eskimos. That's incredible so awesome.
  13. Sapphire is the shizzle 🙂, best beach on St. Thomas in the future I'm keeping things very simple on St. Thomas if I don't take the ferry over to STJ, I'm spending my day at Sapphire and not spending weeks trying to decide on which beach I'm going to on St. Thomas. It's one or the other. Only way I would ever go back to Megan's is if we were the only ship in port and thats not happening. Getting down in there is bad enough getting back up out of there is a disaster. Sapphire Beach😉
  14. I certainly hope your getting paid for all this. In the event your not you should be. 👍
  15. I rented a car on this island in 2002 GREAT day easy driving island is beautiful and quiet. Car rental right outside the gate on the left. Can't miss it, I rented a car my girlfriend drove we went all over the island. I drank she drove, 2002 Thanksgiving all day rental $50(US) +something else just under $55(US) total. I highly recommend it. Totally safe I felt right at home especially with dingbat driving. Have fun.
  16. Let's not make that call, and stay somewhere else.
  17. Then you should stay somewhere else.
  18. Come to think of it I would stay anywhere in Plantation beats the Walmart parking lot ALL night long.🥺
  19. Love Plantation it's nice out there. My old TA back in the day Shipsahoycruises they're office was in Plantation I picked up our boarding passes out there several times, love it out there.
  20. You certainly could tent an RV and park it in a Walmart parking lot for the evening. Just make sure you check the .50 caliber mounted belt fed machine gun option on your RV rental. That MIGHT get you out of the parking lot alive at 3am. Prices are brutal.
  21. BTW when I get up and moving this morning I was wondering if sometime you could tell me about The Baltics sounds AWESOME, I have a genuine interest in this destination. Thanks have a nice day.
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