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  1. Last March we were on the Gem and in the OS and were supposed to have 2 bottles of Crown in the room and 1 Bacardi. The rum was there but not the Crown and the butler said that he was having trouble getting it as the supplies were low. I went to the M&G the next morning and as the Food & Beverage manager was leaving I told him this. When we got back to our room a couple hours later there they were. πŸ₯³
  2. We were on the Jade on NYE cruise and didn't get a drink card in our cabin (OS) so when we went to the casino we went to the desk to ask why not. They told me that since we got a discount on our cabin that we wouldn't be getting one. We are not big drinkers - I may have one or two at most and DH only drinks about 3-4 beers so it's not like it's a big deal but just another downgrade among the many. I am glad to hear that other cruise lines have better benefits as we have been disappointed in not only CAS but NCL quality has sunk to low levels (and this is from a disillusioned NCL cheerleader). We are thinking of trying RC or maybe another Princess.
  3. It is Day 2 and a sea day. Currently we are. Sailing around the Florida keys making our way to Nassau Daily attached. I have noticed others post the Daily so it is nicely cropped, but I can’t seem to figure that out on my iPad.Tonights show is Acrobats. If we finish dinner in time, then we might go. Today we will enjoy all the amenities of The Haven. I’ll post some pics of it later on. If at all possible go to this show as it was fantastic!! Seriously they should go on America's got talent as they were so good. The music was meh but their talent was amazing. The comedian wasn't funny and we didn't go to Blazing boots as we had seen them on the Gem in March and it was just okay.
  4. I hope you get Virza for your butler and Careen for your steward as we just got off today and they were excellent! Please tell them Hi from Steve and Lisa if you do. πŸ₯°
  5. Well, it appears to be an issue using chrome as I switched browsers and was able to get in. πŸ™‚
  6. I did use a username but that didn't work so I tried to do the reset but they can't even find me by my email. Sigh... guess I will have to call.
  7. Anybody else having a problem logging onto NCL? When I go to NCL I know I had my login name and pw correct but it wouldn't log me in so I clicked on the forgot username/pw and put in my name/email and they can't find me.
  8. I think my hubby has the Whatsapp on his phone and I could put it on my phone as well. So, you are saying that we don't need to logon to get the texts/calls? Would there be a charge from Whatsapp then?
  9. We can't walk long distances without a break and I can't remember if Cozumel or Costa Maya have the trolleys or pedicabs so that we don't have to walk too far.
  10. We can't walk long distances without a break and I can't remember if Cozumel or Costa Maya have the trolleys or pedicabs so that we don't have to walk too far.
  11. Thanks all for the input and I had plans to call the access desk but it was too late in the day and I really wanted help from someone who had first hand knowledge. So, I did call them today and they said that the door is 26" so it would not go straight through which I knew but they couldn't/wouldn't validate that Scootaround would deliver and take the chair apart to get it through the door and they are the only vendor that NCL allows to deliver. I called Scootaround and told the woman what they had said and at first she said they couldn't do it but I think she really just didn't understand how easy it would be to take the back off and carry it in. I kept working with her and she finally got authorization that it could be delivered. πŸ₯³ Persistence or stubbornness is key. πŸ™„ Thanks again Pcakes for this help and hope all your future cruises are with calm seas.
  12. Well, I decided to rent a recliner for my upcoming cruise on the Jade but when I called Scootaround they asked the width of the door as the motorized is 34" wide. They said I had to contact NCL to find out what the width of the door is. I called the pre-concierge and was told that they wouldn't be able to deliver it as it's not an accessible room even though it is the owner's suite and that the width is only 26 inches. My hubby and I believe that it's wider than that so we're not sure if they are correct. I'm wondering if I should find a way to talk to the special needs dept. to see if this is true. I know you have said you have been in suites but were they all accessible as well? Have you been in OS with them? Thanks for any information you can give me. Lisa
  13. I just looked and I was going to book a suite but just never got around to it now there are no suites left for the sailing I want. I have never sailed on RC so don't know how things usually go... so is there a good likely hood or at least half a chance that one will become available by then? I will keep checking daily but want to know if I should just give up and look for something else.
  14. You sound like my sister telling me to quit drinking my diet cokes and telling me they'll kill me. Ok sis, put your cigarette out and tell me again. πŸ˜πŸ™„
  15. I understand why they wouldn't be allowed in the other areas but really no need if you have that beautiful suite! Would they be able to move their things into it and sleep in one of the bedrooms?
  16. Our last cruise was in March and we tried something new as we were leaving Florida and going to NYC for a Caribbean cruise. Because it could be cold in NY at that time and hopefully would be warm the rest of the trip we had to pack enough for both temperatures. Even though I usually pack way more than I need I was determined to only go with a couple carry-ons and small bags to take with us on the plane BUT... that would never be enough so I had to take one large suitcase the only problem was we didn't want to hassle with taking it on the plane, going to pick it up in baggage and dealing with all the other bags as well getting onto the ship. So, we decided to try what a friend had suggested that they had done and worked well for them. We set up our large suitcase to be picked up by Luggage Forward. They pick it up at your house about a week before and it will be delivered to the ship and then the next time you see it will be in your cabin. I have to admit I was a little nervous as there's always that thought of what if...? On embarkation day the concierge told us that he had been contacted by the company the day before about the suitcase that would be delivered to the ship which he had never heard of this being done but said he would be looking out for it. Anyway we went to our cabin and of course it wasn't there right away but I unpacked the rest of the bags and got things sorted while waiting for the big one. After I did that we started our sailaway and decided to call the concierge to see if he had any news but he said he didn't so I admit I was a bit nervous but we went to dinner to get my mind off of it. Walking back to our suite I started thinking of all the things that I really would not want to sail without so crossed my fingers... Well, when we got in the room to our great relief it was there!! The only part that didn't go well is that after disembarkation we were supposed to meet someone from the company to hand it over so that they could deliver it back home. But we called Luggage Forward and they said that the person had waited and looked for us but we couldn't find each other so we ended up taking it to the hotel we were staying at. They came 2 days later while we were still in NY and picked it up. The people on the phone were very helpful and I would highly recommend this service if dealing with airport baggage claim is a hassle for you or like my husband it relieved him of having to pick up a heavy suitcase since he has back issues. According to the company you can go up to 75 lbs but I know NCL is 50 lbs... and I know I was probably somewhere between the two.
  17. Have someone in the suite book them through pre-cruise concierge and have them book for all of you.
  18. I second this suggestion as we love Nachi Cocom as they only allow so many guests in and it has never been crowded. The food is good and the drinks are great! Good for just a relaxed day at the beach. We go there every time. πŸ™‚
  19. How do you know when a ship is going into drydock - is there a schedule somewhere?
  20. So, do you get to bring on 2 bottles and not pay a corkage fee? If you bring more what would be that cost? I'm not a wine drinker but others who may go with us are and I have never sailed on Royal yet. So are you able to bring soda or water as well? On NCL for many years we were able to brink Cokes on but that has been taken away.
  21. Someone a while back had mentioned they ask their butler for it to be in their cabin so we started doing that as well. They had it on the Gem recently but it just seems different but couldn't figure out why. Maybe it's just my memory isn't that reliable any more... anyway it was still good.
  22. I'm sorry you lost your magnets but putting locks on suitcases are useless if someone wants in they could easily do so. This is just one of the ways...
  23. What is the list of perks? I normally sail on NCL and have one cruise on Princess and all have been in suites. We may book a cruise on Independence of the Seas in 2024 and would like to find out the perks. I do know there is a concierge service but there will be no butler and only breakfast for suite guests instead of b/l on the other lines. Is there room service and will there be a charge? I think I read that some ships have a concierge lounge where we could get free drinks?
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