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    Can a mother choose between her children?? I love them all equally.

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  1. I started doing some homemade sauces and it made me discover just how much sugar goes in the manufactured ones. The motivation was to clear out my store cupboard a little. I just want the basic ingredients which I can put together for a variety of different sauces. It has the benefit of me not having to keep remembering to buy them. BBQ, teriyaki, stirfry sauce - all really easy to make and at least you know what is in them.
  2. Is it a whole year since I learned here about Gefilte fish and I had a go?? It must be. I thought that they were really nice and mean to make them again. I need to go looking for some fish.
  3. So the curfew (about midnight to 6 am I think) ended last night. We went out for a meal and stayed out at the casino. Lots of rules about which way to walk and we had to wear masks inside. I was told off for not having my mask on but I was drinking the gin I had just bought. Not sure how it tastes through a mask. Hooray I won for a change. I took £30 and came away with £180 from the slots. Ended up discussing with youngest daughter how I am going to spend it! ‘We’re in the money’ is the song of the day.
  4. I love the alcoves you have for your soaps and shampoo. I have a big walk-in shower but we did not think to do that and so the soaps go on the floor. A nuisance.
  5. Yes but if you had been on a ship you would surely never had had such good winnings. Or at least I never win anything on a ship - on land I come out ahead at least some times.
  6. Me me me - Can I be your bartender. I think I would be allowed to travel for work. Does a qualification as a speech pathologist count as experience as a bar tender? I sometimes have to make drinks for children. I need to find a way to travel.
  7. How long they had been vaccinated was not released. Hopefully they stay out of hospital. No one wants to hear of people ill and we seemed on course to be back to some sort of normality by 1st April. We don’t want that to change. It was the thought that vaccination may not be a fast track back to cruising that bothered me.
  8. Have a very happy birthday week. Who sticks to celebrating on just one day anyway???
  9. I have been away for a while. My thesis is a never ending story that needs work. I thought that today’s news about COVID numbers would be of interest. So we have a high vaccination (pfizer) rate in Gibraltar, we are just coming out of our second lockdown. We had a horrible high infection rate in our elderly care setting which has affected many. So our infections have gone down from over 1000 to about 20, but this weekend we had 7 new infections. The alarming thing for me is that 4 of these new cases had had one jab and one had had both jabs. I knew
  10. I love apple products but don’t like the ear buds. They are so expensive and when I am walking or rushing to work I really think that they will fall. I go to sleep listening to random stuff. I get annoyed that I cannot charge my phone at the same time as I listen because I cannot fall asleep with ear buds in. I love my iphone 8 but wish I could have had some control over the use of ports.
  11. Well I have been binge-watching Masterchef when escaping from writing my thesis. It has inspired my cooking somewhat and I have been adding a bit more ‘love’ in my dishes. Tonight I will be making spiced lentils. Should have been last night until I measured them out, read the packet and found that they needed soaking for 12 hours before cooking. I will be a bit more careful when measuring out the turmeric. On Friday I put turmeric in a marinade and my pale pink shellaced nails developed a yellow tinge reminiscent of nicotine.
  12. My team at work all had the two Pfizer shots on exactly the same days 3 weeks apart. We all reacted differently. I felt worse the first time. The second time I felt hardly any side effects yet two colleagues had to go home early the following day. I think there are so many variables.
  13. I am dying with everyone else’s camera work. I just want to go somewhere !!!!
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