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  1. daiB


    True, although I have paid more. Sometimes they have a day when you just drop in and the price is more reasonable. Think that has been on longer cruises.
  2. daiB


    I think there are barbers on all ships. I have often had a haircut.
  3. daiB

    P & O cabin allocation

    Most of the occasions when this has happened, that I have heard about have been on fly cruises. As with us many disabled people are put off flying because of all the hassle. We all know that these cabins are in short supply and have to be booked very early so if someone is allocated one close to the cruise time then it will be a cancellation. And yes it would be better if they had a stand by process.
  4. daiB

    Ventura N907

    So in that case much better to go to the cruise terminal at Ijmuiden. But logistics would mean it would have to be pre planned as they are doing now.
  5. daiB

    Why are P&O no longer docking in Amsterdam

    I don’t think the €8 is that much of a factor. With regard to what has has happened in the past re. Failing to get to Amsterdam. I doubt the cruise terminal would be available at such short notice not to mention the vast number of shuttle buses needed.
  6. daiB

    Ventura N907

    The cost of the shuttle buses does make me think the TT cannot be the operational reason for the change. It is more likely to be the problem of wind at the lock preventing the ship getting to Amsterdam at all. This has happened a number of times recently.
  7. daiB

    Why are P&O no longer docking in Amsterdam

    There is one aspect most people have overlooked. Over the past few years a good proportion of cruises with Amsterdam as a port have failed to get in. This is due to strong winds at the lock. It has been discussed many times on here and other boards. By betting in Ijmuiden the lock is avoided and so the call at Amsterdam has a much greater chance of happening. The TT of €8 is a factor but not a major one as someone has to pay for the shuttle buses. They are free to passengers. So there is a cost there possibly more than the €8 pp. I however tend tend to agree with those saying it could be Carnival trying to make a point.
  8. daiB

    Why are P&O no longer docking in Amsterdam

    The ferry passengers are taken to a point opposite the Centraal Station.
  9. daiB

    Iona Winter 20/21

    John there is mention in another source of Barcelona, Valencia Alicante and Gibraltar. The full details are clearly not on the P&O site yet.
  10. daiB

    Iona Winter 20/21

    There is also information about Barcelona and Valencia and Gibraltar and also mentions of late stays and overnights. This is on a blog site. So I think more than the two. But anything is better that the bus service in Norway. I think we may be booking something on her.
  11. daiB

    Drinks packages coming to P&O

    Looks like many glasses of 250 size under £6.95.
  12. daiB

    Drinks packages coming to P&O

    Good question. Not sure anyone can help as it has not stated yet. Perhaps this needs to go to P&O to get the correct answer, rather than speculation.
  13. daiB

    Buying bottles of spirit on board

    Clodia don’t know if you had noticed but the poster who mentioned prices in Gibraltar actually lives there. So I think they mean bringing bottles on board at the start of the cruise.
  14. No not personal as many of our recent and all our next 6 cruises are on larger ships.
  15. Yes I have just got the Baltic version. Looks the same as Caribbean. The price on all of the cruises is well up certainly on what we are used to paying when booking on day one. I did note that all the cruises were on Aurora/Oriana/Arcadia. Not sure of the implications of that.