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  1. Sure does make sense. Drop off early as possible take car back and come back to the pier. We did this 1 time and was we liked it.
  2. Let it go. Do not say anything, simple. Sorry for your loss. Enjoy the best you can and raise a toast to your dad at dinner.
  3. Yep! This x 2 used CC a few times and would use them again.
  4. Where was this? Did they serve drinks and food? Thanks.
  5. South Beach. That is what we are doing. JMHO
  6. Not to hi-jack a thread, however. What are your thoughts on making a 10:20 flight from FLL from POM? Carnival Sunrise in March. Thanks
  7. We were on her this sailing too and had a great time. MDR food was very good and never had an issue with asking for two entrees and only ate in WJ when needed a snack during pool time. Great vaction with 7 high school senior young men and their families.
  8. We were on this trip as well and had a family in our group for later boarding. They walked right on with us and no one said a word, we had 11am slot and all our group was checked in by 10:30 and onboard by 11am. We had an early flight and it all worked out great. Have fun.
  9. Sailing on her Saturday the 18th. I have used the search feature and not many recent topics. Any advice, tips , pointers? Things not to miss? experienced cruiser and never been on Brilliance of the Seas. 5 families of High School seniors. Thanks and cheers Mate!!
  10. Exactly. Deaths happen often on cruise ships, that's why there's a morgue on board. Peace to the family.
  11. Same here, we cruise the 18th of March and right on the docs it states this. We will try and see what happens.
  12. Do not say anything and the one is a no show. Many threads on this. Your fees will be refunded.
  13. Why not just take a taxi when getting off the ship? I couldnot imagine a taxi costing that much. JMHO
  14. Show my a picture of you in both of them and then I can make an educated choice? Thanks.
  15. If you get a non alcohol drink package does everyone in the room need to get it? There are 3 teenagers does each one need to get a refreshment package or can just 1 and not the rest?
  16. Just don't say anything about weight. If they ask say 240, 10 Lbs is not going to sink the boat. JMHO.
  17. No app here either, phone is going in the safe and I will turn it on when back in port.
  18. Yep, exactly. I told the other party who is taking the 1 of the adults that I would not be getting any type of permission as it would not do me any good. They make their own choices, good or bad and then live with the consequences. The TA is the one who mentioned it and I did not want to try and emberass her on the info zoom call. 1st time I ever used a TA in 20 plus cruises. Only reason, one of the people in our party knows this person so we went with it. With a big group it was convenient and they were helpful. Party on!
  19. Yep. They are 18 and I nor their parents can make decesions for them. Once not a minor they are adults.
  20. Na! We like our seniors and they are well behaved young men with a bright future. There will be 7 of them, only the 2 will be traveling without their parents. So we are taking them on a spring break adventure. They all have been friends since kindergarden. The parents not going put my DW and I in charge. 2 hard rules that will get them benched, no going into another room that is not theirs and cannot sleep all day. Also, the cabin for 4 is right next to mine.
  21. A TA that was used for this trip. She told us on a zoom call we had with the families going.
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