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  1. The roll-eyes emoji doesn't do my feelings on this any justice, but here's one anyway 🙄. Yet another example of the cruise lines charging to use a facility that was (for ages) included in the fare. Some of us (cheapskates) need that half hour in the sauna to sweat out the beers from the previous night, but refuse to pay for it on principle. 🤣
  2. I was on Splendor a couple of years ago, so my info isn't the most current, but she did not have zip-lining or rock wall type stuff at that time. She does have a buffet, it is on the Lido deck and is open for all meals. I would also highly recommend Guy's Burger Joint (if she has one now), very good hamburgers/fries. Drink prices are typical bar prices, so prices vary from around 6 or 7 dollars for a beer up to 15 or so for some mixed drinks. The Cheers beverage package might be a good option if you'll have more than 5 or 6 a day. I can't really help with the entertainment since I don't go to the shows anymore, but they will have some. A few other tips: -The sea-day brunch in the main dining room is usually very good. -The adult-only Serenity area up on the sun deck is a nice quiet place to escape the loud atmosphere of the main pool.
  3. Luggage tags on the 12/6 Liberty cruise.
  4. I'm glad she's doing well, Sensation was my first CCL ship back in '99, hard to believe that was 20 years ago. I'll be back on her in May, and I'm really looking forward to it!
  5. I cant speak for the Fantasy in particular since she is the only sister of the class I haven't yet cruised on. I can say that the Fantasy Class ships are my favorite, the vast majority of my CCL cruises have been on them and they do indeed feel like home. They remind me of the "good old days" of cruising before the ships were loaded down with all the silly gimmicks.
  6. I had an OV room on Empress, it may have been a few extra square feet at most, but not like the newer classes where the OV's are noticeably bigger. Very similar to the old Sovereign class rooms. Pics in my review here: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=577307
  7. I'm just hoping that Playmakers isn't set to replace the pub on the promenade. The pub is my favorite place to drink on the Freedom class and Brilliance.
  8. Is it bad that I would probably just drink my 15 and then have my roommate start giving me theirs?
  9. Since it's your first time on RCI I would say try as many dining venues as you can. I generally do the dining room for lunch on sea days for the nice salad bar, and the buffet for dinner to avoid the crowds. The drink package is worth it only if you plan on having more than just a few drinks during the days. I'm not sure what the current per-day cost is, but usually the break even point for beers is in the 6-8 per day range, and probably 5 or 6 mixed drinks. Some people just like to buy the package so the cost is known up front, and don't have to worry about how many they've purchased. Whether or not that's important is something only you can decide. As far as tipping goes, I just leave the automatic tips on my account, and carry extra singles for whomever may give me above average service.
  10. All I can say is NOT MY BELOVED BRILLIANCE!!!!!
  11. It's a fair point, but I doubt they could easily relocate the guest relations and shore excursion desk areas. All of their computers/phones/equipment and back office personnel would have to move as well.
  12. I've done two B2Bs thus far, one with CCL and the other with RCI. Both times I booked the two segments separately (adding the second leg at a later date) so I had to switch cabins. I would definitely recommend getting the same cabin for both if you can, that saves you from having to pack your stuff on the last night of the first cruise.
  13. I did the Behind the Fun tour on Imagination (same class as the Sensation) several years ago. I agree with another poster that I found it to be a "one and done" experience. It was very interesting to see the backstage areas of the ship, so I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy stuff like that.
  14. They have invested quite a bit into them recently, renovating all the cabins and adding the new bars, water parks and dining venues. I don't know which ones are for sale, but the oldest few are the Fantasy, Ecstasy, Sensation and Fascination. I wouldn't be surprised if Carnival keeps them until they're offered a price they can't pass up, like anything else really. The Fantasy Class ships are money makers for the company. They're all long since paid-off, and they rarely break down unlike their Fincantieri built fleet mates.
  15. I posted a review of the Grand Celebration over on the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line board, and yes, the old Celebration does look very good for her age in my opinion. Her new fleet sister the Grand Classica, formerly with Costa, looks even nicer. Although I do think Celebration's cabins are nicer. As far as the Fantasy Class ships go, I know I'm in the minority here, but I love the older/smaller ships and hope they stick around a good long while.
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