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  1. Thanks Rich!! Porcupine meatballs... interesting. That's a new one for me. No watering needed here too. Mother Nature has been generous. I will later this week probably. Still waiting for my CTscan. Gonna be next week now. Covid making scheduling tough. Gotta be patient.
  2. This sounds familiar. I feel exceptionally blessed to live where I do. I feel safe and have been quite pleased with how our state and local government have responded. We too have freely available testing for anyone, free face masks, contact tracing, and our state and city officials give every stat from new and recovered cases, hospitalizations, fatalities, demographics and zip code of those infected, hot spot locations, total numbers tested, etc every single day and have for months now. Face masks and social distancing are encouraged and required of businesses and all government buildings. They have followed up on violation reports and work to educate. Our city and state officials (from the two political parties too) have worked hand in hand and I am very proud of how our state has come together, complied, and performed in all this. Our governor listened and helped our mayor. Our mayor has been responsive to businesses and has augmented policy to reflect the most recent data. Our hospitals were prepared, our medical professionals have gone above and beyond to keep us safe and have been part of the state and local policy making teams from the beginning. I personally think we have done very well. We are slowly reopening, rural areas are more open with our urban areas opening more slowly to allow our health departments to keep a handle on any hot spots that might arise. Folks are cautiously venturing out while we are working to protect our most vulnerable.
  3. Thanks Rich for the update. So envious of your hydrangeas @cat shepard I have brown thumb for hydrangeas. I killed so many dh forbids me buying any more out of humanitarian pity for the poor plants. Been absent and under the weather. Dr. thinks ulcer or gallstones (despite no longer having a gallbladder, is that legal?). I am ready for 2020 to be done already!! 🤪CTScan tomorrow should tell more. Spaghetti for the fam tonight. I will be on chicken noodle soup and dry toast however.... and most egregious, no wine. The horror.
  4. Checked with PCC and both our New Years cruise and March 2021 are eligible. The promo has been extended until June 30th and the only option available to those using an FCC in tandem with this promo on their booking is the $250/500/750 payment option that nets you the tiered OBC. The pay in full or ezpay options are not available for FCC bookings.
  5. Thank you Rich for the update. Wow, asparagus and escargot day. Luxurious. I love both. Family loves asaparagus, and wouldn't you know I am out right now. Maybe I can get dh to pick up some at the grocery. Snails... I'm the only one in the house that really enjoys them and I sometimes wonder if that isn't just my overwhelming love of garlic butter. Garlic butter makes everything better. Warm (87) and sticky (50+% humidity) here and maybe it will rain or maybe not. Don't you just love a 50% chance of rain? What are your risking weather forecaster? I do wish Florida would take back it's weather. We don't want it for another 2 or 3 weeks thank you very much.😛
  6. Our last two cruises were on NA (and the one cancelled in March due to Covid was too) and we just love the ship. Can't wait to get back to her. Great size, full promenade, she has a Tamarind which is our favorite, lovely decor. Deck 6 and a SS is a great choice too, our favorite cabin category on the Vista/Signature ships. Have a wonderful 2 weeks!!
  7. We have every expectation of being on our New Year's cruise later this year. Really looking forwards to it.
  8. Thanks Rich for the update. So nice to see several of the ships reaching or getting close to their destinations. Jazz, yes, can do! Spotify has a couple really great playlists we have been enjoying lately in the backyard, Lazy Cat Jazz (I just love that name) and Summer Jazz. Doing grilled chicken tenders tomorrow actually. Slow cooker pot roast tonight with mashed potatoes.
  9. Shhhh... don't give him any ideas. I too love bagpipes and we have a friend who is a member of our local Pipe and Drum Corp here in Nashville. They are fantastic. But I also imagine a beginning piper in one's house might be a wee bit painful. The neighbors might think we are strangling a goose. 🎧
  10. I think your dh and mine would get along. He has 3 guitars, a mandolin, a mountain dulcimer, a zither, and plays them all along with being pretty good on piano as well. He has been looking at a hurdy-gurdy, yes, I know, a hurdy-gurdy??! They are a touch pricey so maybe one day. I will invest is good noise cancelling headphones when he finally gets one. He would probably love an accordian. 😛 Thanks for the update Rich. Tomato carrot soup sounds good. Today is dh's birthday so I spent all morning making the only thing he ever asks for for his birthday, a from scratch carrot cake with real cream cheese icing, a pretty easy and tasty gift. We will walk to our local taco joint tonight for street tacos and beer tonight.
  11. It's day 75 for us but we are just waiting on FCCs. Not stressed but it is odd how they are all being processed in such a random order.
  12. Thank you. They are still young but doing well. The ground cover is called Creeping Jenny. It is a very bright green variety that makes a good contrast but I do have to weed it often. I have some lovely smelling purple Phlox interspersed in that bed too.
  13. Exactly. Great idea! Our pet sitter whom we have used for years now is struggling like so many small travel related businesses. They are fantastic folks who do a lot to help and support our community. We just moved our old reservation with them to later this year so no need for a refund, have bought a couple t-shirts to help support and advertise their business, and plan to get a gift card as well for a trip next year. Any little thing to help good community businesses with heart.
  14. What a lovely space. Definitely something to be proud of. It grieves me that print books and book stores are becoming a thing of the past. The hours I have spent wandering through the shelves of book stores are precious.
  15. Good day and thank you for the update. Some of our local wait staff are back to work and more restaurants will be opening up next week as we go to 75% capacity. Very happy for them as I know these months have been rough. I just started making some chicken and potato curry stew on this dreary day. All the peonies are budding or blooming now. Took this pic a couple days ago.
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