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  1. I am sue that you are right about so many people who have had it. Those who work in healthcare settings here are being tested every 4 weeks. Several colleagues tested postive recently and had no idea that they had the virus. When they thought about it they said ‘oh yes I have perhaps felt a bit tired recently’. I have tested negative twice. But then they say that the test has a 30% false negative rate. So who knows. As far as I am concerned the sooner we get the mortality rate down and can get back to ‘new normal’ the better. I have planned my first trips. The first three will not be cruises.
  2. Ah i understand now about not wanting long sea days. That is a consideration. A reason for not going to foreign ports is because of quarantine restrictions. If you don’t go to a foreign country then you would not need to add 14days to your annual hols. Recently we have had some cruise ships in Gibraltar. They are visible from work kitchen. They come for bunkering and i think so crew can fly from our airport. It has made me wonder how viable it would be for the ship to be used as a floating hotel but staying in port! All the tax issues would have to be worked out. I wouldn’t be interested because for me the ports visited is the major draw. Some might like it though.
  3. I would not be booking anything for November that you cannot cancel. I am interested that your view of the first cruises is that they will not have long sea journeys. I had assumed that the first trips would be “cruises to nowhere” where passengers board, enjoy the facilities of the ship and then disembark after a relaxing week. The ship would lose important revenue in the form of tours but I cannot see any other way that they would cope with entering ports and potentially spreading the virus (to or from the port). Not a great picture for my home town which gets income from cruise passengers but I don’t think many of us would want a sudden 3000 people entering for the day.
  4. Rubbish weather but this was my view at work from the staff kitchen. Jewel was in view at lunchtime and then left before I had a late cup of tea. Not sure which ship the second is, but seeing it did not help the withdrawal symptoms. Memories of our trip to the Baltic on the Jewel suddenly brought up the cruise-longing. I think ships occasionally visit for some stocking up - and staff may well change ships or fly out of our airport.
  5. And don’t forget that you have to travel to get to your cruise. It may be that many of the UK cruisers leaving from Southampton can use their own transport, but you will come into contact with people who have been on planes and trains. I didn’t think that much about it until my daughter got on to a plane from Heathrow at the weekend. She was horrified saying that she could not see how airports and social distancing worked. Despite the numbers of cruise ships arriving in Gibraltar, I would have to take at least one plane or a train to get on any cruise. That puts me at a huge risk and I have not even got to see my stateroom!!
  6. I have just had a family member board a plane at Heathrow. Despite all of the measures that must be being made in London at the moment, to quote “social distancing does not work at airports”. Well that limits me to Barcelona cruises. Not a biggie because I do love my Western Med cruises. It got me thinking though. When wondering about how soon I would go on a cruise My first thoughts were about the need to use the stairs not the lift, moving the tables further apart in the dining room and we would be likely to get a balcony and stay more in our room to avoid sitting near to someone on deck. But queues are unavoidable. So now I am rethinking the impossibility of cruising. How will we check in for the big ships??? No more queuing for tenders or tickets for shows. What will lunch on Day 1 be like if we all have to stand two metres apart?????? Then there are what brings in the crowds: no more art auctions/touring the spa/Captain’s parties/white nights/$10 sales. These activities generate revenue for the ships and without them the bottom line cost will have to go up. Until we get that magic vaccination to build up the herd immunity, I think that my cruise to the fjords is going to have to remain on hold.
  7. I had booked an aft on the 6th June sailing. Obviously it is no longer in my clutches. I considered rebooking next year but the only aft was precisely the one the OP was considering. I passed because I was not prepared to risk the noise. I want an Aft, but I want someone to test run such a close proximity to sunbed noise. Oh just thinking of that beautiful ship almost ready and all of us waiting to go on her. .... One day......
  8. Whichever the virus, I think that a suite would be my preferred form of seclusion.
  9. Oh how nice to be talking about the clothes we wear on our vacations. As has been said, you are free to wear your finery on other nights of the cruise. I would not bat an eye, I would just assume that you had a special occasion. I have a good few sparkly dresses but they are light and I can match them with just one pair of shiny heels. However good my DH looks in a smart suit, it is not worth me arguing with him and paying extra for luggage allowance. He could still wear the clothes he wore to our wedding over 30 years ago - but it was trousers and sports jacket so that would not fit the P and O formal uniform. My cruise is cancelled but I was prepared to miss the MDR experience this time. Talking about vacation - I have had that Rita Ora song Anywhere going round in my head for days. Here, let me pass it on.
  10. That is what I would have said a few weeks ago but now I am not so sure. I am not talking about ‘man flu’. One of the times I was tested a nurse told me about a 30% false negative rate. If you are not tested early enough it may well miss you. Not that I think I had Covid-19, I had a throat infection but as a healthworker I had to be tested. I don’t know, this is such new science. We have to test because we need to seek out the virus but I don’t trust the results that are published in terms of comparing countries.
  11. I am not sure that I believe all of the comparison figures because all Govts seem to be citing different figures. I don’t even believe the testing results because we have had testing at work and colleagues who are believably certain that they had the virus (at the time) have come out negative. A couple of positives said ‘really?’ I have tested negative twice and know that I have not had it. However it is good that infection rates are seen to be decreasing. What has to happen now is for us to watch for the second wave. It has to come. Until we have seen what happens - and probably got a vaccination I cannot see me getting on a ship again. Saying that, when I got notification that I was going to be refunded for my P and O cruise to Norway, I was on to Google looking at all the options for cruises to Norway next year 🤦‍♀️. I will be back.
  12. Andy I had booked a balcony on Iona for this June at launch. It has now been cancelled and I was considering my options and looking at the same cruise next year. The prices were almost the same as I had paid. I am not sure if there was still £180 OBC included, it certainly was not 25% more though.
  13. I can certainly think of some places where the views from the ship are certainly worth having a pair of binoculars and would encourage me to cruise. I can think of having lunch on the ship in Valletta, in Santorini and cruising along the French Riviera. I can recall the stunning views from our Alaska ship, when sailing in to Stockholm and the promised (but cancelled) sail in to Kotor. Venice is somewhat controversial, but careful slow cruises might give them some revenue. The issue of how to pay for sailing in a particular set of waters would have to be worked out. The cost of cruises that do not have revenue from excursions or casinos (while off coasts) would also rise. I am not a skilled navigator and I am mindful of what happened to the Costa Concordia when sailing too near to a coast, but PrincessLuver has set me thinking ...
  14. Post-COVID one of the big advantages might be that you can stay secluded in your suite and so reduce the risks of getting an infection. It may well be that the only people who are cruising are those that have tested and have antibodies to the virus so it may not be something that future cruisers consider.
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