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  1. Yes, we've already been notified more than a week ago and our refund has already been requested. Now we wait...................
  2. May not be true if the thread about Seabourn cruises being canceled thru 10/30/20 if actually true. We have a 10/3/20 Med cruise on Encore that we haven't made final payment on, so now I will just wait and see if the email arrives today from Seabourn. :-(
  3. Guess I'll be waiting for the dreaded email for our October 3rd Encore sailing. :-(
  4. They have indeed been given an exception according to CJ Hayden's twitter account as of 2 hours ago. They still have no idea about being able to get off the ship when they do dock.
  5. Received an email from friends onboard about an hour ago telling me that they were headed back to Australia. They have not yet been told whether it will be Perth/Fremantle 10 days or Sydney 14 days where they will all be flown home. They have been told that their cruise fare will be refunded.
  6. Our first Seabourn cruise as well. Our itinerary was on their website as a 17 night cruise, so I'm not anticipating having to do anything during the 17 days lol. Certainly haven't heard anything from Seabourn to that effect. I hadn't yet checked on how many ships would be in port at all of our stops but I can't believe there's 8 in Corfu! That sounds terrible and I agree that getting out of the city area will be best. I will definitely look for private tour for that stop! I used to join roll calls years ago but I must say that I haven't done so in over 10 years. We are looking forward to trying Seabourn!
  7. I would love to get the contact information for your private guide in Cesme as that will be one of our stops in October on Encore. I completely agree with your assessment of using privately guided tours. 2018 we did all private guided tours on a 12 nt Med cruise & our traveling companions (that normally go thru the ship) were so impressed with the quality of being only a group of 4! The cost many times is less than those tours for the cruise line & we've never even come close to missing a ship sailing! TIA for your information!
  8. Thank you for that detailed account. We opened the credit card a few months ago and am happy to hear that although a lengthy process, Chase did refund your cruise fare. I hope 2020 will bring good health and more cruising!
  9. Thank you for that information as it's helps me make an informed choice. It is definitely a port intensive sailing with only 1 sea day on a 17 night cruise. Can't remember exactly how many tender ports, but a fair amount. I decided to choose 658, across the hall from friends in 659 in order to get a bit further from the central staircase at the end of the hallway. We are looking forward to trying Seabourn! Our friends have more than 400 days on Princess along with a few other cruises on HAL & Paul Gauguin while we have only have 18 cruises on Princess, RCCL and Windstar. I will definitely read through the Seabourn forum to gather more information and tips from all of you over the next 11 months! Thanks for your help! :-)
  10. When you say $400 room credit, are you talking in addition to the Seabourn special they are running of $600 OBC for the sailing? I suspect that's what 2 different TA's are doing when they say they can offer $400 or $500 extra OBC, so it's not really them offering it but Seabourn because we would be first time cruisers. lol Thanks for your insight concerning the balcony dividers. I know on many other lines, it's possible.
  11. Can I also ask if anyone knows whether the balconies can open to have one large balcony if friends are traveling together?
  12. Sorry, forgot to mention that and it's important! lol. Encore
  13. This will be our first cruise on Seabourn & although it's almost a year out, there aren't many suites left to choose from. We are holding 659 and 661 V5's but after looking at the deck plans, I'm concerned about deck 5 below. It is very close to the tenders that will be used frequently. I always book cabins between other cabin decks and try to avoid being above or below public spaces. On the deck plan there is a blank/white area directly below these cabins. I can see on photos that it is indeed an open walkway underneath the tenders but know that there has to be something else inside that would be underneath these suites. The only other suites available are near the forward 622, 625 and 621. Our other choices are 658, 659 & 661. I would really appreciate any personal insight before we make the final choice. This is for 17 days, so I'm hoping to make the right choice. :-) TIA
  14. Thank you for this recommendation. We're going to be in Budapest in May 2020 and this is exactly what I was looking for. :-)
  15. There is actually quite a lot of storage. We had 3 adults in the suite and didn't come close to needing a place to store something out of the way. However, all of the stuff sitting around on tables, etc. was definitely in the way lol.
  16. Oh yes, so make sure you have a little extra room in your luggage! They are sized XL, so way oversized but very nice quality and of course, gray lol.
  17. You are very welcome. Honestly, the most in the way "decor" were those 2 giant bowls of coral on the dining table!
  18. Yes, all 3 of us had the monogrammed bathrobes waiting for us in the suite. A really nice touch!
  19. 43DF7810-8B78-4F69-9C31-57B954A66544.MOV
  20. This was my first time on Celebrity as well & have never sailed on NCL but only Princess, RCCL and Windstar. I can't really give tons of insight as to the ins and outs of the ship because honestly, we just thoroughly enjoyed the suite by eating breakfast in everyday and almost every dinner. We did go to Qsine one night, but ordered from Tuscan Grille the other nights. We did go to the shows, but never went to the Retreat, except to look at it the first day, the Retreat lounge or the pool deck. I was on a girl's trip with my sister & cousin, so we just enjoyed spending time on our deck & enjoying the space unless we were off the ship in port. The space in the suite is heavenly but some of the furnishings that were chosen were not comfortable, like the chairs/sofa in the living room but it certainly didn't keep us from enjoying it everyday and I would love to do it again! Service was top notch for sure from the butler, cabin steward and the entire suites crew! I have 2 other videos of the suite that were taken on embarkation day if you'd like to see them. :-) IMG_1965.MOV
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