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  1. We will also be on that cruise and the Splendor Docks at Pier 2 Terminal 521 Ala Moana Blvd. Hope this helps!
  2. We are on this cruise also and this will be our longest one yet (8 days was the longest so far)! I am so excited I could squeal (I think I am, Lol). On the facebook page there all kinds of stuff people are planning to do: a cabin crawl with a poker run, slot pull, on the second formal night there is an effort to have people dress in Hawaiian attire etc...Also, I believe a lunar eclipse will be happening on our way home so a viewing party is in the works (actually, just as a reminder that it is happening). I have already been talking to amazing people, so cruise on over (although I believe there are two pages) and check it out! See you on board!
  3. I did not know that, I stand corrected! But I actually just found this out even though I also bought $200 obc on our last cruise (2 years ago). This time I only bought $100 and did not see that I could save points until I was checking it out (good thing I did not buy the obc yet)
  4. for future reference: you can purchase a $100 Carnival gift card for 10,000 points and use that instead of using 12,500 points for $100 of OBC, you save 2,500 points! That is what I did for our upcoming cruise!
  5. I did this for the first time also and I received mine in less than a week!
  6. Wow, so many inspiring stories! I too am a cancer survivor (but a different kind), it was stage 3 and I had Radiation, three surgeries and Chemo and I have been in remission for 4 years. If you have a friend who can help I do have a suggestion: write down any and all questions you can think of and have your friend (NOT husband) look them up for you at first while you process everything that will happen to you, the reason I say this is because when you go onto ANY cancer site generically the answers are soooo very scary when the reality is/might be something different. I have a close friend with stage 4 breast cancer that actually crossed the brain barrier and she is still cruising with us 6 years later! She continues to be an inspiration to me and this was her suggestion for me because I kept calling her with questions and the answers online were worrisome at best. Take a deep breath and take it one step at a time, you got this!
  7. Wow, you lead an amazing (and exhausting) Life. I have a daughter who used to live in Fairbanks and the one time I visited her (when she got married) there was a heatwave and it was in the mid 90's! I am looking forward to your review as my hubby and I will be on her in Jan. bound for Hawaii!
  8. The longest I leave my chair is 15 mins. TOPS! Usually to swim, use the restroom or even grab a quick bite to eat. If my daughter goes with me she stays also but if she wants to go something else then come back and someone comes along and wants her chair I move her stuff and then we just share a chair. Just to clarify, I go and grab my food then return to my chair to eat!
  9. Wow, I did a scavenger hunt on the Freedom and it was NOT like this. We had teams and were given a list of items to find around the ship and one member of your team had to be in the picture and only ONE phone was used for taking pictures. Had to get creative on some and so glad that we had some younger ones with us because running up & down those stairs got old fast! We won a deck of cards and a SOS but we had a blast (about the other I have no idea!).
  10. When on the Freedom in 2016 it was.
  11. I think someone already posted this BUT your perks come when you are getting on the ship and once on board, just not in price. Pick your poison!
  12. You can use your points to pay off purchases on your credit card statement or even parts of your cruise. I had enough points on my last cruise to pay for an upgrade to a suite, then used the points to pay off the upgrade. This year I had enough points to pay $1,500 off our Hawaiian cruise (our cruise ended up at $3,700 instead of $4,700). Also saving on excursions booked through Carnival as well as getting double points. I use it for our onboard account and just save the points until we cruise again (usually every two years). This has worked well for us and since we pay it off every month no interest charges. There may well be other cards that suit your needs better BUT some I have received have yearly fees and when I figured it out it did not make sense for us (I hate having to pay a fee to use a card but that is the only way they would make ANY money off of me!). Hope this helps
  13. I remember that they use to go around with the wooden Box and you could choose. They could still just offer free upgraded teas at tea time so sticky fingers could not just walk off with these teas. I do bring my own tea just because I can!
  14. Since we normally fly into ports (live in So. Cal and we prefer the Caribbean) we have flown in on red eyes BUT I am meticulous about our routes into cities. Galveston we flew in the day before and spent the night (and soooo glad we did as a storm came through), I do not mind driving (9 hours is not a difficult drive for me) although my husband hates it! Personally, I would drive down the day before and start my vacay that way. If flying, 10:25 would be pushing it a bit (I am a worry wart), I am pretty easy going and relaxed when I travel but that is because I plan for things and if something goes wrong I always prefer a built in cushion!
  15. Yes, you have the correct address for Carnival Splendor. Carnival sails out of Long Beach next to the Queen Mary.
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