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    Finding myself lost in new places. Writing my PhD thesis on a balcony at sea.
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    Any cruise line that will take me on a trip.
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    Can a mother choose between her children?? I love them all equally.

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  1. Absolutely. That has always been my concern. In the same way, where all the airlines have been promoting safety by saying ‘we check temperatures of all passengers’ - and you happen to have a raised temperature because of some non-covid related infection, does that make you lose your 7 day cruise in Alaska or indeed your 11 night Aegean cruise ??? We are talking about thousands of pounds of travellers‘ money. Days of annual leave. All at risk.
  2. Like my youngest. She was living in England (where my parents in their 90s live) when lockdown started. At that time there was a huge issue with people getting enough food. She had milk deliveries. She arranged for them to have milk deliveries from the same company so that at least for milk and bread they were sorted. They keep telling me that they owe her money. At least £100 for the last 6 months. What is she going to say!! Ignore your brother. +. I love that your mother has a computer desk. My Dad has an Ipad. Makes a big hullaballoo when the tiniest thing happens, but technology keeps us in touch.
  3. It sounds difficult. You clearly are the sort of daughter in law anyone would wish for. I am not sure how you cope with it, but you are doing it for your DH aren’t you? It sounds like he appreciates what you do too. He feels an understandable responsiblity to his mother. If he didn’t visit and do chores he would feel a lot worse than the negative that he gets when he comes away. So bless him for being so loyal in the circumstances.
  4. Yeah I forgot about the script. My skill with Google translate just can’t keep up. I will get one of my Jewish friends to translate for me. Everybody has been a bit busy!! I have to say that the stuffed fish soup was delicious. For me that is comfort food at it’s best. I only remembered at the very last fish to take a picture. The colour is the soup bowl I used. I was not sure if to share because when I checked the photo I realised that it looked rather menacing due to two pieces of pepper oddly placed. It is not the best photo of my cooking. I will be making it again !! Next time I am sure that it will not have such a hamsteresque quality.
  5. Hang on, I can ground fish twice, but where do you put the spine and head?? No problems with the head. My youngest - now in her late twenties used to be a poor eater. There was a time when if asked what her favourite food was, she would answer ‘fish eyes’. She would eat them. When it comes to quantity they ticked her box. She eats a wider range of food now!!!
  6. The thing is that he can say what he likes. The vaccine will only be ready when it is ready.
  7. Did I write this post??? Maybe not, but completely my sentiments. I will not cruise until there is a vaccine and that I can do my own thing in ports.
  8. Enjoy your celebrations. I have never had it but it looks good. Iam definitely going to try it. Is it potatoes and hard boiled egg with fish balls and carrots?
  9. January !!!! To think that there are already 2021 cancellations makes me very sad.
  10. +1 for the muster drill. I hope this is something that carries on after ‘new normal’ is no longer normal.
  11. Was this the thread where we posted about investing in Premium Bonds when we got our refunds?? I want to share my excitement. I won £25 with the money from the refund. Drinks all round folks!
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