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  1. As for the Scout, it’s pretty self-explanatory and there are instructions. The hardest part is getting the seat post properly positioned to remove it from the base. As I remember, you need to attach the seat base to the frame of the scooter before using it the first time and adjust what you want as the height. You may have to put the batteries into the case and tighten 4 screws. We almost never separated the base into its two pieces because it was a pain to snap it back together. we did take the battery case off before lifting. The battery case js intended to be easily removed- it’s held in place with a thumb screw.
  2. Not to be nosy, but your size may influence what you want and need. I have had a Scout scooter for range (with the bigger battery for increased range). I weigh 180 pounds, and haven’t had battery issues. If I were significantly larger, it would be different. The scooter would be uncomfortable and I’d run out of electricity Keeping the door open is easy! Crosize Door Stoppers for Floor Rubber Door Stop Wedge, Door Gaps and Prevent The Lock-Outs,Floor Sturdy Stackable Door Stop for Carpet Heavy Duty Door (Gray) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0995XV96H/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_ESCV545ACBNDD3E05RJD?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 There are also stops with a handle if bending is an issue.
  3. If i were flying on a ticket that I could make last-minute changes to and be assured there was availability to transfer to the later flight, at a price that was acceptable to me, I’d consider it. If it were Holland America, which has not sailed with passengers into/out of Port Everglades, I would be more hesitant, since this would be one of the first times they’ve done it in awhile. I’d also think about where the ship was the day before. Key West, Bimini, or Grand Bahama are all easy sailings. Further afield, one might have other things interfere. I’m pretty sure any cruise ship with multiple engines could make Fort Lauderdale during an overnight passage from The Bahamas with one engine off if needed (and they might very well do it with one simply to dave fuel).
  4. If you stay at Lago Mar, its a short walk down the beach to the jetties where you’ll be less than 200 feet from the ships as they enter and leave port Everglades. Lago Mar (not to be confused with Mar a Lago) is a moderate-sizee, family-owned hotel. No sports bar, but it is directly on thr beach.
  5. What do you consider to be affordable, and when are you going to be in Fort Lauderdale? The season starts November 1st or so, with the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, which attracts people and boats from around the globe. The season ends something like April 30th, depending a bit on when Easter is and how schools are scheduling spring vacations. Rates during the season can easily be $300 a night for most 3* hotels near the beaches.
  6. We’ve sailed quite a bit on Holland America and enjoy Half Moon Cay. I am a wheelchair user, and it seems like Holland America has upped their caution about Half Moon Cay and accessibility. My fear is they’ve shifted from using island-based tenders/ferries to using ship-based tenders (lifeboats). Can people sailing after 10/23/21 and visiting HMC post back about what boats are being used for passenger transport at Half Moon Cay? Thanks!
  7. No. Virgin’s Scarlet Lady called at Amber Cove in September. While Carnival-branded ships are scheduled in October, Holland America and other Carnival brands also stop at Amber Cove. NCL also uses the port. I’m not sure about RCL or others.
  8. Spring break in Fort Lauderdale is much more family-oriented than It was in the 1980s. But even still, you are not likely to find a nice hotel near the Fort Lauderdale beach for less than 325 per room per night in mid-March. You might look at Dania, which is immediately south of the Fort Lauderdale airport. Getting to the beach is less than two miles and the Ann Kolb Nature Center and a state park with a long beach isn’t too far away. Port Everglades is immediately north of the Fort Lauderdale airport. If you’re sailing out on a Sunday and there are ships sailing out on Saturday, you can go to the state park and watch them sail await, usually between 4pm and 6pm. There’s a restaurant called “quarterdeck” immediately south of the park, on the pier. It’s family-friendly. A very, very good burger is about $15. They also have ribs, chicken, salads, and sushi.
  9. I have recently converted to using a power chair exclusively. I used to fascinate between the two, usually using a power chair on cruises. I’m a pretty advanced driver of both. I think there’s an expectation that power wheelchair users have a greater ability for precise navigation than ecv/scooter users. In part, that’s probably because power chairs can be more finely navigated, but also because many chair users spend more time using their chair than scooter/ecv users. Because power chairs have a shorter wheelbase, it’s easier for them to tip over if a curb isn’t navigated properly. If you’re using it off ship, many curbs, even with curb cuts, aren’t exactly smooth. I’ve had some issues, though never a flip, in a variety of ports. A typical power chair is heavy. A scooter is much, much lighter. I don’t think I ever tied to take my chair into a non-HA room on the K, but from what I can remember about seeing some of the rooms, it could be really tight unless one was in a suite.
  10. I would be hesitant to hitch my wagon to a single option. steve
  11. Shouldn’t be a problem at all. Stop at Jaxson’s Ice Cream for lunch or head east on Dania Beach Boulevard for lunch on the pier at Quarterdeck.
  12. Yes, its a long menu. The owner used to also own several other restaurants. Some of their menu items moved to the Floridian as rents increased and the restaurants closed. I can’t count how many times I’ve eaten there. The only things I wouldn’t recommend are the conch fritters and chowder, not because they don’t taste good, they just don’t have as much conch as they used to.
  13. Id recommend the Floridian on Las Olas. It’s a diner, but a very good one. If you like French Toast, they have some of the best (Bimini Bread variety). They also have caviar and champagne on the menu, if that’s your preference. Afterwards , you can stroll the Avenue for a bit or continue down Las Olas to the beach.
  14. Bimini boatyard happy hour and Quarterdeck are walkable and within your price targets. 15th Street Fisheries Dockside waterfront (downstairs) (Uber, but about 6 minutes away- it’s about two blocks almost due north of your hotel, but there’s some water in the way so your can’t just walk strait north.) It’s walkable, but not especially pretty 17th street is commercial and 15th street has apartment buildings on one side and a boat ramp on tne other. I’d consider it a pretty safe neighborhood.
  15. Historically, the process has been very consistent. With fewer cruise ships in port, more of the port traffic are regulars/locals who know to have ID ready and know where they’re going inside the port. The more tourists there are, the slower the go. If the Eller Drive entrance is open, it can be faster as it tends to get more commercial entrances than people staying in hotels on Fort Lauderdale beach or on 17th Street. (I’m a native of Fort Lauderdale. I grew up near 17th Street and in Quarterdeck. We were in and out of the port several times a week.)
  16. I’d suggest buying one. There are a variety on the market. I am particularly in favor of the Explore! by Hugo. It’s a bit more expensive but I haven’t destroyed one yet! I destroyed a cheaper one in Europe, in part due to using it extensively on cobblestone.
  17. If you mean heading towards a ship, each line has its own approach to on-site testing and/or pre-registration of results. If you are speaking to folks disembarking, at least some ships are testing onboard. There is a Walgreen’s immediately outside the Eisenhower gates to the port. It’s likely to be pretty busy. There is a CVS at SE 17th Street and Federal Highway (US1). There is also a Walgreen’s at the southwest corner of Davie Boulevard (SE 12th Street) and US1/Federal Highway. I don’t know if Publix is testing. Please check online to validate test availability and scheduling requirements.
  18. Especially if they start promoting cappuccino in the lido for breakfast. Will a double cappuccino count as two?
  19. It may also be helpful to note sensitivity to the allergen.
  20. In the past, they’ve delivered either to the pier or your cabin. I’m not sure the status with Covid-19- the ship may want to restrict access. At the end of the cruise, you leave it where you picked it up. Getting it ashore means you have it all the way through boarding, which can be an advantage. Be forewarned: Downtown Nassau is not wheels-friendly. Jitneys/cabs may or may not be interested or capable of accommodating your chair. Safe travels!
  21. See South Pointe Park, South Pointe Park https://goo.gl/maps/oRT8yRqjM8SHX6Kx8 Smith and Wolenski has good food, if they’re open.
  22. She looks to be about 90 minutes out. It does not appear that a Coast Guard vessel with a locator has been deployed.
  23. You probably don’t have time to wait for a shared shuttle. I’d probably, in your situation, take a cab so I wouldn’t have to spend time meeting someone special. I’d definitely want TSAPre or Clear or something to help get through airport security faster. I’d also be sure I had nothing to declare and my passport easily available for inspection when getting off the ship. Are you planning to check bags for the plane or do you have just carryons? Have you looked at Port Everglades’ ships calendar to see how many ships are in Lauderdale when you want to fly out? More than 4? Could be challenging!
  24. You do realize it’s about 160 miles one way, right? That could be an expensive ride.
  25. I believe the key words above are “medically observed.” Where the test is taken does not seem to be a question.
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