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  1. This concerns me, as we’ve booked the same suite as OP on a different ship, Discovery, and booked Dolphin specifically for that huge balcony, as only Dolphin and Baja have the deep balconies. Interestingly, when I was aboard the Majestic last month, the isolation area was above me. I was E110, and isolation was Dolphin, and I had concerns before sailing about isolation rooms being directly above me, but then learned subsequently that it was isolation for newer employees just joining the ship for the 14-day quarantine period, so that didn’t concern me as much as if it had been isolation of those who actually had covid. We specifically want that corner aft as we don’t want one under the bar deck, or one of those narrow balconies, but the most important part of being on Baja or Dolphin is the deep overhang, and Most of those balconies don’t have an overhang back there. So, that will be a dealbreaker for us.
  2. We’ve had several aft cabins on Emerald, Crown, et cet , over the years and there’s always been a pronounced shimmy back there, especially C752, D737, E733, and not so much from E719-E731.
  3. Loved the flexibility of changing dining reservations at the last minute, also being able to show up as the curtain was going up at the shows and still getting a good seat! No lines to get back onboard at port stops, breezed through security check, a more relaxed atmosphere all-around. Great photo ops of ship spaces due to fewer passengers onboard. Excellent dining room service with NO long waits for anything.
  4. Hi @Ken the cruiser I read your wonderful Live From on the Celebrity board back in August. I was on the Majestic last month, and the mask thing was not bad at all. I have been following the thread from the Grand, too, and was taken aback when I heard about sipping and masking, as that was not in effect anywhere on the majestic. I did ask a clarifying question to cruise raider, who is currently on board the grand and she clarified the sip and mask “policy” later on. She indicated that sip and mask was not in effect at most bars, But that she noticed signs at the explorers lounge and the Vista lounge on the Grand to remember to sip and mask, and thinking about it now, that makes more sense, as those are both technically showroom venues, and because the Majestic doesn’t have an explorer’s lounge, the next closest thing would probably be princess live, where masking was required due to the density , ie, anywhere that you can’t adequately socially distance So, on the majestic, the minute I was seated at any of the venues were drinks were served the mask came off immediately and it stayed off, including in the atrium in the piazza bars , et cet. However, if I had read quested a drink in the main show room, for example, then the protocol would have probably been to sip and mask, due to close proximity to others On the Grand, the Explorer’s lounge is spread out, yet due to the positioning of the tables some of them are close to other tables where a 6 foot distance cannot be maintained but since there are sailing is currently only 35% then that shouldn’t be an issue I am from California and we are used to wearing mask everywhere but even with that, it really was not much of an impediment on the Majestic. And I wouldn’t anticipate that it would be that much of an impediment on the Grand, either, Unless another variant rears its ugly head or unless the venue is packed. Also, and this is in reference to one of the posters above who indicated that once you are seated at the restaurant you can take your mask on once the food arrives — you can actually take your mask off as soon as the water is poured. They were right there with the water immediately after being seated so it’s up to everybody what they wish to do but I was seated at different tables every night and everybody took their masks off as soon as the water was poured or their cocktails arrived.
  5. I guess I’m in the minority, but I like it loud. Anything that drowns out people’s constant chit chat or kids throwing tantrums during the show is okay with me. Of course, I have lost some of my hearing, which is probably why it doesn’t seem excessively loud to me, and I’ve probably lost my hearing due to listening to loud music my whole adult life. LOL
  6. @earthquakexl @Cruise Raider @cruzrbachoua I dropped my mask leaving the buffet on Majestic and the buffet attendant retrieved one for me immediately. She had them stored in a cabinet as you enter the buffet. Thanks for the update on the condition of the ship. Your report inspires me to book a last minute cruise. 😊 like you, I thought the Majestic was the most beautiful ship. There were a couple little things I missed, but overall I wouldn’t hesitate to book a another sailing on her
  7. Thanks, @Cruise Raider It’s been a while since we were last onboard so I appreciate your time. I had to laugh when you mentioned the little leaks in Explorer’s as that was the situation back in 2011, and in 2016 we had a little bucket outside our cabin , but nothing major. I do recall now someone mentioning earlier that Michaelangelo is being used for crew. Regarding Wheelhouse, I recall some very cool paintings of ships. Hoping that they’re still there. Glad to hear the food has been excellent. Is your next cruise leg the 80s themed one? Thank you for your great thread and for your time. I appreciate it.
  8. So, how is the food onboard? How are the sea conditions? What is the drink of the day? Who is the Capitain? What is the TRUE number of passengers onboard? Inquiring minds want to know ? Are there barrel chairs in the staterooms? Are there awnings on the mini suites on Dolphin Deck yet? Does my favorite suite, D727 have 2 or 4 chairs on the balcony these days? Does the ship still leak everywhere, as it did, when we were onboard? Have you seen any whales? Have you seen any Dolphins? Does the Wheelhouse still have the same portraits adorning the walls? How steep was the ramp when you boarded? Are there oranges at the buffet? Can one get triple shots of booze in a cocktail but have it count as just one drink while on the drink package? Has the coffe improved at the buffet? How is Club Class? Do you prefer Michaelangelo or D Vinci dining Room? Is Good Spirits Bar on the Grand? Does the logo shop have hats with just Princess logos or do they have Royal Caribbean merchandise as well? Thanks in advance for your time, AnyMajorCruiseDude! 😀
  9. Not the most elegant sounding names, (like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Concerto, on the other ships. )
  10. I’ve heard September is a crap shoot. My parents went one time in mid Sept and it was harsh at sea. Band instruments tipping over, glassware crashing, waves breaking over the bow. This was on the Dawn Princess.
  11. I think they’re supposed to call on Juneau tomorrow due to the late start. It was announced on Sunday that the ship would not be calling on Skagway on Wednesday.
  12. How is the food in the main dining room? When we were last on the Grand, we felt it was the most delicious dining room food we’d ever had onboard a Princess ship, (until the Majestic last month ) The service onboard Grand was the best! There is something special about that ship. Hope everyone is having a wonderful time.
  13. Exactly. On the Majestic we didn’t have to sip and cover. The I had a wonderful time on the majestic and masking was appropriate but if I had had to sip and cover, I would not have been a happy camper especially since that is not the policy in the dining rooms, where I was seated with strangers elbow to elbow every night, unlike at explorers are crooners where you’re spaced out or distance from others This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and if this is the policy going forward I will be canceling my future cruises Not sure if management on the various ships is interpreting the rules differently but I find it to be unsanitary to sip and cover. Frankly, that’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard and I thought it was stupid on the airplane l fairness, not everybody on a plane is vaccinated but because it was only a one hour ride I could tolerate that but not for the duration of a cruise where everybody is vaccinated and everybody has tested negative, this is overreach
  14. I still didn’t find as good a deal on EZ Air to Europe as I got booking direct from Oakland, CA nonstop to Barcelona for $199 each direction base fare a couple years ago. I’ve noticed with EZ air that they do have some great fares, depending on the route. but So far, it’s always worked out better for me to book directly with the airline.
  15. We wouldn’t cruise without a balcony in the Caribbean or tropical destinations where you can lounge for hours, but have found the balcony to be a complete waste of money while sailing in Europe, so much so, that we booked obstructed window cabins thereafter due to NEVER using the balcony on the preceding Med Cruise. Main reason is these cruises are port intensive and we were off the ship for 10 -11 hours. Depending on the time of year, it will be almost dark by the time you get back onboard, and dark when you leave for your tours as well (October) our schedule was high impact. awake T 5:00 am, wait in line to get tender early tix (on Royal Caribbean ) some itineraries have several tender ports, so if you don’t have status you won’t be able to disembark early unless you take a cruise ship sponsored excursion, which are way pricier than touring independent ly my point being , when we toured with another cruise line and we had no status whatsoever, we were touring independently, so we need to be first off the ship to meet with our tours, and that could only be accomplished by getting up two hours earlier to be in line to try to get priority tickets for tendering so a balcony was of no use Because it was dark when we arrived and then we were gone all day and it was dark when we came back and it was completely wasted money We did not miss having a balcony at all On the last cruise and we opted to spend a lot more on airline tickets to be comfortable on the plane and forgo having a balcony, which was the best decision Ever. I haven’t looked at your itinerary, but we’ve been to the Greek Isles, Italy, Montenegro, Spain, And love them all and love them all Not sure when you’re thinking of going but it will be very hot in July October has been perfect early September can be very warm. Not sure when you’re thinking of going but it will be very hot in July October has been perfect early September can be very warm I think you’re fine most cruisers enjoy sailing there in April, May, September and October there are some pics in my profile from our last Med Cruise If you click on my profile you should be able to find a photo link I think. Update I just checked so click on my profile name and when you are in my profile click on albums
  16. I’ve stayed in C752 and C753, on the Sapphire, aft premium corner balconies, but the rooms are very basic and small. The upgrade they received to a deluxe balcony on Royal is a much better cabin, due to having a sofa, so not sure if they ended up in a regular cabin with larger balcony on the Royal somewhere, but the balcony deluxe was not a bad substitute. Some or many Aft facing balconies on the Royal have had soot issues, too. Regarding your reassignment, there isn’t much difference from C231 to 125, in my opinion. It’s just a few more cabins. I usually stay in 108 or 110, and it isn’t that far to the 200s at all, 300s yes, 200s, no. I’ve been on both ships numerous times, and love aft facing balconies too, but would definitely opt for the upgraded deluxe balcony midship vs the non deluxe balcony aft with its potential soot issues on the Royal. Your friends might want to rethink that one.
  17. Foreigner 4 was released in 81,and I went to their concert, but you’re right, they started in the 70’s. Edit: Oops, sorry, I posted before i’d Read your other response.
  18. I would love being onboard an 80s themed cruise if they had good cover bands! We have lots of local music here with great cover bands. (70s and disco appeals to me more than Valley Girl and new wave. ) I’m envisioning lots of songs (by artists) Michael Jackson, Rockwell, Guns n Roses, Van Halen, Queen, The Police, Cheap Trick, Wham, Blondie, Donna Summer, Men at Work, Journey, Foreigner, Prince, Spandau Ballet, too. Somebody mentioned or posted ABC is on the performing list. They were very popular back in 82-83, “The Look of Love”
  19. I hear you 😂 Kind of cool to be a part of the first sailing , but also problematic until everybody gets their act together. For some reason, I’m envisioning a lot of hiccups.
  20. Seemed to be all repeats last month. But also so tons of in roo. Movies available more than I remember sorry this thing won’t let me type anything correctly m y in r o o mo iviesv Hundreds on demand
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