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  1. Just curious, what does the upgrade included besides what you mentioned on ships without a dedicated CO space? Edit: Okay. I found the official HAL page about it complete with .pdf. Had not seen this before. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/dining/club-orange.html
  2. Your TA should have sent you a .pdf via email of your booking confirmation from HAL both when you made your deposit and when you made your final payment. On that booking confirmation on the first page any Holland America provided obc should be listed under "Guest Information" as a line item called "Onboard Credit." Any promo related items like "Pre Paid Hotel Svc Charge Promo" should be in a space called "Special Services" underneath your "Cancellation Fee Schedule." Take paper copies of this and all receipts from online purchases such as excursions, drink pkgs, prepaid laundry or internet etc with you. Oh and yes as 3rdGen said, popup blocker disabling is a must when dealing with checking in and printing HAL docs.
  3. It pays to keep checking fares even in the middle of promos. I checked the Save on Sunshine promo early on and it was ho hum. It would have been a wash to refare. Checked again over the weekend with the $25 deposit deal and we had a price drop of $319 pp on our winter 2020 7 day cruise, for 4 people in 2 cabins that is a big savings. We gave up our free grats but kept all our obc. Yes the $25 deposit is not refundable but the new fare with obc is a far better deal than we got last year for a very similar cruise and I thought last years fare was fantastic. We are happy!!
  4. fatcat04


    The New York pizza on NA this last cruise in February was fresh, crispy thin crust, and tasted great. Took it back to the cabin for late night movie time. Dh and I shared one ourselves while the teen son easily gobbled one up on his own. Ah to be young and have an indestructible stomach again.
  5. I had many friends in college who made a weeks worth of what would be considered a very respectable wage for college students by working weekends as waitstaff. Is it for everyone? No. But they much preferred working for tips than minimum wage or even a couple of bucks beyond as they could work fewer hour and enjoyed the fast paced and social work atmosphere. Plus, they were good at it. Here is a good interactive chart that might help those not familiar with how the US tipping system works in restaurants. In chain casual dining restaurants (like Olive Garden), 3 tables is the average a wait person will be given. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/tipping-workers-minimum-wage/
  6. Our upcoming cruise is our first with included grats so this is good to know.
  7. If service is so unsatisfactory (and on HAL we have never once found our cabin stewards to be anything but incredibly accommodating and thorough), report the issue to the front desk and have it resolved. Every time we have needed help, anything from missing laundry items to extra kleenex to some quick vacuuming after a broken wine glass in the cabin at 10pm, one call did the trick. I will never understand those who remove tips much less do so on the first day. ๐Ÿคจ To us tipping is just part of the cost of cruising.
  8. Do you maybe mean the Cellar Master Package, Double, Wine Package? " Two wine tasting events conducted by our Cellar Master, an evening of fine dining in the Pinnacle Grill, six bottles from the sommelier cellar, a Holland America Line commemorative bottle and wine gift are included for on board enjoyment. " I do not know from which wine list the 6 bottles may be selected but I am betting someone here does. Wine on HAL has improved over the years BUT that said, if you are like us and you "like what you like," we always find a wine shop near port and stock up on a few things and carry them on and simply pay the corkage for them so we can enjoy them anywhere. Prior to improvements and the Beverage Pkgs we would take on a case. Now with the Beverage pkgs we have trimmed that back to maybe 4 bottles total, generally 2 bubbles (one for sailaway and one for a Gala night), a swanky red for the Pinnacle, and a nice white for the room. So we pay $18 ea. corkage on 2 bottles. For everything else we just use our Beverage Pkg as the wine selection is good enough and almost all cocktails are covered.
  9. We have a mini Keurig type, single cup machine we take on non-cruise vacations where we will have a fridge of some kind for our half n half. Nice for a good, hot cup of coffee (we know we will like) first thing in the morning.
  10. We took a fancier lightweight umbrella style stroller (Graco Breaze) for our one year old daughter on NA this past February. It fit through our cabin door (verandah cabin) sleeping baby onboard, that was nice. We used it all over the ship, even strolled her into the mdr as we had set early dinner and she was asleep at the time. The wait staff always had her high chair in place, they just moved it and we rolled her into her spot. She snoozed and when she woke up, they got her high chair out and we got her set up easily. The stroller folded up small and was easy to stash away. The ladies at Tamarind did the same for us as well. All so simple and the staff were consistently excellent. Many places on the ship were stroller friendly so we would just cruise around in the evenings letting her enjoy the lights and some of the music and eventually hoping someone might be getting sleepy. I did a mini review focusing on taking our little one and her gear on a HAL cruise on the Family Cruise forum here:
  11. Gratz!!! Enjoy!! Lol. True. I wish they would delineate by both color and number everywhere. Sometimes its like explaining paint colors to my husband. "No honey, it isn't pink, its mauve. " To which I get an eye roll and a "It's all just pink!" in return. ๐Ÿคฃ We always go with green cabana. Nice location for us. ๐Ÿ˜„
  12. We had a 46 page and over a 1000 reply thread about this exact topic back in February and March when the policy was instituted. I do not see why it is necessary to start yet another now since there is no indication of this policy coming back. All it does is stir the pot and cause hard feelings.
  13. This was our experience in February of this year as well.
  14. Oh they were good. Your pie sounds good too. ๐Ÿ˜€
  15. Thank you all!! It is a fun family holiday. Our family came over, the BBQ ribs + a ton of other bad for us but taste so good foods have been eaten (I made butterscotch rice krispie treats drizzled with chocolate, mmmmm)... now we wait on the fireworks!!
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