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  1. fatcat04

    Review - Nieuw Amsterdam

    I heard from ds 17 there were 11 teens onboard. I noticed 6 or so toddlers (ours being one of them) and some school aged kids. For a non-holiday cruise I was surprised by the number of kids, not a huge number but enough to notice. And all seemed well behaved.
  2. fatcat04

    Eggs Benedict station, Buffet, Volendam

    Dh says his favorite variation was the Eggs Blackstone with English back bacon. Second favorite was Eggs Oscar with crab. Next favorite was Eggs Sardou with artichoke and creamed spinach. 😋
  3. Absolutely. We are just off NA and had three balcony cabins in a row all with the dividers open. Very handy. Just ask your cabin steward.
  4. fatcat04

    First timers on HAL need suggestions

    I am with the others here, go to the Neptune Lounge and meet your concierge staff. They can take care of many things for you like dining and excursion details. Plus the Neptune has nibbles and a divine coffee machine. We have made lunch on our balcony out of Neptune nibbles before. I also like to check the cabin for the bed configuration, sometimes it is off, so when I meet the cabin stewards I can let them know. Gives them plenty of time to get it fixed. I then pack my first bag of free laundry, yeehaw!! After these errands we generally head to the mdr for a leisurely lunch. Then its off to get stuff like spa appts and beverage events booked. Do remember to print out all your prepurchased dining, excursion, etc details and take them with you. Sometimes the website and the ship are not on the same page so having a hard copy in hand makes life easier for everyone.
  5. fatcat04

    Current Movies on Nieuw Amsterdam

    The ones I have listed from last week are Alpha, Night Class, and Mission Impossible Fallout... 2pm @ the Main Stage. I am missing one When and Where from the week so there could have been one more. There were a ton on demand on our tv as well.
  6. fatcat04

    Eggs Benedict station, Buffet, Volendam

    We were on the NA last week and dh got some form of eggs benedict dish everyday in the lido. Sometimes smothered in crab or Spanish ham or I don't know what. I tried a couple and they were amazing. He is presently going through eggs benedict withdrawal.
  7. fatcat04

    Complimentary tote bags

    That is the one we got last week. It is bigger than ones we have gotten in the past but not as sturdy. It worked fine though for carrying beach towels and sunscreen to the beach. I have several of the old canvas ones from 8 and 10 years ago. They still get used.
  8. fatcat04

    How to check Mariner Status details

    I too can not check other family members status. It always goes to mine. I used to be able to look up everyone individually via their Mariner #.
  9. fatcat04

    Complimentary tote bags

    When we boarded we had our picture taken and linked to our sail card. We had preregistered a credit card so that to was linked to it. The sail card was given to us then and is scanned when getting on and off the ship. We were given our first days When and Where to look over while we waited to board the first time. We had an excursion bag in our cabin when we boarded. The laundry detail sheet was on the bed. Our reservation confirmations for specialty dining and gifts were on the desk. At night there was a hard grey folder with our next days When and Where, our breakfast room service card, any other pertinent information, and pillow chocolates. Everything else like invitations or shopping info or notes were found in our mail box.
  10. fatcat04

    Help? Will we like HAL?

    We just got off Nieuw Amsterdam yesterday and she was a smooth rider and very safe. No issues even when we hit a few rough patches. Gorgeous ship, fantastic cruise with the best crew (we have been on other cruise lines and still think HALs staff and crew are the cream of the crop). She is however not the newest HAL lady. That distinction belongs to her lovely cousin Nieuw Statendam who was berthed kitty cat cornered across from us in Ft Lauderdale.
  11. Son had the Quench pkg and tried many of the mocktails. His fav was the Melon Mint No'jito. I enjoyed the Cool as a Cucumber. Check out the Mocktail menu at the Pool Bar here http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/hal-regular-and-specialty-restaurants/hal-beverage-menus
  12. fatcat04

    HMC butler upgrade experience

    The dessert. Chocolate cake soaked in a creamy sauce served with chocolate and cream with orange on the side with white chocolate garnish. I will hunt for more pics tonight when we get the files off the big camera.
  13. fatcat04

    HMC butler upgrade experience

    The steak. Lighting was bad but the steak was huge and perfectly cooked. It came with pepper and pineapple skewer, a yummy okra mild curryish type dish all on dirty rice.
  14. We are just off NA. The casino never smelled of smoke. No indoor public space did. The only place we smelled smoke was the outside Sea View bar seating space AND one day there was an overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke lingering in the starboard midship hallway on cabin deck 4. I wonder if someone was smoking in their cabin. I couldn't pinpoint an exact cabin but it did build up and fade in the space of about 10 or so cabin doors.
  15. fatcat04

    Is Sangria considered wine? I

    We were just on NA and we brought on 9 bottles of wine. We had 4 adults in the group so I paid corkage on 5 bottles. At my request, they just gave me the stickers to put on the bottles later. They did not look at the individual bottles closely though ours were all obviously wine and champagne shaped. Just our experience. We have bought unfortified sangria (just wine and fruit juice) before and it is in screw cap wine bottles. If you want extra umph you could always buy a shot of something and add it in while pouring.