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  1. There has been a few mentions by passengers they spoke to staff at OPT on 8 March about why the ship was delayed, was the ship good to sail etc. Most passengers said the staff were wearing black and white can't remember seeing a name tag etc and I suppose they presumed they were Princess staff. Has it been established if these staff were Princess/Carnival employees or employees of the company who provides the shoreside services including check-in and checking passenger documentation prior to entry into the terminal. Just curious about this.
  2. Here is a copy of the flyer for Majestic and Sapphire's cruises 2021/22 out of California. 2021-2022WestCoastReferenceFlyer.pdf
  3. Quite right I felt today more so than any other day this will be the case. Failures everywhere. I wonder if anyone from Border Force and any Commonwealth biosecurity officers will appear at the inquiry. And what will the NSW Police Inquiry make of all this? .
  4. I am not sure I would have read what was said earlier. I thought something was not right with Mr Little's answers today almost like he was told to say as little as possible despite the numerous warnings of adverse findings if questions remained unanswered. Maybe they just sailed as nobody said otherwise.
  5. Yes some interesting things said this morning. I am pretty sure in earlier hearings NSW Health were aware of the lack of swabs onboard before sailing as they gave to the doctor a box. My question is if NSW Health were aware of this and it was a NSW Health requirement that all ships not just Ruby had an adequate supply why was Ruby given permission to leave? As for the lack of swabs it has been clearly documented that in that early period of Feb/Mar there was a huge shortage of test kits and PPE so that question for me would be did they try and had trouble or did they not care to try hard enough.
  6. Was this in the restaurant or buffet? The big question would be did that waitress had/got COVID?
  7. According to the ship log Mrs Bacon tested negative to the flu. So why medical staff told her friend that she had the flu well who knows what was actually said. Her friend was very insistent that was what was said.
  8. Yes at the time it was quite narrow and limited test kits were available during March. Lots of people turned away including friends who had been on Ovation of the Seas.
  9. No it hasn't. Mr Walker is also asking why. Current witness is in the room so all good.
  10. Actually the words don't remember have been used a lot when referring to announcements and information under the door. The current witness as I type this does remember the announcements but not about the free of charge in medical. Mr Walker asked her again about this and the answer was again no.
  11. Thanks for that summary. I did listen and will read the transcript when available as I found it to be very interesting on each person had to say. I can't click on your see link attached but I am not that great at computers. Mr Londero was on 60 Minutes 3 May talking of his experiences. I noted that he said Princess refunded his medical costs around 24 April and he was able to claim an excess on his travel insurance (words to that effect so correct me if I am wrong there) but 60 Minutes stated he had not seen a cent of those expenses. Gee 60 Minutes never let the facts get in the way of a good story could have easily been edited before airing the story given his interview probably took place a few weeks before. Mr Walters appeared on a 7 News story when his wife was still in ICU and he said he hadn't seen her for 30 days and his wedding anniversary was coming up. That story was factual and quite sad actually to see his anguish.
  12. Thanks yes Mr Londero was one of the passengers who was taken off the ship by ambulance and was interviewed on TV.
  13. My best friend was on Ovation that returned on 18 March after leaving Sydney on 12 March. They were advised NSW Health didn't require them to self isolate as they had not got off the ship having just sailed around in circles waiting to come back to Sydney after NZ closed the ports before they got there. OPT was busy that week with unscheduled returns and Voyager come in the morning and Ovation in the afternoon. A Canadian man then reported tested positive My friend had a phone call from Royal HQ in Florida in the early hours of the 22nd to tell her to self isolate. She also had emails from NSW Health. No doubt there are internal government reports about the whole response to the cruiseships in March that could only be made available through the Freedom of Information Act if someone requested them and if the government agreed to them being released.
  14. I only caught 2 names and I did note she was not one of them. I have kept the recordings of the TV shows where passengers were interviewed so will rewatch them to refresh my memory on what was said bearing in mind that often what people say can be taken out of context to make a better TV show.
  15. Tomorrow the hearing will hear from 5 passengers via videolink. Counsel for Carnival wants about 30 minutes each passenger.
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