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  1. Very sad pictures indeed. I always knew we would get to the point where the classic ships were all gone, but unfortunately COVID will cause it to arrive much sooner. I enjoy the old ships so much more than the huge, gimmicky monstrosities the companies have been producing lately.
  2. I generally go through a TA, but I'm lucky enough to have a couple of excellent ones. They keep on top of price drops, saving me from having to contact the cruise line. As with most things in life, the experience can vary greatly if the TA just wants to get the booking to make a buck and not provide any service.
  3. If available, I'd look for anything going to Half Moon Cay. I prefer private island stops over regular ports-of-call, and that place has the most amazing beach.
  4. I've heard of a few high-level past guests getting bans over the years, it was rarely due to just one issue. Some (but certainly not all, or even most) high-level past guests have been known to push the boundaries thinking their status allows it. Most, if not all cruise lines keep files on guests and document conduct issues. My opinion is that may have just been the straw that broke the camel's back.
  5. Overcrowding in the DL/CL used to be a bigger issue for me since I enjoyed going there for the nightly drinks. Now I just bite the bullet, buy the beverage package, and get drinks wherever. So RCI can cram in as many as they like as far as I'm concerned. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Agreed, that setup is probably the nicest DL Royal has to offer. It really is too bad they've replaced it with Wonderland on the newer sisters of the class.
  7. Just FYI, I believe all RCL ships now have a dedicated Diamond Lounge for Diamond (and above) cruisers. In the lounge there is a 3-ish hour cocktail party each night with unlimited drinks. The 4 daily vouchers loaded onto your card are good for other bars in case you don't want to go to the lounge.
  8. My earliest cruise booking is with RCI in November, and I'm not getting my hopes up too high about that yet. Aside from Carnival I also cruise with them, NCL, MSC and Celebrity. Any of them would be preferable to another year of no cruising.
  9. I bought in at under $9, so anything above that is good news for me.
  10. I'd put MSC's Black/Diamond in line with Carnival's Platinum, so yeah I would say Carnival has the edge in the past guest perks department. Not sure if MSC Gold gets priority embarkation.
  11. I've only got one left this year, Brilliance over Thanksgiving. Two more in the works for early '22.
  12. I wish them the best of luck. Although it's likely just political wheel-spinning, I'm glad DeSantis is taking them to task. It's time for a hard restart date for those of us comfortable with the risk. To quote the great Frank Drebin: "You take a risk getting up in the morning, crossing the street, or sticking your face in a fan"
  13. I heard they downgraded the level matching which is unfortunate, but I get that they have to watch the numbers. I submitted my Diamond Plus from Royal Caribbean when they first started it a few years ago and got the Black/Diamond level. The perks were nice, but certainly wouldn't be a big factor.
  14. I cruised on MSC Seaside a couple of years ago (in an "Aurea experience" balcony cabin) and really enjoyed it. I got their highest loyalty level via status match, and enjoyed getting the perks on my first cruise with them. The ship itself was very nice, I liked how the bars and restaurants had outdoor areas on the wrap-around promenade. You could tell they still hadn't quite figured out American preferences (nachos with ranch dip, odd drink package tiers) but overall it was a great time. If you can get a sailing booked with them, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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