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  1. Betting has Swans winning but footy is fickle as we all know. Dockers won by 2 in Perth in May. Game is on the Gold Coast now so neutral territory. The players families are now in Queensland undergoing 2 week mandatory quarantine before reuniting with the players. Here is a link to Callum Mills' thoughts on the COVID events https://www.sydneyswans.com.au/news/984646/mills-we-were-shocked
  2. Hope you can see the video. It's the team song after the game - normally only the players sing the song in the circle but nearly everybody was included last night. Shows how much the win means to players, coaches and staff after the dramatic start to the game. They had to ring players who were at the team hotel and get them to hustle over to the ground asap. It was about an hour before bounce when this happened. https://www.sydneyswans.com.au/video/982603/team-song-sydney-swans?videoId=982603&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1626605934001
  3. Unfortunately there was another death which was not mentioned in this morning's presser. And 7 of the 18 in ICU are currently on a ventilator. Also with the 27 infectious in the community a further 7 were out in the community for part of their infectious period and another 2 the isolation status is under investigation.
  4. Trust me I am not offended I am bl....y angry. I walked up my street (Princes Highway) car yards were open for new sales, wedding dress shops, mechanics, shops selling fridges, real estate agents, tax agents, op shops and so on. Part of the issue is the businesses have little or no support from the government and jobkeeper is gone so they open to try and do what little business they can. A lot of the money that the government has provided is not available to many of the smaller businesses. I despair for them. Nobody is listening anymore - too many pressers that are waf
  5. Gladys has always maintained it is up the individual store to determine if they open. There is no list of what is considered to be essential. There is a list of 15 types of businesses that are not considered essentials such as strip clubs, hairdressers and cinemas.
  6. Royal Caribbean International (RCI) has cancelled Quantum of the Seas’ season sailing from the new Brisbane International Cruise Terminal from Oct 2021 to Apr 2022. The cruise line made the decision due to the ongoing uncertainty around the opening of international borders, with Ovation of the Seas’ sailing from Sydney on 16 Oct also cancelled. Two Honolulu sailings have also been cancelled - the 28 Sep Ovation voyage the 07 Oct Serenade of the Seas cruise. “We know many of our guests look forward to a return to cruising and we are sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience these cancellat
  7. I did pick up this slogan - “vaccinate, prepare, and pilot”.
  8. Well there was a lot of more of say nothing. At one point I wondered if he was speaking English. It was like words and sentences put into a blender to produce a word salad. Maybe I am just slow in understanding.
  9. Lockdown is not a word that Mr Morrison used in his opening statement at today's press conference. So take note we are in restrictions not lockdown. The good news I have for Australians who are subject to restrictions today is we have agreed a new deal for Australians on the pathway out of Covid-19. A pathway from a pre-vaccination period which is focused on the suppression of the virus on community transmission cases to one that sees us manage Covid-19 as an infectious disease like any other in our community.
  10. I just walked up the street (which is the Princes Highway) I noted caryards, bridal, book, furniture and 2 dollar shops open along with tradies doing new fitouts in shops, real estate agents, tax agents, Spotlight, Harris Scrafe, motor mechanics in other words all shops bar the beauty/hairdressers. Macca's carpark full as, each day more traffic on the highway. And not one person at the COVID pop up testing clinic. The Premier at the presser did ask nicely if we could stop moving around as much. Doesn't sound like anybody is listening. In defence of some businesses they
  11. Didn't Carnival do this for the cruises up to December earlier this year only to cancel them all. Certainly puts your TA to work ie make changes only to cancel. Do TAs still get a commission on cancelled cruises that didn't have full payment?
  12. My friends who booked direct with Royal, myself and another friend who booked via TAs have not received this. Our cruise is 29 Dec 21 on Ovation to the South Pacific. Still awhile until final payment for us.
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