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  1. True. Having never cruised prior to universal ship card technology, were people very averse to that simple and convenient change too?
  2. Nice. Beautiful country up in the East TN mountains. We are close to peaking now here in Middle TN but this past weekend was peak in the mountains so we were very lucky. It was a kind of last minute trip as I only planned it a couple weeks before. We thought a little trial vacation would be nice and were not disappointed.
  3. She may be ugly but at least she is a ship in Port Everglades and we get to see her sailaway. 😀
  4. Hello lovely Dailyites!! Thank you Rich and Roy and everyone who contributes. What an odd combination of days but I like the quote. Zombies sound like trouble. 😛 We have been up in the mountains for the fall colors. Very nice and safe trip. Hotel was spotless and I mean cleanest I have ever seen a hotel. I was impressed and hope this change lasts! Nice to get away even if it was just 3 + hours away. Masks were ubiquitous but it was easy to socially distance in the great outdoors anyway. Weather was great too. We avoided super crowded places and chose to eat early or get take out, which just about everyone offers now. Wonderful trip and hated to leave but nice to be home.
  5. Disney has been using this same tech, Magicbands, for over 7 years now with millions having used it with no issue or hospital gown needed (and Disney doesn't so much as sneeze without examining how it will effect their bottom line, people spend more $$ with Magicbands). You can do anything with them in the parks and resorts from park tickets, opening your room door, paying for purchases/food/drinks, getting photos taken, entering attractions for timed passes, etc. We loved it as it made one (or many) less thing (card/s in pocket or lanyard) to keep up with and exchanged it for a bracelet that just stays on your wrist, is water proof, and in true Disney fashion is even customizable. Tech upgrades are welcome to us. Using QR codes for hands free easy menus, ordering drinks from your own phone via in house app to be sent to your numbered table anywhere on the ship even (that would be nice change rather than hunting and hoping for waitstaff), and personal devices for in cabin interface for almost everything at least to me is a safe, convenient, and logical change. But this doesn't mean paper menus or in person service will be gone.
  6. Good morning Dailyites. Thank you Rich and Roy and all you wonderful positive people who come together in this good place. Interesting collection of days which seem to me in part to connect to our quote of the day. The Good Samaritan we know was travelling but thankfully did not follow the crowd. He did not give into the fear of the unknown stranger as others had before him but faced his fear and overcame it. He chose to leave the crowd and do what was right by his fellow man and is thus commemorated by many as a role model. The quote also reminds me of that wonderful poem I always think of this time of year "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. Dd's party was great fun. Family, food, cake, presents. A good time was had by all. She got so many fun toys, most of which do not a) make annoying sounds and b) require batteries. Lots of pretend play and dress up toys which is perfect. She was so excited her usual nap didn't happen. Funny how when you are 3 stopping all that blissful fun for a nap is sheer torture. Once you get into adulthood, you would give just about anything to have a care free nap. Oh and I did have a small piece of birthday cake with my morning coffee. Breakfast of champions, don't you know? Today is a day for dealing with insurance companies, banks, and car dealerships. I get the feeling I will need more coffee. Prayers for all those in need, who are ill, are travelling, or awaiting hopefully good news. Cheers to those who are celebrating joy. I'll leave you with this: The Road Not Taken Launch Audio in a New Window BY ROBERT FROST Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
  7. Good morning Dailyites and thank you to Rich and Roy and all those who make this a welcoming place. Happy Thanksgiving Day to our Canadian friends!! Canada boasts many wonderful things to be thankful for but for me she was the beloved home to my favorite author of all time, Lucy Maud Montgomery. I have collected and read, multiple times, every story short or long of hers in print. Her great love of Canada was very evident in all her writing. Yes Columbus Day is today here in the States though I don't really remember much hubbub about it as a child nor today and other than state and federal buildings being closed and many banks being closed, I don't think it is much known nor celebrated much outside of maybe some local celebrations. I can easily understand folks not even knowing there is a Columbus Day. On that topic, and as I love recommending books whenever possible, today I recommend Tony Horwitz book "A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World" for a more balanced and thought provoking view of those events and many more so long ago. Great read for anyone who lives in N. America and is interested in the "discovery" narratives or enjoys travelogue style books. Tony pulled no punches, was an honest and thought provoking historian and a delightful writer. Dh and I read his "Confederates in the Attic" (another fantastic read) outloud to each other when we were dating, a habit we got into as a book is so much more fun when it is shared. Tony sadly died suddenly far to young just last year. Old Farmer Day, goodness I come from a long line of those. My granddaddy would have sniffed at the idea of having his own day. He was the quintessential old farmer, smelling of good fresh earth and tobacco, grease from his old tractor on his hands and the overalls that were his uniform. He was depression era too, so not much ruffled his feathers. I adore the stories my mom tells me. Even as a child I knew he grew the best tomatoes and watermelons imaginable. Today is dd's birthday party. The big 3!! They grow up so fast. Sigh. She was our miracle baby as my specialist looked at my 40 something self and said another baby wasn't even slightly possible. Well we showed him!! She is our delight. So, the house is ready, food and cake ordered. Presents bedecked. Baloons, flowers. She will have a wonderful day with her grannies and aunty and most especially her big brother here.. I am very thankful!! And thank you all for your kind words yesterday. Prayer and thoughts for all those on the list and cheers for those celebrating joy and prayers answered and miracles. Have a delightful and safe day all!!
  8. Yeah, that puzzled me too. "Enquiring minds want to know." 😜
  9. We will do this on our March cruise if necessary at that time but I can't imagine doing our October '21 cruise under these conditions, mainly due to the restrictions on excursions. I assume at least some of it will be in force for quite some time. I am just wondering how they will manage keeping the occupancy down on some of these earlier cruises that may already be pretty full. Will they do like the airlines when it comes to overbooking, ask for compensated volunteers? That could get messy.
  10. Yes, ponding here especially after excessive rain is a serious issue. Anyone driving through Nashville nowadays should beware, period. What isn't potholed is under construction... and always congested.
  11. Good morning Dailyites and thank you to Rich, Roy, and all those who make this positive place special. That quote... good one for myself and ds this morning. He and I were up with the chickens this am getting him to work as yesterday on the way to work he totalled his truck. It was actually his dad's truck, a sentimental treasure, though certainly not a monetary one but that is neither here nor there at this point. He hydroplaned across both lanes and the truck ended up going airborne and landed upright on top of a guard rail balanced in the front by a fence with a rather deep quarry on the other side. The driver side was spared but the passenger side was destroyed as was the undercarriage with a ripped out exhaust and a ruptured fuel tank leaking gas everywhere. No oncoming traffic, thank the Lord! Ds was miraculously unhurt thanks to a tough old metal truck who gave it's life to save my son's, a well placed guard rail, and a legion of angels. Otherwise.... well this momma can't think about that without tearing up. It makes you thankful for people who build vehicles safe and strong and put up things like guard rails in dangerous places and of course angels. Daddy always said every teen gets into an accident and hopefully it wakes them up. One of the dozens of people who stopped to help my son yesterday told him "You were sent a message today." I know his momma certainly was. So insurance companies and car shopping are in our future, two of my least favorite things. Delta is still blessing us with rain today. Fall rain always kind of depresses me unlike Spring rain which seems helpful and purposeful. Soggy brown leaves in my yard are some of the most uninspiring things in creation. Tomorrow is our dd's 3rd birthday party. We just have our family bubble of grandmas and aunty coming over for lunch, cake, and presents, no big party. Our baby she isn't anymore as she moves into little girlhood with all it's pretend play, dancing, singing, and wonder. Very bittersweet. Like most 3 year olds, she is adorable, exasperating, ebullient, and exhausting all in the same 5 minute span. Add in cake and presents and well I just hope I make it. It should be a fun time though. Thoughts and prayers for all those listed. Cheers to those who are celebrating and should be celebrated. Everyone hug those you love and have a blessed and safe day!! Oh and here is a giggle for you today:
  12. We plan to be right there with you. Nice to have something to look forwards to.
  13. Good morning and thank you Dailyites for the positive thread once again. World Sight Day. My mom has been living with macular degeneration for 2 decades now. One eye is dry type and that one is stable but one is wet type and she has had treatment on and off now for years. We are so thankful for the treatments as she would be blind in that eye by now if not for them. BUT do take care of your eyes and get them checked regularly. Ah, The Last Unicorn. Being a juvenile/adolescent lit addict, I had to read that one and yes, the excellent movie is almost verbatim from the book, unlike so many movies. But do give the book a read. It is short and very good. For those who may have been keeping up with the Big Fat Bear Week competition from Brooks River in Katmai National Park, we have a winner!! 747 has unseated Chunk as the most abdominous of bears this year. Meet the contenders here. https://explore.org/meet-the-bears The Armagnac Sidecar is one of my all time favorites but it is potent, for me at least, so one after dinner is about all I can manage.... but I savor that one, most especially in the Ocean Bar. Today is our last sunny day (fingers crossed) for the week as Delta 's rain bands comes inland so yard work must be done but at least the temps are nice. Take care all and have a marvelous and safe day.
  14. Good morning and a big thank you to everyone! Yay for PA Day!! A urology PA literally saved my life. He worked hard to get me an emergency CT scan when I had a kidney stone that turned out to be 100% blocking my uterer. The CT scan revealed a massive infection in the kidney (a liter of infection was removed that afternoon) which in turn sent me into sepsis, led to 3 surgeries, and a 3 day stay in the ICU. Had he not worked so hard I would have been sent home with pain meds, gone into septic shock, and died. I was mom of a 2 week old baby at the time too to add to all the stress. So yes, Aaron the PA is my hero. I told him so when I went back for my next appointment, wrote a letter to his medical group praising him, and have told many folks about his outstanding care. Come and take it day.... sounds like a great day for a yard sale! Braised lamb shank sound perfect for a fall supper. Mmmm!! So, I asked dh for new luggage for my birthday, I know, so romantic, but it was time, travel is our hobby, and I love buying new luggage. It got here and I am so happy. The old Samsonite had given it's all. Ds, the almost 20 yo (how did that happen?), was like "Mom, you can't throw away Old Blue with the squeaky rollers. He is like an heirloom." "Watch me!!" How many airports have we run through red faced with embarrassment with Old Blue making that nails on chalkboard shreek? Even the miraculous WD-40 did nothing for Old Blue. Old Blue is in luggage heaven now. May he rest in peace. Take care all and have a stupendous and safe day!
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