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  1. I like the old ships personally that feel like a ship rather than a floating hotel so wouldn't have an issue.
  2. rool


    I think I must have bought weak ones as anything I hung on the wall just slid down but was perfect on the ceiling on Preziosa recently. Was great for hanging the shoe tidy thing too as the over door brackets were too wide for the bathroom door.
  3. That's great thanks, I did purchase the drinks package separately after booking.
  4. Hi, we are on Seaview for an 8 day cruise over Christmas and have this morning received an invitaton to bid for an upgrade. We are currently in a BR3 cabins but one of the upgrade offers is an interior Yacht Club for £240pp. My question really is does this include the drinks package (which I have already purchased) or will it be room only but with access to the Yacht Club facilities and dining? Many thanks.
  5. rool

    Ghost booking

    No never, especially on 02/10 when it was created, which is why it's so strange. Anyway the expiry has passed without anything else happening so all is good.
  6. rool

    Ghost booking

    I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I have just had an option expiring email from MSC about a cruise on 7 November from Barcelona to Rio on Grandiosa. Everything looks legitimate, it's from MSC and has our correct names, dates of birth and Voyager Club numbers. This was then followed up by an email with a link to pay by credit card. I am reluctant to call MSC as we are on a cruise next week from Southampton to Santos and don't want to give them the chance to mess that up 😄 Obviously I'll just let the option expire but it's all a bit weird.
  7. I sailed on Fantasia in Brazil late November last year and the decorations were up already.
  8. Try everything once with an open mind. It is what you make it.
  9. Actually, sorry, that service is in Rio rather than Santos.
  10. Yes it's difficult and it would be helpful is someone could put up their recent experiences as I last traveled here in November. It doesn't help that MSC can be contradictory in their instructions. There is a lab that will visit your hotel and yoy can speak to them prior by whatsapp. I'll look for the link.
  11. This is from the South America section of the covid requirements banner at the top of the MSC uk website. For Cruises from 6 nights: '- All Guests (fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated) from 3 years old are required to provide a COVID-19 antigen test or PCR-RT test 24 hours before embarkation Tests must be laboratory certified. A rapid antigen self-test is not valid for travel purposes.' For some reason the Grand Voyages section isn't opening for me. I went on a short cruise from Santos in November and there was a testing station up some stairs in Santos cruise terminal.
  12. If I book Royal Caribbean I will constantly check prices to see if I can get it lower. If I book MSC I go no where near it again unless I want to add drink packages, excursions etc. It's not worth risking messing up the whole booking 🤪
  13. Finally, ha ha, they had a testing facility in Santos Cruise Terminal when I was last there. Be good to know if they have similar in Rio. Thanks again.
  14. Let us know how you get on please as we travel from Rio later in the year. Thanks
  15. Ha ha me again. I posted this on another thread which may help too (mixed font size again). I have not used these but they say they can do tests at your hotel (Inc Sat & Sun) with results in six hours. Looks like they are geared to dealing with tourists. You can contact on whatsapp so see how it goes. https://neurolife.com.br/teste-rapido-para-covid-19-vira-trunfo-de-hoteis-para-atrair-turistas/
  16. Whoops, sorry mixed font sizes there 😅
  17. The requirements for cruising here in Brazil are actually set by Anvisa who are the health authorityband separate to the requirements to enter the country. The bit you quoted also continues with this for cruises 6 nights or longer:- 'Tests must be laboratory certified. A rapid antigen self-test is not valid for travel purposes.' So my interpretation is that you will need to do a test at a pharmacy or lab here before sailing. We did a three might cruise here in November so didn't need a test but they were thorough in checking vaccination status and insurance before letting us onboard.
  18. Interesting review thanks. I am currently considering our first Yacht Club experience next Christmas in South America on Seaview as the price appears to be just over £400 more each over a regular balcony. I always get a drink package and internet so this eats away at the difference even more. My one worry is if I would find the butler service a bit intrusive.
  19. Is this relatively new? We were on Preziosa last March in Brazil and do not recall it. It may have been closed. We are on her again for the Repo back to Brazil next October so hoping for an alternative to Butcher's Cut.
  20. Our cruise from Southampton to Santos next October is also showing as POS.
  21. I will be using all the powers of The Secret from now until my October cruise to achieve that 😁
  22. rool

    Indian food

    Yes I have seen various dishes in the buffet, usually the counters closest to the aft in my experience. Not so much in the main dining room.
  23. Just my luck. The child in me always wanted the chocolate ship but just as we achieved Diamond status it changed for the little bar. We enjoyed very much though the macaroons and prosecco one afternoon on the balcony. On top of that the free speciality dinner and priority embarkation still makes it a worthwhile achievement.
  24. This happened to us last month on Fantasia and we did not get any Aurea benefits other than My Choice Dining.
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