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  1. I think I was booked on that Costa neoRivera some years ago and it was also going to stop in Safaga for visits to Luxor. It was the only reason I booked it but it was cancelled due to problems keeping guests safe in Egypt. I cancelled because Costa and neoRiviera had no attraction for me and instead went on Explorer of the Seas and that was a great cruise - great entertainment and great ship.
  2. Nope Chili, did not see about the artwork and possibly could understand it was not popular. I like watching cat videos on FB every now and then, just the happy cat ones where a stray finds a home etc. and lives happily ever after. I guess that's why I like Bug - she is living happily with Kate. Could it be that Kate called her cat Bug Naked, cause the bugs can't get into her fur cause she has no fur. Merry Christmas to you too Chili. Thanks for the laugh.
  3. Thanks Chili - that's the one I was talking about with Kate and Bug.
  4. I must really like cats because I don't think Bug is ugly (anymore). There is a video where Capt Kate is showing us how to put a life jacket on and in this case it is put on Bug and it is Bug's life jacket. Kate is so nice to the cat and the cat is so patient - lovely watching them together and Capt Kate has a good sense of humour.
  5. Its not going to be free anyway because it will be cancelled and everything after that is on the dearer side - so once again nothing for free.
  6. Love the Manly Ferry but we Victorians are being offered a free ferry trip between Sorrento and Queenscliff - lovely ride passing by the rip at the mouth of Port Philip Bay. There are 38,484 free trips and I think you need to get on the internet to get one. The $16 or so saved helps Uncle Les and DH go to their favourite shop and buy a bottle or two.
  7. I see you haven't reached adulthood like most of us oldies on this board🤣
  8. Yes, I got it but didn't take much notice. I see they received 100,000 applications for the free cruise and I guess yours was one of them. So did you get the free cruise Chili and how are you going to get over there, swim? Scomo is not letting us out and I guess going on a cruise is not a good reason to be let out.
  9. Bug grows on you and if you like Capt Kate thrown in (not overboard) you will surely be happy 😁
  10. Thanks Chili. Uncle Les is just so not nice about poor Bug falling overboard.
  11. Is that Kate with her hair cut? Not sure about that. And where is Bug?
  12. Since cafes and restaurants have opened after lockdown, we have had a few windy, cool days and it has not been nice dining outside, even though it was good to see Melbourne opened up. It is so good to see Melbournians out and about.
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