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  1. ummm, seems like you really don't want to visit Mendenhall for the next couple of days.
  2. Thank you for the priceless information. I truly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that can be mined on these forums. Now I just have to have the patience to make it through till May. D
  3. I'd also recommend departing from Vancouver, I find the passage between Vancouver Island and the mainland much more scenic. On that route, the only 'rough seas' we've ever encountered was when you cross Queen Charlotte Sound at the north end of the island. Even then it wasn't much, just enough to cause me to feel unsettled and a tad queasy. On the other hand, we did one trip that departed Vancouver, and returned to Seattle. That last sea day, running down the Pacific side of Vancouver Island, was some of the highest seas I've even been in. It was early in the season, spring, but the waves were 5-7 meters, with the winds at force 10. it was a very rough day. Fortunately, I've never had another day like it.
  4. Hi all, Looking for information on the easiest way to get to the State Museum in Juneau. Traveling with my older mother, and while there are no mobility issues, I think the walk might be a little too far. I think our ship will be at the AJ dock, but am not positive. Is there a town shuttle when the ships are in? (there will be 4 on the day we're there) are taxi's easily available? Thanks for the help
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    beautiful pictures. We were on this cruise too. Love seeing what others enjoyed. Loved that 'seal beach'
  7. it is discounted for hotel guests, I don't remember how much though. I wanna say 35 or 40$. it was a little over 2 hours, lots of steps, but fun too
  8. Slept well, there is the original 'system' that brings the air in. Hard to describe. could be adjusted from warm to cool, so it circulated the air a little better than just having the port holes opened. Kept the room quite comfortable, for us anyway. As for the hallways, it's something about how they look. you'll notice a difference from the hallways on the modern ships, as its curved, and they are longer uninterrupted hallways than on the 'new' ships. If you stand at one end, and look towards the other.......you can't see the other end, unless you're down near floor level. Also hard to describe, just something you have to experience. from mid ship, you can see both ends just fine. There is also an evening 'ghost walk' tour that you might want to do. Covers the ship from top to bottom, stem to stern, and goes places that the general public doesn't usually get to see. I found it very interesting. The guide was very knowledgeable, and entertaining.
  9. Hi Landlocked,We stayed on the QM in March, after our cruise. Two words, LOVED It! quaint, qwerky, quiet, worked perfectly for us. Loved the history. The rooms were beautiful. True a bit shabby and wear-worn, but look how old the Grand Dame is. Cabin did have tv and wifi. we had no issues with either. No AC, but open those portholes and the breeze is wonderful. Would I do it again? in a heartbeat. so nice to experience something that is not cookie cutter, sterile box. Be sure to walk to the end of the hallway and try to see the other end..... will freak you out. They just don't build em like this anymore.
  10. I politely tell them..... I only discuss politics with people seated at my kitchen table, and this looks nothing like my table...so I'm not talking about that. If they persist, I just quietly finish my meal, without adding to the conversation. I have had the same issue at the hot tubs....when they want talk politics, I leave.
  11. have ressies there for April. They should have worked all the kinks out by then, I'm sure.
  12. Yes. Apologies for not including this info in the first place. Thanks for the info.
  13. You do know that $50can right now is about $37.25..... if that's your max, try The White Spot, or McDonalds. There's also a Red Robin on Robson st....that might keep you within your budget. Personally, I take it as an opportunity to splurge just a little to celebrate the beginning of the adventure,
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