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  1. I have to say that I have spent a port day in Livorno and enjoyed it. This was after we have visited Florence, San Gimignano, Lucca and Pisa on previous trips. If you are on the NCL Epic you will not have the same problems- they do a shuttle direct to the station. I don’t understand why other ships don’t offer it. You would expect the ship to have the best interest of the passengers at heart. Once you are at the station the options are wide. My favourite trip was to Lucca by train and stop off at Pisa on the way back.
  2. When we arrived in Venice we asked the receptionist at our hotel for a grocery store. She showed us a Despar just round the corner from our hotel which is located beside the train station and so really easy to get to. Not a wine shop so staff would not be likely to recommend but lots of wine choices. I picked a very drinkable Prosecco for under $5 !
  3. Oh good for you. I hope that that your treatment goes as planned. You have Something to look forward to once it is over. Having the team give you the green light is probably helpful. I am am sending you this message from a hotel in Venice - I have come with DH as a celebration of my 60th birthday. DH grumbled all the way because we had an hour delay and a 3 hr stopover in Barcelona. Honestly first world problems! I could have done with travelling solo here. If I were you I would be spending the next few days thinking about putting your suitcase together. Definitely pack light, but do it now before you get caught up with the treatment.
  4. Thanks for that. I don’t want to go to guest services and ask about it if the “technical stop” counts as a port in the eyes of the cruise line. I know that it is not much but every little helps in the kitty for our next trip 😀
  5. We are boarding on Sunday and have been informed that we do not go to Kotor, instead we have a technical stop inBar. Does anyone know if we get a refund for port taxes?
  6. Thank you for your replies. The info helps.
  7. I am looking at cruises for next year. I think that it is never too soon to plan a cruise. I have looked at a couple in the Eastern Med, I have similar prices on Orchestra and Opera. They have themed names, does that mean that t he ships are similar and so the Fantastica prices are comparing get like for like. I welcome anyone’s thoughts??
  8. We have also walked around Herculaneum. It is quite a doable site - much less overwhelming than Pompeii. You will have plenty of energy left for a walk around Naples. I have always wanted to visit the Sansevero chapel in Naples. Unfortunately we have taken the same cruise each year (NCL Epic), it calls in to Naples on a Tuesday, the day the chapel is closed. You may have more luck. I agree at alll the new buildings in Gibraltar. The fact is that people have to live somewhere. When I arrived here 35 years ago people accepted squeezing in houses - sleeping in sitting rooms, sharing a room with your granny etc, but now everyone rightly wants to live to a reasonable standard. Homes needed to be built. This year we have struggled with Govt campaign to build new schools. We needed bigger schools but it feels like we live in a construction site. Three mega schools are supposed to be ready on Sept 16th and only 3 more to go. ...
  9. I have been to Naples a few times as a port stop rather than embarkation so I cannot comment on the airport. I love Naples as a port stop because it offers so many tour opportunities. I might also add that we have been there on a bin strike. It was a bit smelly but we were just walking to the train station to get to Sorrento. Last year our stop there was cancelled because of bad weather (end OCtober) and I missed the Amalfi drive. I was disappointed to miss Naples, I will have to try again next time. There will be a next time. On one of our trips we just walked around Naples. This was in April. I don’t think we would have enjoyed the walk if we had been there in the middle of summer. We enjoyed the (fading) architecture of the old buildings and got to neighborhoods with washing and mopeds. It reminded us of where my husband was raised in the old town of Gibraltar. We had a pizza which was much moister than I am used to, it one of the best ever pizzas I have had because it was the day after my birthday. I had had one more drink than I should have. Who would have known that pizzas are so restorative. Our walk must have taken about 4 hours. We were not rushed because we had the whole day in port. The OP probably wont have so much time, but still could go for a couple of hours - as long as they have checked that their watch is on European time and they check before they leave the ship exactly what time they have to be back. The streets are confusing even with Google maps (probably need to be updated to work off line before you leave home), allow twice as much time as you expect. Go with an open mind.
  10. I don’t think that we would wait 90 minutes for the cable car - we will be walking up the donkey steps (we live in Gibraltar and are not big car users!!). However I will wait until next week to see how bad Santorini is, but part of me wonders if the next time I travel in the Greek Islands (there will be a next time), it might not be better just to fly to Athens and then take the ferry service and island hop - something like Milos, Paros and Santorini. As long as we pack light and go in early June or late September I think it might be better than only having port stop times and so being restricted to Fira and Oia when you get to Santorini.
  11. We need to set up a group called “being married to someone who does not want to travel”!!! Your post so resonates with me. I have been fortunate that we have continued to cruise but only from Barcelona, however my DH decided that he could not fly due to some stupid doctor looking in his ear at one point and commenting “oh I wouldn’t fly with an ear like that”. He then stopped flying for 5 years. Even his highly qualified doctor cousin, whose family reunion in London his missed due to not wanting to fly said to me “tell him to stop being a baby and just take pain killers”. He travelled for 36 hours on a bus (each way) to UK to see our daughter graduate !! I had planned a trip to Switzerland for our 25th. I ended up in a hotel in Zurich with youngest on our anniversary, During his ‘no-fly’ period I have also been to Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Japan without him. I took the attitude of “well I want to go but I don’t want to go with miserable you, so I will go alone”. He is happy at home and the cat is cared for. I am happy to travel. So DH is back to flying - youngest said she wanted to travel to Alaska. I just said “We are going with our without you. He came. His ear survived and he decided that he will do it again. Next week I am finally doing one of my bucket list cruises, to Venice and the Greek Islands. I will start packing this afternoon 🙂 Of course if the situation were that your partner is too sick to travel then I would not say “I will get you a nurse and go anyway”, but if your partner does not want to travel, you have the funds and you enjoy travelling I think solo travel can be the right solution.
  12. My TA gave me notification that my 15 September trip would not be making Kotor - we are making a technical stop in Bar. I am glad that we are informed in advance. For me communication is everything, so for this well done N C L. I now now have Kotor on my wish list. I do want a second trip to the Adriatic ( I think second or third cruises In an area are better). I am sorry for those who hoped for Kotor and will miss it.
  13. I also think that writing things down helps. I have already encouraged you. I would say again that I am sure that you will be supported through the airport. Don't let that part put you off. However my reservation would be the timing, so soon after your treatment. I am not sure that insurance would cover you. It may be that you have looked through the small print, but my insurance would treat that as a preexisting condition and so you could not claim on cancelling for the effects of treatment. If you check with your insurance company and they say you would be covered I say go ahead. Book assistance at the airport and you will be fine. If not, I think you need to persuade your sister to go again with you in a few months and so enter the treatment with a treat ahead of you.
  14. I loved lisbon last year, we will go back again.
  15. Given the total price of your cruise, I like your decision-making. Your vacation is now one day longer. That sounds good to me.
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