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  1. I’m 70 and scheduled to cruise April 4th on the Breeze. My first Carnival and so far I’m not impressed. Have received not one email concerning this cruise situation. If I weren’t a veteran cruiser and knew about CC, I’d be up a creek without a paddle. Cruise was planned with two adult daughters and 3 grandchildren, one of whom is a type 1 diabetic. I’m now hoping we can get full refund as we can not cruise again with a credit prior to 3-31-21, spring break will once again be in April. I’m pretty computer savvy but I’m having difficulty finding where to cancel. There should be more explicit directions, if they want us to handle everything online.
  2. I have not receive the cancellation policy letter, but have read it online in a post on this board. I, along with my daughter and granddaughter are booked on the Breeze April 4th sailing. My son in law is a lung transplant recipient, so we are discussing our options that are safest for him, even though he is not cruising. My question is this; it appears a refund on our cruise is not an option so if we cancel we can only use our paid amount on a future cruise....is that correct? If not for his compromised immune system I’d go, but we have to think beyond ourselves.
  3. Any recommendations for independent snorkel trip from docks near Havensight? Appropriate for 4 adults and 3 young teenagers, all have snorkel experience. Looking to save taxi fare and travel time. Thanks...
  4. Booked a spring cruise with granddaughters...new to Carnival...learned even though they are a few months in age the age parameters will separate them...one will be 12 and other one a few months away from 12... my thinking was probably 14 and up for teens...how strict is age policy in keeping them together for activities??
  5. Cruise Suzy...thanks so much...will take a look...😎😎
  6. I attended several classes on my recent NA cruise. The classes were informative and I felt like they provided me with some much needed advice. The instructor told us he would email us all the information he shared, so I did not take notes. So far, no email and I did leave him my address. Does anyone have a link they would share or direct me as to how to get the information? Thanks
  7. My husband and I joined by life long friends sailed last week. We are 2 stars but have not sailed HAL in several years. We primarily look at itinerary and sail dates to choose our cruises. We got a good price on this cruise so the 4 of us jumped on the good deal. All of us have cruised different lines. We booked a guaranteed VH but were moved up to a VB. I was sad to see the decline in service throughout the ship. We never went into the main dining room as we were assigned 5:30 seating. We asked to be switched and were told we could not switch, so we ate in the Lido. Service was so so...and most of the time we did our own beverage refills and one night even moved our own plates to another table to have room for dessert. Our area was not busy, in fact there were only 4 tables occupied. The server stood and visited with another table the whole time. This was the only time I actually saw someone not working hard to keep up. Servers in all areas were friendly, cordial and were always on the go. The food was good..nothing spectacular but plenty of choices. We enjoyed relaxing and spending time together. The crepe station was nice. I especially liked the salad options. I ate a salad of some kind almost every meal. We ordered at the Dive In and really thought the burgers etc and fries were really good as well as the one time we got pizza. Our friends tried to order pizza right after we ordered and were told 30 minutes...they told them 60 minutes...too long to wait. We did order room service several times but found ourselves on hold 10-12 minutes...food arrived in the time frame we were told or specified. We made the choice not to pay extra for dining. Overall the ship seems dark and dreary...not dirty or dingy...just not bright and airy. I missed the beautiful fresh flowers HAL used to have throughout the ship...another cutback... We enjoyed the BBKings All Star Band. Their shows were great, high energy, with lots of fun dancing. Venue is too small as most nights it was packed. Would have liked to listen to pianos but once again not enough seats and we are too old to stand. I thought entertainment was lacking. We did our own excursions in port so I can not speak to that aspect of cruise. We most often found plenty of chairs on deck 12 forward to sun and read. Pools were always crowded. We chose not to purchase an Internet package as I feel this is just another way HAL is gouging passengers. Too costly...for reported spotty service.. Could not not believe we could not get a major college game onboard Saturday afternoon but on Sunday NFL game was offered on the same channel. Bar staff told us the channel was available. We liked the option to self dis-embark with our luggage. We got in line at 7:30 and were loading our luggage in our car at 8 am. We love cruising...and we did have a great time with friends...met some interesting people and would recommend HAL to anyone but as I stated disappointing to see all the changes. This is is my opinion...and someone else may disagree...but since I like to read all the reviews my fellow cruisers share I hope this might help someone else...
  8. So...if I buy an internet package for 24 hours..what are the chances it will let me live stream game on my iPad using cbssports.com...I know muster will interrupt but we hope to be able to check out options...
  9. We will board the NA next Saturday and want to watch the GA-Auburn game. Anyone know if games are shown and where?? Go Dawgs!!
  10. I’ve emailed and sent a text to this rental company concerning a golf cart rental for Nov. 18th, so far no response. Is this common for them not to respond? There will be two ships in port that day and I wanted to be sure we had a golf cart secured for the day. Thanks...
  11. Would you recommend upgrading to the jeeps over a golf cart. Four of us will be on GT in a few weeks and thought about renting golf cart for the day and exploring. We have golf cart at home.
  12. Stinger-pr...is there an online map showing the route of the open air trolley.
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