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  1. You have to use the app to order to the room. You cannot call room service to have drinks from the beverage package delivered.
  2. We got off the Majestic Princess on August 8th. You can use the Medallion App to order some drinks around the ship, but you cannot see each bar's menu on the app. The App has a standard list of drinks you can order for delivery. The good news is that you can order on the App for delivery to your stateroom at no charge. Be aware that when placing an order, you can only order one beverage at a time. You cannot order two drinks for yourself and your travel companion. Each of you needs to order separately; otherwise you will be charged for the 2nd beverage. You can see some screen shots of the App's menus in the Majestic's Live From threads in this forum.
  3. With drink deliveries last week, we never had to sign for a delivery, even in our cabin. And did not see a way to add a tip to our orders in the app.
  4. We were on the August 1 cruise and selected fast dining. Our dinner was typically one hour long
  5. We were in Walkoff Group A this morning. Left the ship at 07:20. Grabbed a taxi to the airport and were sitting at the gate for our flight at 08:10. We have TSA precheck so that made security a breeze. Regular security has long lines.
  6. Just received chocolate dipped strawberries in our cabin before we get ready to go to the Captain's Circle reception (it is the 2nd formal night). Have not seen the strawberries available to the Elite members as the complementary canapes in a few years. Did not get a form to select which canapes we want for either formal night; they are choosing what to deliver.
  7. The old system for seeing activities and information online us still available. Many of the bars have a QR code to scan for their menu that takes you to this. After connecting to ship internet, go to https://majestic.princess.com/homepage After it loads, click on More in the bottom right, then Locations, Hours and More. You will get a list of all of the bars and restaurants. Click on the name you are interested in, and when the bar or restaurant menu loads, click on View Menu to see their menu. Great way to see different wines/drinks offered at locations aboard.
  8. We were told last week was 60% capacity and our cruise this week is at 75% capacity.
  9. Overall impression from first day is that everybody is very happy to be back at sea with passengers. Very friendly and attentive service everywhere we went. Concerto dining room was very good for lunch and dinner. A few items: We were told last night that this sailing is at 75% capacity. For the Elites, don't expect the mini-bar setup in your cabin when you board. Several people we spoke with had not received theirs as of late last night. If they are having trouble with limited passengers, it may be very late when they sail at 100% capacity. The Medallion app still does not have dining room menus available, even after you get on ship. Looks like a nice feature for planning when to book Specialty dining, hope they implement it soon.
  10. We have the drink package included, so we decided to try ordering from our cabin. We both ordered drinks (a margarita and a strawberry daiquiri) and they were delivered to our cabin within 10 minutes. Order showed no charge for delivery. As others have mentioned, you have to order drinks on your account. If you order drinks for you and your spouse from one account, you will be charged for the second one.
  11. The Captain just announced they have received approval for crew members to go ashore in the Alaska ports. There were some very happy crew members when they heard that. They said that was unexpected.
  12. Princess staff very welcoming on board. Plenty of Welcome Back greetings everywhere. We were walking thru the ship and one lady called us over by name. Our names popped up on her tablet and she was the check-in person for our Muster Station. So we were quickly checked in knowing the location to go to.
  13. We were also in the group of 5 that was allowed into the Elite lounge area for boarding. No snacks or beverages. Had about 10 chairs, half of them holding network equipment. We boarded with personnel from Group A that needed assistance. Got on the ship at 11:26. Saw from the ramp when they released Group A to board. On board some confusion within the greeters. Some did not know fire doors were closed to keep passengers cabins off limits while they were cleaning them. Hope to get in there after lunch. If you want a nice sit down lunch remember that Concerto dining room opens at noon on boarding day. Some guides on board will tell you it is not open, don't listen to them. One told us that, with Princess opening the Concerto doors behind her.
  14. Thank you very much for this thread. It has been read multiple times as we prepare to board tomorrow. You have helped us a lot.
  15. We will also try to check out the Elite lounge area tomorrow. Flying in to Seattle this afternoon. Plan to be there a little early even though we are in Boarding Group A. Will try to report back on its availability also.
  16. Thank you for starting this thread! We will be getting on the ship August 1st after you depart so we really appreciate the advance information. With our cruise we have so far been unable to see anything loaded in Journeyview, so the only info we are getting is from people on your cruise. Hope they have a big sendoff for your cruise in a week.
  17. Princess still has the obstructed balconies listed under the interior cabins. At least on the Majestic Princess.
  18. Lost the Green check for personal information this afternoon in the app. Took a look and found new fields to enter our airport to be returned to in event of an Emergency, and where to enter our Departure Flights information. Then finally got the Check Mark back.
  19. Where did you see the status for your Medallion shipment at? We are also on the August 1 cruise.
  20. From Princess CruiseHealth - Frequently Asked Questions "If you're sailing on one of these cruises, guests who are fully vaccinated can enjoy taking in a show, sharing a world-class meal, and other onboard experiences without wearing a mask or physical distancing. Ports will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces often and provide hand-sanitizing stations. They may also require mask wearing and physical distancing throughout the terminal. For your own protection, we may recommend wearing masks in crowded indoor spaces or while accessing select services. Unvaccinated guests will be required to wear a face mask at all times while indoors, in accordance with health authority requirements." https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/frequently-asked-questions/
  21. Reserved the Group A 11:30-11:45 time for the two of us yesterday morning for the 8/1/21 sailing on the Majestic. We are Elite status and did not get any advance notice from Princess this is available; we've been checking each day and saw it available in the Medallion App. Disembarkation times are still not available, but we now have 4 Green Check Marks on our status page - only need to complete the Health Questionnaire closer to the cruise. I posted a note in our roll call and other parties replied that it was still not available for them to select a time. Not sure what the difference is unless they are opening it first for the parties that used to be able to get Priority Boarding.
  22. Reserved our boarding time for August 1 cruise this morning. After clicking on the Early time, we then had a couple of choices of 15 minute time slots to choose from. We chose the first group boarding between 11:30 and 11:45. Disembarkation times were still not available today. We didn't get any notification from Princess. Was checking the Medallion app at lunch and saw they were available. Other people on our roll call still cannot select a boarding time. We are Elite with Princess so they may be making slots available to passengers who had Priority boarding in the past.
  23. The doors were magnetic the last time we were on board. We had some magnetic signs on our cabin door.
  24. Some friends of ours that do not drink wine told us they take the coupons to the Purser's Desk and ask them to credit the amount of the coupon to their account. They have never had a problem doing that.
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