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  1. Friends of mine have been sailing around South America in a J46 sailboat, and I would say the weather in Spring there looked to be cool and damp. The scenery is absolutely spectacular, with incredibly remote ports home to some very warm people - it's definitely rugged! Kevin
  2. That's how it worked for us the one time we did it. I just used online chat to request the upgrade when I saw a cabin had come available, and they shared a payment request in the chat which took me to a secure credit card processing page - all pretty simple. Kevin
  3. I had quick and efficient help with online chat, and detailed responses to email queries anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days depending on the complexity of the question.
  4. Same for us, not surprising as Brilliant Lady isn’t in service yet.
  5. We’re sailing on Virgin next year as an adjunct to Viking, to see if perhaps it might provide an interesting option for those occasions when we want the journey to be part of the vacation, rather than focus so much on ports and enrichment.
  6. The pasta dishes were all very good; my wife had Gnocchi that were divine. Kevin
  7. The sale shows the price the fare was before the sale started, $750 more than I paid, and the sale ends on May 31st so in theory it will return to the pre-sale price.
  8. I find it's helpful to create a spreadsheet that helps estimate truly like-for-like costs: Extra cost for a shore excursion in every port, which Viking includes Cost for WiFi, which Viking includes Cost for soft drinks, beer, and wine with meals which is extra on other lines Cost of "specialty" dining on other lines, included by Viking Included onboard laundry facilities The premium often isn't as great as one might think once you add everything up - and attempt to recreate the small ship, adults only, no casino, no art auction, no nickle and diming environment ...
  9. 😄 Same! In theory the 25th anniversary sale ends on May 31st, and prices go back up by $750 on the itinerary I booked - which is more than the onboard discounts I would get if I booked it when we're onboard in July. If, however, there is another sale or offer when we're onboard that makes it attractive to cancel and rebook and save a bit more, then that's the scenario in which I would cancel. Kevin
  10. Figuring that the current anniversary discounts represented more of a savings than the onboard incentives we could expect in 60 days when we next sail, and if not the $25 deposit might be easy to walk away from, I booked our next cruise. I notice in the contract that the cancellation fee is stipulated as $100 per passenger, but at this point Viking only has $25 from us - does anyone have any experience canceling when there's only a $25 deposit? I can't imagine Viking would expect us to pay an additional $75 at that point to cancel - I'd rather just let the "payment in full" date come and go and forfeit the booking. Kevin
  11. It’s too early for anyone to be able to make reservations for anything. All dining is included in your cruise fare, but Manfredis and The Chef’s Table require reservations. Your cruise contract should tell you the date when you can make dining reservations, and when shore excursions are available to book.
  12. I couldn't find a clear answer searching: this itinerary crosses 66N at a couple of ports of call, do they hold a "Blue Nose" ceremony (cheesy as it might sound), and if so, any experience around when? We're on the Reykjavik-Bergen sailing, and leaving Ísafjörður at 4:30 seems a likely opportunity. Cheers Kevin
  13. I woke up early and was able to book at 3:30am Central Time on the date specified in the email I received from Viking, which was the day before what MVJ showed online. Be very clear: The "it's time" email from Viking stated 19th but MVJ showed 20th, and I booked dining at 03:30 Central on 19th. Kevin
  14. It's you, I can guarantee that they did not disassemble the ship and rebuild it with slightly smaller cabins 😄
  15. Sailor Services acts on the status match application very quickly in my experience - less than 3 hours yesterday. The confirmation email goes to some lengths to point out that DBE only applies during 2023, and the $100 bar tab bonus is "through 2024" - leaving rather open what the longer term benefits of Sea Rover will be. Kevin
  16. Let me know if you're able to find an airline that never botches reservations, never cancels flights, answers the phone promptly and resolves issues quickly. I'm not convinced any exist.
  17. Fine here too - "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you :-)"
  18. My guess from something similar I did way back in 2008 is that it's a walking tour. Akureyri is a pretty town and very accessible from the harbour, though it's probably over a mile to the Botanical Gardens.
  19. My experience is that if the airline site is willing to sell you the seat upgrade, you won't have any issues. I paid for Economy+ on a Viking Air arranged United flight before without any problems at all, other than I think I may have had to wait until Viking actually paid for the ticket, perhaps 45-60 days out. I would be surprised it Tripmate reimbursed these upgrade costs for two reasons: 1 - Travel Insurance notoriously is reluctant to reimburse even costs that are very clearly covered, and 2 - because these were travel costs you arranged outside of Viking - but I've no direct experience trying to make a claim.
  20. I used the chat feature within MyVikingjourney two weeks ago, on a cruise we booked in August of 2021! They take payment and email you a transfer request form to complete, so they know which flight you need to reach, you send that back in and then it's added to your passenger contract. Very simple. Kevin
  21. We paid $49 each to use the Viking transfer from Bergen port to airport at the end of our upcoming cruise - might be more expensive than alternatives but I wanted a simple solution.
  22. Sail with us on Southeastern Carribean Isles sailing Feb 10th 2024 and I would be glad to invite you to join us for my Father's ashes burial at sea. I don't believe I've yet seen the ceremony documented? Kevin
  23. I used ACH to pay, and avoided needing to enter payment details as I already had it on file.
  24. It was 12:00 Noon US Pacific time for me last Friday, to the minute.
  25. Our 77 day out reservations opened to the minute as Viking said they would, and we secured all the reservations (both included and upcharged) that we wanted.
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