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  1. I try to do that as well but was expecting a call and sometimes they don't call back on the number I call them. Lucky we are smarter than them and just hang up. And now I read the scam invoices have increased. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-24/business-email-scam-tradies-computer-hacked-costs-51000/12817584
  2. I got a call recently saying I was about to be arrested but if I wanted to avoid the arrest I could press 1 to talk to Homeland Security to arrange a payment. Needless to say I just hang up and so far I haven't been arrested but I did have a good laugh about it.
  3. When I went with Royal Caribbean there was a price for Australians which was about $6 and a price for Americans which was something like $40.
  4. In regards to certificates for Australians the government has stated in the Australian Covid 19 Vaccination Policy which was released last week - Managing the most effective and efficient roll-out of COVID-19 vaccine(s) will require significant coordinated data and reporting mechanisms. A consumer- and clinician-centred approach to designing digital, data and reporting systems will help to manage public demand, minimise reporting overhead, and improve efficacy of the rollout. This Australian Government has commenced work on this approach and is identifying key system capabilities
  5. This is from the Princess board listing all cancellations - note after the OP posted it was removed from the Princess website. The Trans-Pacific Coral Princess leaving Vancouver Sep 2021 has been cancelled according to this list. The first leg of this voyage 7 days to LAX is still available on the website. The first Coral Princess cruise is due to leave Sydney 29 Oct 2021 a for 3 day cruise to Brisbane where is she homeported for the summer season. pause-extension-mar-31-2021.pdf
  6. A few announcements this morning https://www.pocruises.com.au/news-centre/notices-advisories At P&O Cruises Australia the health, safety and well-being of our guests, our loyal crew and the communities we visit is our top priority. As we continue to take guidance from international & local government authorities, public health experts and the broader community, we have extended our temporary pause in operations to 8 January 2021. P&O Cruises Australia has also announced that Pacific Adventure™ is scheduled to join the fleet on 30 April 2021. In addition, we are thri
  7. Yes correct. I did hear Alan Joyce (CEO Qantas) saying flying to Europe and America may not resume until end of 2021. I paid particular attention to that point as I have a cruise booked from South America December 2021. I am not making any further plans on that trip and if I am really honest with myself I should just cancel it now.
  8. I like the idea of that given I was looking at a business class airfare to South America so I get an economy fare to Hobart and I put the difference towards the cruise.
  9. This is what LR says about Volendam's polar certificate. So does mean Volendam can sail below 60 degrees?
  10. I cancelled HAL 4 Jan 2021 from Fort Lauderdale to South America and Antarctica in April as I knew I would not be able to leave the country. Much discussion about pulling the pin then or waiting for HAL to cancel. I got a full refund as cancellations allowed until Sep. HAL did not cancel the cruise on 22 Sept they postponed it until January 2022 (full payment due 6 Oct). They offered $US250 OBC compensation for this if you did accept the move. The email I saw did not mention anything in the way of refund if this departure did not suit. Glad I didn't wait as I wouldn't want to argue the point a
  11. Yes she did appeared 3 times total airtime was about15 seconds. She was not happy at all with direction the doco.
  12. Yes bunkering. The public really have no idea what it takes to get a ship in unloaded and loaded and then out. I certainly learnt a lot listening to Ruby Princess Inquiry about the logistics.
  13. I see the Brisbane Ports have removed Radiance of the Seas from the shipping schedule for 2021/22 and put in Quantum of the Seas in her place. And some people on the TP Hawaii to Sydney are saying the QOS cruise has been shortened taking out NZ stops and arriving into Brisbane instead of Sydney. I can't see that cruise on the Royal website. Both QOS and ROS cruises for 21/22 are still the same on the website. Who knows what is up and no doubt it could be something and could be nothing. Time will tell.
  14. It's not only the travel industry effected the pilots/tugs (well not as many tugs needed with modern ships) who bring the ships in are down on shifts, the truck drivers who delivers goods to the ship, the farmers who supply fresh food to the ship, the freight forwarding staff who handle logistics at Port Botany for incoming supplies for the ships, government workers in the cruise related functions and the list goes on. Grim times indeed.
  15. Thanks David for those links. I was just sitting here pondering that very question.
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