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  1. Lots of bunnies (furry, bunny butts, lots of different ones), eggs, signs wishing Happy Easter and more! I’ll post pictures if we go back by any cute ones.
  2. On Regal now…did some inside deck walking on different levels and many-many doors decorated from cruising, love, and Easter themes.
  3. You can see easily in your onboard app how many have been charged to each account. We are onboard Regal now. We just check the app in each evening when we have lost count 😜 and can make adjustments to whose account gets the next round of charges very easily and quickly. The bartenders will happily scan both medallions or select on the screen one for each if preferred.
  4. It seems some ships are either kept cool or kept warm. Any recent cruisers have an opinion if Regal Princess is kept on the cooler or warmer side in the inside public areas at night? Thanks!
  5. In the App for our upcoming Princess Regal cruise there is a Cyclebar 30 minute indoor cycling class that is being offered each day. It does not say that a fee applies like it does for other classes such as Yoga. I am hopeful, but doubt that this is a free class. Does anyone know if there is a fee and if there is, how much? Can you book for the whole cruise while onboard? Thanks for your help!
  6. My hubby had the same thing happen as the initial poster. He was green lane for months and then all of sudden he went blue lane and the app showed that he still needed to order his medallion. I stayed green lane and both of our medallions were ordered at the same time. The app wanted us to pay $10.00 shipping for his medallion as well and didn't go to $0 when I tried to process. I called and spoke to an "Ocean Ready" rep. She said that she would order for us and he would need to pay the $10.00 shipping fee. I told her that was not acceptable since we had Princess Plus. I was put on hold, I am assuming while she talked to a supervisor. After about 5 minutes she came back on and said she could order and shipping was free. It is arriving this Friday as is mine in a separate package. Our cruise is March 24th. I was able to get through to the rep quickly and she was pleasant, but should have understand the issue was that we shouldn't be charged as part of our package.
  7. They are there and I use them all the time. Just click on the Cruise Critic a tripadvisor company logo at the very top of this page on the left hand corner. Then on the page, use the microscope icon on the upper right corner to do a search. Type the name of the port you want and then click on the port when it pops up in the option where it says overview.
  8. What is the price of this drink (we have plus so just curious).
  9. What did you order if you don’t mind me asking? Any photos by chance. I love seafood! Was this a sea day for your itinerary ? Thanks in advance for any additional information!
  10. You are making so many of us happy with your posts...thank you so much for your extra work & time.
  11. OMG! YUM!! Is that covered with the Princess Plus or is it over the $15.00 limit?
  12. Did the Regal have canned diet coke as part of the Princess Plus? I know the Discovery & the Royal did for us last year, but wanted to double check. I am a canned diet coke addict and will bring my own if not. It is my one and only bad habit...wink-wink!
  13. Good point...that is true especially if they have Princess Trip Protection and not an independent travel insurance. Thanks for clarifying with your experience.
  14. I think they are usually mailed out 10-11 days prior to your cruise. I know 13 days prior to your cruise is the last day that you can request they be shipped.
  15. You can absolutely sail and you will not be charged the gratuities and your price will not change since the cruise in now in full penalty and the other passenger's cruisefare is non-redundable unless they bought trip insurance. jasbo49 is right...the other passenger will be refunded port charges, taxes and any packages or excursions purchased back to the form of payment used. It is always best to notify the cruise line once you know for sure they are not going. You may be able to change the 2nd passenger to another guest that can go if that is doable for anyone.
  16. On the Royal Princess in April the Love & Marriage was in Princess Live.
  17. I don't think that works with the new app, does it? I have the 1.0.1-3901 version and I can only see one of my upcoming cruises.
  18. Since your excursion is booked with Princess, from the sounds of it in the letter, I am hopeful if you are still interested that they will now provide you the transportation to still get to your beach day/clamshell. 🤞🤞
  19. I sailed Discovery last January and Royal last April. If all things were equal, I would choose the Discovery as she is newer and a bit more shiny, but not once while on the Royal did I wish I was on Discovery. Crew wise...hands down, better bartenders on Royal and that made the cruise one of our best.
  20. IMPORTANT NOTICES Please be advised that due to cruise ship congestion in Roatan, Honduras, Sky Princess will now berth in Coxen Hole for our call to Roatan on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, rather than in Mahogany Bay as previously scheduled. For guests with Princess shore excursions booked for Roatan, tours will be automatically rebooked out of Coxen Hole. If your tour cannot be accommodated, a refund will be issued to the original form of payment. The revised itinerary displays in full at the end of this notification. Thank you for your attention to this notification. Itinerary Day Date Description Arrive Depart Sat Feb 03 Fort Lauderdale 03:00P Sun Feb 04 At Sea Mon Feb 05 Cozumel 08:00A 05:00P Tue Feb 06 Roatan (Coxen Hole) 09:00A 06:00P Wed Feb 07 Belize City Water Shuttle Required Wheelchair Access Limited 07:00A 06:00P Thu Feb 08 Costa Maya (Mahahual 07:00A 04:00P Fri Feb 09 At Sea Sat Feb 10 Fort Lauderdale 06:00A IMPORTANT NOTICE: Upon booking the Cruise, each Passenger explicitly agrees to the terms of the Passage Contract ( https://www.princess.com/legal/passage_contract/pcl.html). Please read all sections carefully as they affect the passenger's legal rights, particularly with respect to cancellation
  21. So you were onboard by 10:30? That's awesome if you were! By any chance do you have remember the "short list" of drinks available? If you departed at 3pm...were you in International waters around 6pm? Did you get the $25.00 per person credits for the delayed use of the Princess Plus? Any info is appreciated!!
  22. Hi beshears! Your 1st formal night will be Monday and if for your cruise you are in Cozumel on Friday from 8am-4pm, I am guessing that is most likely your 2nd formal night. As others have stated...the 2nd formal night is never the last night...and is typically the 2nd to last night if the port of call is not a late night one. The trick given to you regarding formal photographs in the Journey is a great one. I am going to use it for my March cruise on Regal. It is a 12 night cruise so we will have 3 formal nights so I am not sure when our extra one will be. Have a great cruise!
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