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  1. Yes, but you're still in a Foreign Country, being the other side of the English Border. 😉
  2. One is aware of the many problems caused by the border between England and Foreign Countries. 😉
  3. True... Being English it is a well known fact that most "Foreigners" drive on the "right" side of the road. In England we drive on the "correct" side of the road. 😉
  4. This thread is de ja vu, going round and in circles and will soon disappear up it's own A***. Those that "stiff" will offer a multitude of convuluted reasons why they stiff. But they will not change, whatever alternative arguments are presented Those who give a suggested gratuity will continue to do so But they will not change, whatever alternative arguments are presented. Those who give a suggested gratuity, and extras, will continue to do so But they will not change, whatever alternative arguments are presented To conclude, to Stiff or not to Stiff, that is the question, and the answers will always remain the same. Let's move on, as to continue to challenge a position is futile.
  5. Rome Albergo Del Senato Great location. Everything within walking distance. Excellent "step back in time" elegant rooms, delicious food and discreet service. Roof terrace is a bonus for evening drinks under the stars. It will not disappoint.
  6. Two beds and one umbrella is usually $20.00 Could the whole group now do the Math? The above is for Vibes...... Add On last visit there were no charges for beds at Rum Bus, but they have 2 person Cabanas for rent with Hammocks for $10.00 pp
  7. A thought Pre-Dinner drinks in your stateroomon on the penultimate night with your newly made friends is always nice. added Your MD, be it Ismail, Izat, Greg' or Satish will be happy to arrange for you, together with written invitations, if required.
  8. The same man who confirmed to all that it was okay to book Thomas Cook, like he did, and the ignore Press rumours. 1000's booked.......😱 He's also a keen cyclist.... No need to say more😉
  9. Not Brits - English please.....
  10. Or, say please remove your trousers, as your words are muffled...
  11. Let's back to the original request. It is a much larger Stateroom with a bigger balcony (are you going to place a couple of Sun loungers with the weather at that time of year?). A good choice if you need the extra space. However, as prices are low, how about considering a Club Stateroom for the Dining experience?
  12. We had a coffee here with a couple we met at the fountain. Not a "Hotel" but it looked nice, simple and clean could be of interest - Residenze Argileto -
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