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  1. You'll be an in transit passenger. You will need to assemble with all other in transit passengers. likely in the theater and escorted off the ship for a quick check with immigration and to validate all passengers have been accounted for. Bring your ship ID and travel documents. The check can take as few as 10 minutes. Hope that your fellow passengers comply- it's all or nothing, and they won't proceed until everyone shows up. Once done, you can return immediately to the ship or continue to go ashore. There is a Walgreen's at the port entrance and a Total Wine and Publix supermarket several blocks away. It is walkable if needed, but be very careful about cars. Many crewman will be walking the same path.
  2. I am not sure about how clean the bathroom floors may actually be. I'm not suggesting they are not cleaned between passengers, but am unsure what products are being used at this point. As a general perspective, if you have need of the room's modifications due to a disability, that should not be a barrier to reserving/occupying the space. There are an extremely limited number of accessible cabins. Many of us cannot cruise without having an accessible cabin- it's all or nothing. I use a custom power wheelchair and cannot walk/stand/step without assistance. A shower- or any portal- with a step- is an insurmountable barrier. My personal take is to try to make the smallest footprint possible and take only what is needed, leaving opportunities for others. You need to strike a balance that you can live with.
  3. Avis snd Enterprise have separate, stand-alone locations focused on Port Everglades. The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is adjacent to Port Everglades. It's rental car center, with all the usual and some other companies is about a 10 minute (or less, depending on terminal number) ride/drive to/from the cruise ships. Free shuttles between Port Everglades and the airport are NOT provided. Safe travels!
  4. No. Ships' pools are generally too small to support ramped access. Margaritaville @ Grand Turk DOES have a lovely ramped pool entrance, excepting that it foes not have any handrails nor s water wheelchair or waterproof walker.
  5. Sharing where you are sailing would be helpful in members identifying potential alternatives for you.
  6. Thank you for being more eloquent than I was! 🙂
  7. There is also the issue of the tunnrl and what direction traffic is flowing at the time.
  8. It's very plausible. If a lot is used only for one ship then there are a limited number of hours that need to be staffed for that lot, depending on ships' schedules. In your specific case from what you posted, you expect your ship to be at Terminal 19 on return. That means that the ship that was at 19 isn't there at your return. So. if the port staff limited initial access to the lot to cars associated with that ship, they could lock the lot gates for the duration of the cruise, which means no staffing costs and increased security via no access to the lot. Some of the decision-making is also based on the total number of cars expected in the port. They could reopen the gates if spaces were available but other lots/garages were full. Port Everglades' terminals can be and are occasionally reassigned at the last minute.
  9. If you mean the Port Everglades entry kiosk, there is usually not an extensive delay. Additionally, all vehicles are subject to review, I believe. I don't think I've ever waited more than 5 minutes in probably 150 entrances.
  10. Same cabin? Yes. Different cabin? No. You are welcome. however, to join them.
  11. After about 9:30 pm, any stateroom underneath Canaletto should be as quiet as a mouse. It is also pretty rare for people to sit in those spaces during breakfast or lunch hours in the Lido. Verandahs do not extend beyond the edge of the ship. If you can't hang out over the edge, you can't look down and in. The windows in Canaletto don't open.
  12. Flying out of West Palm Beach (PBI) is quite doable. it is about a 55 minute drive between the two. Yes. both TriRail and Brightline are rail options, but unless you have a friend giving you a ride to or from one of the stations you are going to need to build in some extra wait time. You would have 2 changes in transportation modality- car to train yo car. A taxi or rideshare means no transfers between transportation modes. I used to live around the corner from the port and worked next to the airport. I did take the train because I was going every day and it was M-F rush hour. It is very unlikely the cruise line will offer bus service. There is not usually a major demand. PBI is a small airport. with limited food choices and other amenities. It also means security is manageable. I would be reluctant at this time to boon a Sunday flight after January 20, 2025. PBI would be the airport Mr. Trump uses most frequently when flying to/from Mar a Lago. If he were to win the election, presidential security protocols would return to the airport. The protocols could/would cause unexpected and unscheduled delays for commercial aircraft. This is NOT intended as political commentary. It is simply a statement regarding the impact of security protocols on a particular airport. A parallel example is the impact of presidential protocols on whatever airport Mr. Biden typically uses. If he wins, they will continue to impact the airport after Inauguration Day. If he doesn't, the airport may no longer be impacted.
  13. HAL has done this several times to us when we've selected an accessible cabin in an obstructed view cabin and then been moved to an unobstructed view accessible balcony cabin. Except we'd purposely selected the obstructed view because it had a larger protected balcony. Each time, they've told us they had resold our original cabin making a move back impossible. Good luck!
  14. You may very well have a "square peg, round hole" problem. At a minimum, you will want to clarify the true width of the scooter, not only at the base but also the dimensions of the seat with and without arms in place. Princess does not provide non-cabin storage of your scooter. It needs to go into your cabin and cannot be left in the passageway. It will be easier for you if your cabin is configured with the bed nearer the window/exterior door. Often, there is little space between the foot of the bed and storage. Getting through there on a scooter can be challenging. Safe travels!
  15. I can ask the powers that be about a camera. I know some of the folks on the construction team.
  16. Pinnacle Grill decidedly has charges for multiple entrees and appetizers. Canaletto behaves a little differently since many of the plates are intended for sharing (or at least can be ordered as sharable. There is at least one entree on each menu (lobster) that incurs an additional surcharge. The days of surf and turf that included lobster at the base price seem over.
  17. Clearing customs and immigration is usually faster in Fort Lauderdale than at MIA. It's also often faster at Port Everglades than PortMiami.
  18. No. It is about an hour's ride from tje airport to the cruise port. Now, can you buy a package that includes transfers? Yes. Will it cost more than the cheapest room in the same hotel rented ad a stand alone? Almost assuredly.
  19. Internet coverage in Alaskan ports may be good, but not necessarily great, and depending on what excursions you go on, nonexistent.
  20. HiA may or may not include gratuities. It is a little confusing. A better way of viewing is that HIA itself doesn't include hotel gratuities (it does include gratuities for beverages included in the HiA package). Sometimes, HAL offers sale priced that includes both HIA and hotel gratuities at the same time, basically temporarily modifying the HIA package to include hotel gratuities. When that sale ends, HIA reverts to its "basic" mode.
  21. You should expect to pay gratuities for every person in your cabin. You should also expect to pay the stated rate for excursions at the advertised rate at the time of reservations, unless the individuals have HIA and the excursion expense falls in line with the HiA program.
  22. Lago Mar. Though if it's Torguga weekend, I'd consider Margaritaville in Hollywood or the Pelican and stay away from anything between the 17th Street Bridge and Sunrise on A1A unless you want a crowd. (I used to be a local. living in Rio Vista). I literally grew up at Lago Mar and biked the beach many weekends from 1980 through 1987.
  23. Anything domestic much before 11:15 s a significant roll of the dice. Your chances for f making your flight increase of you have TSAPre or CLEAR, don't have to check a bag (or have priority with the airline), and the ship docks on time and Immigration/Customs is being efficient. Unfortunately, there are a number of opportunities for things to go south. Having a good backup plan that lets you change flights without penalty (or having a penalty you don't mind) is helpful.
  24. The shooter has been found dead in a hotel room. Three officers fired their service weapons. It was not reported whether the shooter died as a result of an officer's fire, a self-inflicted wound, or another person's action. As PP noted, this seems to be a "first" in the area. I grew up around the corner: I don't recall there ever being any gunfire, let alone a shooting or death. https://wsvn.com/news/local/broward/suspect-dead-after-police-involved-shooting-at-fort-lauderdale-hotel-officer-shot-to-make-full-recovery/
  25. Local news outlets are reporting an active shooter situation on SE 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale at the Holiday Inn Express Fort Lauderdale Cruise Airport location. A police officer was shot, apparently with non life-threatening injuries, and has been taken to the hospital (closest hospital is Broward General, a few blocks away). Southeast 17th Street is closed in both directions in the area for the time being. I expect the Eisenhower Boulevard entrance to Port Everglades is also affected. This area is not usually prone to this type of violence. I would not be hesitant to stay in any hotel in the area, from a safety perspective. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/2024/03/21/gunshots-reported-in-hotel-near-port-everglades/ https://wsvn.com
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