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  1. I board The Wonder this Sunday. I have the UDP and have been checking times just to kind of check availability. Everything has been showed to be full and continues to show no availability today. I am going to assume it’s some kind of glitch and that there will be availability once I board.
  2. I am like you, in that I think I would eat in the main dining room instead, which is a shame because the Silver Dining space is beautiful.
  3. We will be joining you on Friday so thanks for the review to help get me excited (although, lets be honest, I don't need a review to get me excited LOL). It looks like you are having good weather so far. Hope it holds for us on the next sailing!
  4. I am not complaining I promise, but I still don't understand why the hilltop cabanas dropped so much in price compared to any of the other cabanas and cheaper than the bungalows. During our first visit to Labadee, which has to be over 15 years ago, we were lucky enough to rent a hilltop cabana the night before despite not staying in a suite. We loved the privacy! But for those who want to be right by the beach, it might not be for them. I am excited to have another opportunity to have the cabana for the day.
  5. I was booked in a JS on Adventure next week. Found out early this week that my minimum bid was accepted for the owners suite. I did not expect to get anything so super excited for our first suite experience.
  6. Only way for non suite guest to enter the area is to rent a cabana. Anyone can rent them now.
  7. Are you on the Feb 25th sailing on the Wonder? I will be on that sailing and if you are sailing too, I will need to keep an eye out for you guys since I have seen many pics of your husband, as I have been following this thread since the start.
  8. We grabbed one too! See you at the hilltop! Canceled the bungalow we had reserved because this was cheaper (and in my opinion better).
  9. I put in minimum bids from JS to four full suite categories for our Adventure cruise next week. I received email yesterday that we won the bid for an owner suite. The cruise was showing as sold out for over a month now so I was not expecting to win. But minimum bids can win.
  10. Loving your review! We sailed on a Celebrity ship in 2008/2009 over Christmas and New Years from Aukland to Sydney. Our girls were 11 and 14 although our youngest celebrated her 12th birthday on the ship. We all have incredible memories and photos from that cruise. Truly a once in a lifetime experience for us. Our girls still stay in touch with kids they met from around the world on that cruise. It is fun to read your reviews and remember our own experiences. Enjoy New Zealand!
  11. MLAW

    Paradise Beach

    I have number 16 reserved for Wonder cruise the end of February. I like the pool and my husband prefers the beach so I figured it is close to both. I have been to Paradise Beach two times but it was before the AI options was available. I will try to report back on the beach beds since it is our first time reserving one.
  12. I have been following many of the cruisers posting on TikTok as well as here and Instagram. It is definitely a hot topic on TikTok. Lots of people commenting who have never cruised, so lots of incorrect information floating around out there. Very assuming! But all the cruisers posting seems to be having a great time. I appreciate everyone taking the time to post so I can live vicariously for now.
  13. Does anyone know if it is available on Wonder out of Port Canaveral?
  14. I just checked and I have #16 booked so I will definitely let you know how the foot traffic is. The last time I was there was pre-covid and it was not AI. The food though was very good. It will be interesting to see if that has changed since 2019.
  15. Did you pick one on the beach near the path to the pool? That's what I picked. I figured we get the view of the water, which my husband prefers, but we will be close to the pool, which I enjoy.
  16. I have been to Paradise Beach three times and will be returning in February. I have a day bed reserved this time and will let you know my opinions.
  17. I also need extra pillows as I too sleep in a pillow fort (loving that phrase). Just ask your room attendant when you see them boarding day. They will bring whatever number you request.
  18. I am excited to follow your live report and will also checkout your Youtube channel. I will be sailing on the Wonder for the first time in February. We also booked the UDP so I will be interested in your dining reviews. Our cruise just prior to The Wonder should get us to Diamond so I am also excited to try some new drinks. Safe travels!
  19. I have booked it for our Wonder of the Seas cruise end of February with the idea that I can keep the reservation or cancel once reviews come out. Honestly what pushed me to reserve it was the information that it will be a heated pool. It is my understanding that the other pool is not heated. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  20. Last summer when we boarded the Anthem in Southampton, boarding times were never checked.
  21. I always enjoy your reviews so I am excited to follow along. You always wear the cutest dresses! I sailed on the Anthem last summer out of Southampton so this will be extra fun to follow. Safe travels!
  22. My husband and I will be sailing on the Wonder next February. It will be our first time with the UDP and our first cruise as Diamond so I am really enjoying your dining and drink reviews. Have a great day!
  23. Were you able to get the brunch reservation today when you booked all your other reservations once boarding or did you make that reservation ahead of time aside from your UDP?
  24. We sailed Eastern med when my daughters were 9 and 11. One of the best cruises we have ever taken. The kids program was really the same but because our cruise was very port intensive, they spent less time there in the evenings. We cruised June into July so it was extremely hot but the girls were troopers. We did very little time at beaches but used the pool on the ship before dinner almost daily. Also made sure we got gelato in every port. Lots of kids from all over the world were onboard. I would do it over again in a heart beat. Memories we will all have forever.
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