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  1. Why? Is there some kind of negative effect on Celebrity cruisers? It seems to me that both Celebrity and Royal cruisers can benefit from these updates. Royal Caribbean owns Celebrity, so I’m not sure what the fuss is about.
  2. No, they will just confiscate it. Probably then drink it themselves after work!
  3. My bad-I didn’t see that you were talking about Vision. Sorry about that!
  4. Huh? You mean Central Park, girlfriend?😅
  5. Small hijack-sorry 😊. And what about the reverse? From Barcelona in October back over to Florida? 2025
  6. I was on Apex March 2 and no, hardly any spring breakers. I was also on Symphony March 23rd….Many spring breakers!
  7. My husband does Dry January every year, so the NA beers are a nice substitute. As others have mentioned, Guinness and Blue Moon have good ones, along with Sam Adams, Peroni, and Corona. He really likes one called Athletic Brew (several varieties) which I have seen at Target, Winn Dixie, and Walmart. Unfortunately, Royal doesn’t offer a big variety and only carries Heineken Zero-which I actually thinks tastes a lot like regular Heineken. You can use your Diamond drinks for the Heineken zero.
  8. Huh, I have MTD on my upcoming Symphony cruise and had no problem booking shows even 1.5 hours after that. I’ve also never had any issues before with other cruises. Maybe a problem with your computer?
  9. I’m on Symphony the 23rd, too. It popped up on the app, but not on the website. I did not receive an email either-just happened to see it on the app. Yep, Falmouth, direct replacement for Labadee with no switcharoo of sea days.
  10. I too have a traveling hospital, lol! Except mine also harbors some eye drops and biofreeze!
  11. My son is 6’1” and 200 lbs and slept in The bottom bunk just fine. I wouldn’t recommend the top one though! We’ve stayed in this category room twice and love them-they feel like a suite! Hoping they accept our Royal up bid for our upcoming Symphony cruise on the 23rd. Wait, did you just steal the room I bid on? 😂
  12. Yes, the Solarium is awesome! You have absolutely made the right choice! My husband and I were on Celebrity Apex last week which we loved…but our 18 year old son would have been sooooo bored.🥱 We are headed on the Symphony for Spring break on the 23rd and looking very forward to it. Have fun!
  13. Thank you! I decided I could use that money for new kitchen appliances! 😂 Bad impulse buy on my part. I’ve got D+ so I don’t know what came over me-
  14. How do I do it? I can’t seem to find where to cancel it on the app or website. Do I have to call and if so what number please? Thanks!
  15. How about an update, Chris! 😁 You must be aboard now, yeah?
  16. Why thank you very much! I’m happy to hear all of this. We’ve been sailing mainly on Royal for the past 20+ years, so we really have no clue what we’re doing on this one, Lol! But looking very forward to a more adult experience!
  17. Hi cruise friends! We are sailing on our first Celebrity cruise, Apex in March and I was thinking I may need to make dining reservations for the complementary restaurants, but it says they are sold out! So…now what? Do we just walk up and put in our name like at a regular restaurant? Can we make reservations on board? Are we stuck eating at the buffet? Will we starve😂? Please advise!
  18. There is a security checkpoint that you go through before you get on the ship where they X-ray your carry on stuff-just like the airport. You don’t need to do anything special, just put your bag with the 2 bottles of wine on the belt and claim it on the other side, same as whatever else you are carrying on…
  19. My son is now 18 and he has been on pretty much all the classes of ship since he was 2 years old. I would highly recommend any Oasis class ship-so Symphony, Wonder, Harmony, Allure or Oasis. So much for a 10yo to do…Flowrider, rock climbing, ice skating, mini-golf, ping pong,The Abyss slide, swimming, super fun shows, lots of places to eat. Also I can recommend the Odyssey which has a few different things like laser tag and bumper cars. I would not go for the smaller ships as it looks like you are already doing that this year. Voyager class is ok, too-But I just got off Explorer and was personally a bit off put by the condition of the ship. Old and tired and in need of renovations and paint. Explorer appeared to be “rode hard and put away wet” 😂Was on Adventure 2 years ago and she was still in pretty good shape. I would pick the Independence or Freedom over any voyager class ship as the are newer and in better shape and have essentially all the same “stuff” and not quite as large as Oasis, if you don’t want mega-ship. I’m sure he’ll have a great time no matter what you choose!
  20. Hello everyone! I just wanted to post a follow up about this topic on my experience aboard Explorer during the holidays. They did NOT allow us to use our D+Bogo dining benefit at all during this cruise. I asked at dining reservations and the Diamond lounge concierge and they both told me no can do. I asked if I could use it later in the cruise, nope. I asked why and they said no D+ benefit or any discounts allowed during this cruise. I was a wee bit frustrated as my son had just turned 18 and had acquired this benefit as well. Oh well, maybe next time!
  21. WhatheF*! I book GTY all the time and can’t believe Royal actually think this is acceptable business practice.
  22. Call me kookie….but why is anyone allowed in the suite lounge besides those who are actually staying in a suite? I don’t understand why pinnacles are allowed in there except if they are staying in a suite. I call foul here. Or maybe it should be “ fowl!” Cluck! These peeps, pun intended, should get the lounge to themselves as per what they paid for, not have to share with the pinnacles. If I were fortunate enough to afford a suite, and went to utilize the suite lounge which is supposed to be included in my cruise-and it was completely full due to overcrowding by pinnacles…I would not be happy. I say give the pinnies their own space to enjoy their hard earned rewards. And I’m saying this as a hopeful, maybe someday pinnacle, D+ ….
  23. Yay for the LabadooZie! It really does fix whatever ails you!
  24. You’re fine-you do not need the other parent’s permission. That signed form is if you are traveling with someone else’s kid.
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