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  1. Thanks Chili. I haven't been on a P&O cruise for about 17 years. I put a $1 deposit each on a cruise with the rest of the deposit to be paid by Christmas. I quite like the old Golden Princess, now Pacific Adventure. I will see what happens at Christmas, whether I choose a cruise with the bull terrors or not.
  2. If you have been here, it is probably easy.
  3. Too late closed. Boo hoo. Did you apply? Thanks anyway. Been watching people applying for Allure simulation and thought it would be fun regardless whether you were chosen as having to simulate being unvaccinated and had to isolate. I am fully vaccinated.
  4. Any morsel will do. Do you think it is too late to apply for the simulation cruise?
  5. Excellent and correct, you win and your turn.
  6. Correct. Just the name of the country I will accept.
  7. Thanks will have to look through my pics.
  8. Yep, the cruise lovers antivaccers need to get it. I thought you were hesitating there for a while. I booked our AZ the first night you could book on line. Just joking about your daughter, glad she got it. Watching for when my kids can have it. Best of luck.
  9. No not me, but hubby is not too bad with general knowledge but not so sure about his sport (mostly AFL) and popular entertainment (unless its Star Wars, Indiana Jones stuff or cowboys). We like going now and then. But it would be good to catch up.
  10. Your adult kids must be oldies. Mine are under 40 and they have not been called up yet to get their shots and your leader has her eyes on our pfizer supplies grrrr.🤣
  11. Agreed. I see in your listed to do cruises, we have another snap - 35 days Hawaii and Tahitii.
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