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  1. Good news. Cruising will follow some time next year, we just don't know when yet.
  2. Yes, if NSW Premier says yes to cruise ships, Sco Mo would be compliant with the border force and allow them. I think the only hope for Vics and people from NSW to cruise (to nowhere) but at least the population from the 2 states would probably nearly fill the ships due to the pent up demand. It seems the Premiers from Vic and NSW are talking about opening the border we share mid December. Hope it happens.
  3. A Princess Planner rang me about Japan cruises a few weeks ago (which I was not interest in) and I asked to be moved from March 2022 to March 23 and he said it was booked out and added there was a waiting list. I asked if I could be moved to the end of 2023 when it comes out and price protected which he said yes but he has not been in contact with me again. Might just organise myself when end of 23 comes out.
  4. But NSW Treasurer has already said something about cruises going when we are open. Hopefully it is real and not just talk.
  5. Our house is on a slab so husband said it would move like a boat. Yes it was moving but the noise was like a loud, small plane, close to the house going over. Was slightly scary with the house moving and the loud noise but over in seconds.
  6. I am booked on this also and tried to move it to early 2023 and all the 'around Australia' cruises are fully booked out on Coral. I don't think it has a hope of going because the Western Australia border will probably not open until into 2022. No federal approval has been given for ships to return and cruise YET, but NSW Treasurer is the only person talking to the cruise industry from our states. Cruises may start in Australia sometime in May to October 2022 (when international travellers may be welcomed back) but the cruises will only be in Australian waters and to states that have an open border policy. There is probably little hope that NZ will open up before start of 2023. The two biggest states in Aust are presently locked down waiting for 80% vaccinations due to covid numbers. So we wait patiently for cruises to start.
  7. I have stayed in an inside cabin and never wanted to go back to one regardless of the price. I have been in Promenade Rooms on Voyager and Explorer and loved them. I loved being able to look out of the window rather than 4 walls. I always chose a promenade room at the highest level and about the middle of the deck, but have stayed over where coffee is available and I didn't hear too much noise. When there were shows on, you would probably enjoy looking down on them and yes they were loud but they ended before midnight and were usually only one a week. It was good during the daytime looking down on the goings on in the Promenade deck. I was always careful to close the curtain when dressing. I always left the net curtain closed as well for privacy but loved looking out.
  8. There was a show on the Railway in Singapore last night and they showed Aussie soldiers and how thin the diggers were building the railway during WWII. However, lovely to see the art work on old buildings showing how Singapore was 60 years ago or more and Raffles of course. I have a FCC with Celebrity and apart from spending that, won't go on Celebrity AGAIN for not returning our money on a cruise that was cancelled. They are in my bad books for a long time regardless of liking Bugs. Quite happy cruising RCCL and Princess to care about Celebrity. Hope you are all doing OK in NSW. Hope we are let in next year in nsw to get on board our cruises as it seems no other states will be welcoming the vics or nsw for that matter!
  9. I remember my mother telling me how they ran to the shelters at night when the Germans bombed Europe. I am not feeling perky at the moment but the memory of those stories bring me down to earth. Anyway, I hope you are all managing at the moment. Once we can, we are off and out of here to the Mornington Peninsula and north to the Murray River area while we wait for cruising to return, which may possibly be middle of next year or a little later.
  10. I agree and some of it is on FB. Did I hear right with the NSW Premier saying international travel in November? Not for me though but local cruises yes.
  11. Went on a P&O UK cruise early 2019 and the afternoon tea was not as good as Princess but it may have been the ship we were on and I can't recall the name of the ship. Princess cruises afternoon teas were wonderful when we first cruised Princess and you would even see people being served afternoon tea on the promenade deck. However when they did cruise prior to 2020, some Princess ships did not even have afternoon tea.
  12. That would be just fine with me. Doubt NSW and Vic will close the border to each other with numbers (small I hope). Dan said we open at 80%.
  13. The Pacific Sun turned me off for 17 years but am happy to go back to P&O with the better ships. However, I also like RCCL and I love the Voyager class ships as well as Radiance class ships. Had a cancellation on Ovation and happy to try their newer ships.
  14. When I was on the Fairstar when I was 21, we received a cigarette lighter with Fairstar on it. I found it when we downsized our home about 7 years ago at the back of a cupboard. It was so old hat, I threw it out - what a shame I did that but lots of stuff went that way. Does anyone remember receiving one?
  15. It was not on our last princess cruises but good you can get it on P&O. I also remember in about 2007 we were on NCL doing Hawaii and about 10 pm they had a chocolate night (different to Midnight supper). Everything was chocolate based and I enjoyed it but doubt I would go to one now and they haven't been on the last NCL cruises we have done.
  16. Has anyone said the sheet that was the newspaper for your country - haven't seen that in a while. I guess when cruises start we won't see donated books for cruises to take from the Library.
  17. Too long for me. I can only do one or the other, but quite happy to do the 28 day one first (which I would prefer and it is sounding more and more like the March 2022 cruise won't happen) which would mean doing the Hawaii one later in the year or in 2023. We are keeping an open mind and happy to roll with the punches.
  18. I was expecting a worse lockdown in Melbourne. There was talk of no takeaway. If you think Dan was on the soft side, he has an election next year and he wants us all to like him. I don't think his language has been as strong as during our previous lockdowns.
  19. Not too sure about the WA Premier opening up and to a lesser extent the Queensland Premier. The tourist industry in Qld will have a bearing on closure or not and as elections approach, that may also make them think twice about opening up. The young ones will drive opening of the boarders as they are sick to death of closures now. They are the ones you see on TV in the parks and gathering around at take away coffee places. We dinosaurs are generally doing what we are asked to do.
  20. We have been everywhere on that one also, but not as a single cruise, rather a number of them doing bits of it. Picking it also had to do with leaving and returning to Sydney - no international flying. We only feel like cruising 'locally' for a while once cruises start.
  21. Yes the B2Bs give me hope that our around Aust will go as a 28 day cruise but will it go in March/April (perhaps too early) and will the WA Premier open WA borders due to wanting 0 cases - I think not.
  22. I said that may happen a few weeks ago that WA will be a no go. So may-be the round Australia Princess cruises will only go to the NT and back to Sydney - don't really care as long as we can cruise. If we reach 70% vaccinated by Christmas may-be there is a chance cruises may go earlier than October but the ships have to come from the northern hemisphere. I think no hope whatsoever of NZ cruising until late 2022 or may-be 2023.
  23. It looks like New Hampshire or is it New England area.
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