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  1. You are so right, this is exactly what a shakedown cruise is for. Spotting any problem areas and then sorting them. I did read one report which stated that there was a long queue at reception, “moaning”. Well that is exactly what the company want. They want to know where the problems are. Some brainless clown commenting on the queue was berating them for complaining when they were having a free cruise. The reality of course is that is the purpose of them being there.
  2. We have 3 weeks booked for March 23. I agree about 7 night cruises far too short, for any ship. Unless they are B to B. 🙂
  3. Sorry, I have looked back at newspaper reports, he is described as a former stockbroker. So similar lowlife to a solicitor. I don’t know why P & O let them on the ships.
  4. Yes and quite clearly a low life who should not have been allowed on in the first place. And I bet he had tattoos. The above must be true as he was a solicitor. Funny old world.
  5. The food has not changed that much. Most of the tapas is the same as before. The decor is exactly the same.
  6. I love people like that. Great entertainment. If close enough I wind up my Geordie accent.
  7. I only noticed when Azura left the Tyne to go to Belfast. When she sailed out. As the picture shows.
  8. No Azura has the ducks bum as in the photos. I have been nowhere exactly the same as everyone else.
  9. I have been saying this for a number of years. However most of our cruising has been out of term time. Cos it’s cheaper and with greater choice.
  10. Not sure if that is a factor but with all the uncertainty I see no need for a TA to look for more customers. We are not living in normal times, at least not as far as cruising is concerned.
  11. Unfortunately it is not working as people are still booking direct.
  12. I suspect they will keep the testing to keep the lid on the virus. Fully jabbed and tested has to be the way to go for the rest of this year.
  13. Another vote here for using a good cruise TA. I suspect that the company are not fully staffed yet and the announcement yesterday has caused extra phone traffic.
  14. Always good when port does the scanning. 🙂
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