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  1. Love tagging along on your adventures, and thank you for sharing. Fun fact:: the Japanese word for sea urchin is Uni, and what is eaten is actually the gonads of the creature. I haven't tried any myself, but they say it's delicious.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was the Eclipse. Great trip over all.
  3. Just a little levity..... every time I scroll past this, I read it as One Night Dead Hippo Cruise. Guess thats what I get for scanning quickly.
  4. might also depend on who you're sailing with. We did Glacier Bay last year, on celebrity and they had an excursion that was a smaller ship (the St. Theodosious) that got much closer to the glacier. Boarded about an hour after we entered the bay...and if I remember correctly was about 2 hrs total on the smaller vessel.
  5. The Airline is NOT paying for the tests. They are just providing the opportunity to get them. The cost must be covered by the traveler, and they're not cheap tests. Hawaiian’s partnership with Worksite Labs will give guests exclusive access to drive-through PCR testing ($90 for results within 36 hours, or $150 for day-of-travel express service)
  6. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I love seeing new things through others eyes, helps expand my horizons. While I don't consume meat in my everyday life, after your priceless description of the sausages on the breakfast buffet in Singapore, I'd never even consider those ever again. LMAO. thank you for the visual that I'll never be able to unsee. From here on out I'm sure people will think me just a little off, when I am laughing for no apparent reason at the brekkie buffet. Looking forward to the remainder of the trip. Tutu
  7. Will be visiting Dublin next spring. How easy is it to get to the city center from where the ships dock?? How easy is it to navigate the city transportation options? This will be our first visit to the British Isles and am currently clueless on where to even begin. Thank you in advance for your expertise and advice. Lemme know your best tips...
  8. thank you, that helps us plan our day.
  9. We are sched to visit next April, and excited that NCL offers the tender to St.George, How long is the tender ride??
  10. Hi GV, I think we may be on the same cruise, 4/16 from NYC? Here's my 2cents, while I do appreciate a bus ride that allows me see more of the country than the immediate port area, I don't want to spend 4-6 hours of my day on that bus. Google maps shows the shortest drive to Paris at 2.25hrs, which would probably be longer with traffic and a rest stop. For me the time I'd have in 'the City' isn't worth the time on the bus. I'd feel rushed, and am sure I wouldnt get to see near enough to balance out the ride to get there. At end of the day though, it boils down to your priorit
  11. ohhh, we're in on a Friday, so things should be open. Love a ticket that works for all the transit , that's always a plus
  12. We will be arriving on NCL Escape. Have no idea where they dock. How far would you say the walk is? tanx again, for the input. Tutu
  13. is there any sort of shuttle from the pier (cruise ship) into the city center in La Havre? if not, how easy is the walk ? Have no interest in spending hours on a coach to Paris, so will be exploring the local area on our own. TIA for your help, and expert knowledge. Tutu
  14. two sheet pans of veggies roasting in the oven tonight. Baby rosemary/smoked paprika potatoes, brussel sprouts, brocolli, golden cauliflower, green beans, onions, butternut squash, and some baby 'bella mushrooms. yummy in my tummy
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