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  1. We had to cancel Celebrity March 2024 cruise due to Israel/Hamas war. We had no problem getting our deposit back.
  2. We are booked on an April cruise and saw the gratuities sale. When I went through the booking process, the price for the cruise went up so that the gratuities offer was minimal to say the least.
  3. On other lines you can select anytime and then select day and specific time. For 5 day cruise on New Amsterdam in April, all I see is booking for specialty restaurants. Is it too early or does Holland not have that option?
  4. Looks like I am out of luck as it would probably be considered transporting between domestic ports...Yuck.
  5. I have been investigating a cruise in September 2024 from Vancouver. The cruise ends in Los Angeles, but on the day before it is in San Diego. Would it be possible to just leave the cruise in San Diego as we are San Diegans as Los Angeles is less convenient. What do you think?
  6. Hopefully, we can connect.. We are doing minibus Golden Circle on 8th and South coast on 9th.
  7. We are on your cruise as noted in the roll call. We are arriving on July 7 and have reservation at Reykjavik Residence Hotel/Apartments. It gets rave reviews on tripadvisor....
  8. We used Trawick as it has specific language for covid related issues including hotel costs if forced to isolate.
  9. Sorry above post has wrong quote. I was referring to quote regarding early disembarkation
  10. Unsure if this refers to early on disembarkation day or prior day in same port. What prevents someone from just leaving a day early and not returning?
  11. On my pre planner for Infinity, it says up to 4 devices for $16.99/day. No mention of basic or premium though text says you can surf the web, etc.
  12. Thanks...I booked through United Cruises and will contact them.
  13. Just curious if anyone has experience disembarking on the first of a 2 day stay at the end of a cruise. We are on an Infinity cruise that ends with 2 days, 1 night in Athens. Due to flight plans, we would prefer to get off the day before the official disembarkation. Called Celebrity and was told nothing could be arranged until beginning the cruise.
  14. Got zilch on last year's Australia cruise.
  15. Used the app for Australia cruise in November. It was fine on ship but a royal pain to input, especially photos. Yesterday, tried to check in for May cruise. Scanned in passport. Accepted, but could not save as the prompt said invalid first name. Tried to manually input but with same result. Called Princess and got someone overseas who could barely understand English( took 5 minutes for him to understand confirmation letters). Sounded like it was a call center soliciting for timeshares. After 20 minutes, "agent" was able to input and I got tge green boarding pass.. Not a pleasant experience.
  16. Just got off Coral in Brisbane. All crew wore masks on the 7 day cruise. Passengers told to do so as well. Approximately, 95% complied with only 5 % of knuckleheads risking everyone's enjoyment. I checked on our deck, Baja, and I only saw 2 "covid " tables in front of cabins. That is an extremely small percentage. At the buffet, everyone was required to wash hands, but self served.
  17. As we board on November 10, just curious if there is a mask mandate? We plan on wearing our masks regardless as coming from San Diego, we want to minimize the risk....
  18. We will be boarding Coral Princess on November 10 in Brisbane. We know we must have RAT 24 hours before boarding. The official Australia list does not include any available in the US. Will US RAT's be acceptable???
  19. May be the most user unfriendly app I have ever encountered. Took me 90 minutes to check in, mostly had difficulty with security photo. Call to Princess was useless. The same 90 minute adventure for my traveling companion as well. Eventually got checked in, but horrible experience...
  20. https://www.skyrail.com.au/plan/skyrail-kuranda-train/
  21. There is a cruise ship skyrail/train tour offered by the Kuranda skyrail we ebsite with pickup very close to ship.
  22. Never mind as the Kuranda website now has a cruise tour listed for almost half of the Princess price.
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