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  1. Are the remaining 10% Civil Service employees?
  2. Unlike many cruisers, I have never sought compensation, preferring to obtain a recognition of the truth, when a ship's purser's desk manager became economical with it, and the whole department repeatedly denied, possibly with their jobs under threat. Hence the repeated push back by the ship. It was only when I asked the Executive Office to review the CCTV and sound recordings was it resolved. Compensation was offered, but declined, accepting an apology. I will continue to be proactive. You have an opinion which one declines to criticise.
  3. Let one explain. Because of bad past experiences with Cunard Customer Services (oxymoron). Cunard Customer Service's new protocol, now allows them upto 28 days to respond to a written question/concern/complaint. One waits, and waits, only to receive a generic reply that fails to answer the original question. Then one writes again, only to discover the 28 day rule is again reapplied. The protocol process is repeated over and over without a resolution. Then 6 months have passed. In desperation one elevates to the Board, and heyho a telephone call received from the Executive Office, a short discussion, then within 2 days all resolved. Is it "going for the jugular" as you suggest? When one considers it a potential effective process for reducing the Customer Service's complaint protocol to a more acceptable time period.
  4. Elevate your legitimate concern immediately to Carnival CEO with a copy to the Cunard CEO. This is not Cunard.
  5. Sorry, a correction. It's "Rico's On The Beach"
  6. It appears you seek a pleasant day, away from T'erds and children. T'erds and children are found at all the popular beaches that are walkable or with a $5.00 taxi fare. Then may one suggest Rico's By The Sea. If you want a recommendation, the ask The Royal Westmorland Hotel, as their guests regularly frequent this bar when wanting a good beach experience. Because of the demands of the hitel's clientele, they employ a full time Chef, not a cook. Plus drinks prices are kept reasonable, with no short measures. Also there is a ladies beachwear boutique.
  7. Click on a beach for a live camera view to select your hotel https://www.iwcpinc.com/cameras/ most west coast beaches will only suffer in the event of bad storms.
  8. Were they "cruise people", genteel like yourself, or T'erds?
  9. Iced Bucket with 6 Beers was $15.00 Cocktails around $10.00 each
  10. https://m.facebook.com/billybonesboatcharters/
  11. Would suggest you rent locally to you, with a company having an office or representative office in Barbados.
  12. Think it's $25.00 for two beds, umberella, and two beers.
  13. We just asked our stateroom attendant, and she took theee cases to a storage area. Think a gratuity assisted. They were returned the afternoon of the day prior to docking.
  14. Having never seen a tram in FDF Okay, let one start again. There are two docking quays for Cruise Ships, one directly opposite the town centre in Fort de France. Here, on leaving the ship is a small arcade of stalls selling local wares etc, then a short walk to the town centre for shops, bars and a Carrefour. There are taxis available for hire just outside the secure port area. The other quay is a little further away from the Fort de France town centre, but it's just a shortish walk. There are no stalls on the quayside. There is a local bus that goes to the town centre, which runs along the main road, about a three minute walk from the dock gates, and there are taxis available, again outside the secure port area. Further quayside shops with Duty Free areas, are available at both ports, but only when you have entered the secure port area, and after passing through security.
  15. At HH it's first come basis. NB. You're up against vacationers and ships that docked before you. By The time you've walked to the ferry terminal, Qd for tickets, Qd for the ferry, crossed and walked again, it may have been quicker to go by taxi to the front of the Hotel and then walked through to the beach chairs. Your call
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