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  1. Well I will have to wait for ages as I am so young. 😇 Gan canny Dai
  2. I do expect the price to go up fairly quickly as people will have many FFC’s i would not wait too long.
  3. We have booked for Oct 22 on Aurora. Our next cruise is not until Oct 21. I hope they have got it sorted by then. I note that the price we have paid is in my mind very cheap. 61% pppn of our first cruise in 2001, on the same ship and same grade of cabin.
  4. Hi all, well I am still here. I got out of the habit of posting as I did not think I had anything to say . I think I said in one of my last posts that I could not be bothered with all the speculation about when cruising would start again. As John said above we are still no nearer a solution. I have had 4 cruises cancelled along with some land holidays. But I see that we are on the first cruise of Iona, well the first cruise they are still selling. So it could be the Maiden. Or not!!! Not holding my breath. Like a few more in our position, fair pension, not cruising and no mortgage we are sav
  5. Yes and if you are short of money then selling a ship For someone else to use is going to bring in far more than the scrap value of one of their (Carnival) older ships. I have seen the sell on price being £164m as opposed to £10m as scrap. Of course in the present situation when everything is up in the air, long term planning becomes very difficult.
  6. My understanding is that Oceana is a casualty of COVID. She would have gone in the next year or two but the Virus has brought on the evil day sooner. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Well we saw her last week and the painting was going on on the port side in fact they were at it when we were there. She looked a lot better than when she came into the Tyne. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. We managed to rebook our “lost” Aurora cruise in Oct to a cruise on Ventura in March 22. We have been very fortunate in two ways, we have managed to book an adapted cabin and we have got it for less than we were paying on Aurora. We could have had a suite also but the price was a little eye watering. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. She is a joke and always has been. Hasnt got a clue.
  10. No. Decision came from Boris. Unions OK with the opening of schools with the correct risk assesment. Boris imposed 2m not the Unions.
  11. John it is worse in some schools like ours with an old building and a full school. Some of our rooms are very small and will struggle to take 8 children at 2 m. Never get the 15 as the government think schools can take.
  12. John this has been considered but the whole school would have to be deep cleaned between groups of children. Most schopls would not have enought staff with 10% to 20% self isolating. Also this does not help parents get back to work if their children only get half a days education.
  13. Its not the teachers stopping schools fully opening. Its the government.
  14. If there were any chance of schools going back Boris would jump at it. He has not he has Uturned not a comfortable position. That’s what tells me there will be no changes. You may have noticed I have not been around lately as conjecture bores me. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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