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  1. daiB


    You do know that the OBC differs with you cabin type. A suite gets considerably more than an inside.
  2. daiB


    Correct and I have seen this happen a few times but they have little input in the original booking.
  3. daiB


    Sorry but the entertainment on any ship has little to do with the Cruise Director. As all the shows and acts are arranged by Southampton. He CD simply has to work with what he is given. As we cruise very regularly and on all the ships it is clear that the same acts appear on most of the ships. However Azura and Ventura tend to get more as they have more venues. Both of these ships tend to get more tribute acts. Britannia has the advantage of the Limelight Club. Arcadia on the other hand has only one suitable venue. The Globe being not fit as a show lounge.
  4. daiB


    Not true we have OBC for all our cruises in 2020.
  5. daiB

    Will never book early again!

    Whilst agreeing fully with the information others have given I would say that the time of year should also be taken into consideration. Middle Of November to just before Christmas is always a hard sell for cruise companies. So if there was one time you could wait, now is it. But you must wait until quite near the cruise you want. However booking in June, three month after booking has opened is never a good idea.
  6. Embarkation is by deck so you cannot get a time until that happens. If you do not hear before you leave home you cabin allocation will be available when you get to the terminal.
  7. daiB

    Black Friday - Deal or No Deal

    Like many others we book on day one we get the cabin and dining arrangements we want. From what I have seen over the last 5/6 years our initial price has not been beaten. in the vast majority of cases booking on realise has been the cheapest way to cruise. However, if you are totally flexible on ship, destination, length of cruise, type of cabin, dining arrangement and date of travel. There will be bargains. But not necessarily ones which will suit.
  8. daiB

    Oriana v Ventura

    Thate not quite true either. Ships which berth in the same ports on a regular basis get the best berth. Ships which go to a port only occasionally tend to get the worst berths when there is a number of ships in that city. It happens to Ventura and Oriana in the Caribbean when on their once a year transatlantic cruise. Size has nothing to do with it.
  9. daiB

    Christmas Decorations on Ventura

    This has always been the case as long as we have had Christmas cruises. They are put up by contractors. As whether it is too early most high streets have now been decorated and the lights turned on.
  10. daiB

    Oriana v Ventura

    It’s a myth that Ventura cannot get into ports that Oriana can get into. I know of only one and that is La Gomera. The problem there is the wind. In fact Britannia can get into all the ports as well. You have to go down in size to the likes of Adonia to get into the small ports that even Oriana can’t get into.
  11. daiB

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    That is my understanding you can still BYO and pay corkage. It would have to be a high end wine to make it viable. Perhaps a good Champagne.
  12. daiB

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    I have never said that I would be happy. However I would not have put up with the situation for so long. I think you have misunderstood as the OP said the first time had been well dealt with. You are also also missing the point that this is a rare occurrence and that the OP was very unlucky to have it happen twice. once again all ships of all lines have the same problems because of the toilet system they have to use.
  13. daiB

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    I would like to think that any better service I receive is down to the respect I have for the staff and the way I interact with them. Not any perceived status which in reality is no different to anyone else.
  14. daiB

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    Well done John missing the point again. You have no proof I got any special service. I cannot see anyone would. It would be nice though, can you arrange it.
  15. daiB

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    You have proof of this? Or are you just being negitive.