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  1. On Explorer next week. Was looking forward to Labadee but CC looks even better. I see the change in the itinerary but excursions not updated yet. Wondering if there were any real issues or they were just getting too much negative feedback from worried customers?
  2. Great trip report! We were on this cruise as well. Photos are making me hungry. We did two meals in the Salty Dog Gastropub and loved them both. Kicking myself for not getting to the future cruise desk. Had been disappointed in their offerings before so didn't even bother this time. Sounds like you did well! Count us as not fans of Magic To Do. Imho still needs lots of polishing. But I was completely unfamiliar with some of the music so appreciate your references. And yeah, super easy embarkation and disembarkation. Great staff everywhere on the ship! Low crowds helped but we were thoroughly happy with our experience on the Crown.
  3. Been on a cruise with a bad norovirus outbreak and that was awful. No covid outbreaks yet, knock on wood. Looking at our cruise in March, it concerns me going from Canada to a place with lower vaccination rates and higher infection rates. Getting sick anytime sucks but especially on vacation. Whether it’s covid, flu or noro, there’s basic mitigation we can all do to protect us and the crew to make sure we all have a good time. if you are in a high risk category, I wouldn’t go. Lot of other ways to have a nice vacation. Otherwise, get vaxxed, get boosted and go have fun on your cruise.
  4. Sailing on the Crown 10/19, inside gty, bid $100 for upgrade to balcony; $5 above minimum. Notified today upgraded to BB, nice location on deck 11. Lot of empty cabins on that ship. I’d have happily bid to an even higher category but balcony was highest it would let me.
  5. A lot of the taxis in Victoria will try to charge a flat rate. Common one is $15 to the inner harbour, Empress area. Fare should be about $7 or 8. Heard of some really outrageous flat rates for trips to places like Butchart Gardens. Some drivers agree on a price and then at trips end demand it be in US dollars. By law all taxi trips in Victoria have to be on the meter. If a driver is being difficult take the next cab or call VicPD or CVSE (Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement). Just mention contacting either and the driver will usually straighten up. I grew up in Victoria and find it sad that many visitors first or last impression is a greedy cab driver. Uber is now allowed to operate in Victoria and that might be a better option.
  6. The Abyss, as it’s currently operated, is one of those things that could only exist on a cruise ship because it’s so inherently unsafe. The big London slide does it right. RC does it cheap so a lot of people get hurt.
  7. Truth. Ours just dropped from $43 to $30.
  8. Whoa! March Explorer Key is currently $43 per day. Wonder why it varies so much.
  9. If she does participate then try calling RC direct and see what they say.
  10. Imho the more a cruise ship or resort partitions individual amenities behind a pay wall, the crappier they are overall. I don’t like the idea of Princess going in the direction of the AI resorts that sell different wrist bands so you can access different categories of absolutely everything at the resort. Yet more and more over the years Princess has been doing that. A good cruise ship, like a good hotel, makes everyone feel welcome. Be happy if they tossed this whole ‘perk’ but that ain’t gonna happen. And 150 seats? Never seen anything close to that. Gotta be a story there.
  11. I understand the barcode trick but barring that or calling them, how do you know when cabin is assigned?
  12. Dang, for Explorer in March ‘24 the Truly bag is $54.99. Did the price on yours ever move around?
  13. That code worked. Our offers included a WVT fare that’s non-refundable and is a fair bit cheaper and can’t be combined with other offers. For refundable fares, adding that code made for the best deal in refundable bookings.
  14. Looking at booking a cruise thru Interval International. In the booking process their site asks if I have any RCCI or agency promo codes. Anyone able to share a current one or know how I can get one? Ty!
  15. There’s a bunch of cruises next year where the price for 2 adults and 2 kids is a huge jump over 2 adults alone. In the past if it was a better deal we’ve booked an interior for 2 people and a balcony for the other 2.
  16. Currently on Mariner, Cococay was canceled for yesterday, no replacement port. We are just slowly cruising down to Coz. Bright side, crew, food, medical (cut toe), have all been excellent. Have a stay at Disney’s Vero Beach starting Saturday. Hopefully all will be ok there!
  17. Quality wise, how does Playmakers and Jamie's Italian compare? Outside of a major sporting event like an NFL game or the World Series, is Playmakers typically really busy for lunch? Both menus look appealing. Trying to figure out which might be the better option. For people who have tried both what's your preference?
  18. Count me in for both. Main problems I’ve had cruising on the bigger ships is how popular areas get swamped with people, too many bottlenecks, some ports get overloaded, specially if tendering. Splashy features and elbow room too often do not go hand in hand. Then there’s also my semi-irrational fear that one of these ships will someday suffer a disaster, like stabilizers failing in rough weather, and the outcome won’t be pretty for these top heavy super ships.
  19. Holy @?$&! That is messed up on so many levels.
  20. Good advice! Strange thing for us is that on the Nov 7 Mariner sailing, suites have been shown as sold out for a while now. There’s literally hundreds of empty cabins but no suites. And it’s like that for Mariner throughout Nov. Weird.
  21. Those cabins are blocked out because they are haunted. The ghosts of the damned, ie chair hogs, line cutters, people who sing Macarena at karaoke, their spirits eternally haunt those rooms. On the flip side those rooms are typically offered with a 5% discount so they sell out asap.
  22. Nice! We did one cruise where every morning an older woman would come around and collect every towel left on an unoccupied chair. She’d do the whole boat every morning. Not all heroes wear capes.
  23. Does that actually help? For our Nov 5 cruise I am not eager to get on board that day; hanging out at Cocoa Beach is nice. Especially if it means boarding would be smoother.
  24. $17.99 for Mariner Nov 5. Tempting but we are 2 adults, 2 kids 6 and 12. If it was just the 2 of us I would buy it. For 4, would rather save the money and bid on a suite.
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