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  1. Foodie? Then you’ll love the main (large) central market, it has the sights, sounds, smells of Jerez. The diversity of foods, wines etc is great. Lots of small independent sellers. Plus you can (just must) take a light lunch there, at any of the small boutique cafés, with the freshest ingredients, direct from the market you’re actually in. Been there...Done that... ✅✅✅
  2. A group of German cruisers, think on Celebrity, tried fishing from the back of the ship, their efforts were rewarded with a next port disembarkation.
  3. if you and your partner wish to try a pure Jerez brandy, not trucked, mixed or messed about with, then look at spoiling yourselves with a Lepanto OV or PX. Please do not mix.
  4. Here is a map of internationally recognised Irish (Fishing) Waters, sadly it does not show the waters disputed by “someone” in the Irish Republic (EU). The Irish Republic not being an independent island state, therefore the “someone” can’t speak for the IE without authority from the EU..
  5. Sadly the OP is only calling at Cadiz, where there are several excellent venues selling, also explaining, different styles of Sherry at various price points. Also in the centre of town, by the market, is a Carrefour, again with a wide variety. The OP might also consider a couple of bottles of Spanish Brandy, not bad, for the sail home along with her choice of Sherry for that evening balcony sip. The room steward can supply the correct glasses on request. Think the OP might even invest in a few very special bottles of Sherry, for those occasions that deserve them.
  6. Many genteel cruisers used to visit the beach. Two steel drum bbqs and Ma’s bar, years before Carambola arrived. Carambola was, repeat was, a great place for genteel cruisers and locals, to meet, take drinks, lunch and cocktails. Just have very nice day and respecting the venue and environment. Then T’erds discovered it. Genteel cruisers and locals stopped going, revenues dropped, so in desperation Carambola adopted the idea of pack them in and pile them high. Now the place is a madness (collective noun) of T’erds Sunshine’s is now the destination for genteel cruisers,
  7. Have a liking for The Coral Reef and BIL loves The Sandpiper Either will be a great choice But for a lower price point Little Arches is a very nice Boutique Hotel
  8. It’s a shorter list, as to what he didn’t receive. Like Captaining the ship.
  9. There’s always “someone”, as you are aware. As long as the Insured made correct declaration to Insurers, risk accepted, underwriters content and policy correctly issued, then “someone” can dispute all they wish, but without any substance. Brexit?
  10. “Lays Claim”, as per Argentina and the Falkland Islands? Or the EU and the AZ vaccine? Or Spain and Gibralter?
  11. Just ask your Steward, they will be happy to assist. A US$10.00 tip (more if you feel generous) would be greatly appreciated. PS Your Duty Free alcohol, purchased on board et al, can also be stored for your arrival along with your suitcase Additional. If your second cruise is WC section,then there is the ‘Thursday Voucher” from the Alchol Duty Free, enabling you to purchase liquor to take back to your stateroom
  12. Personal Opinion The hotels in Civitavecchia have gone downhill over the last five years. As you’re flying in after a marathon travel, there is no need for another 2 hour plus drive, plus baggage and immigration. One would suggest it’s better to take a hotel near FCO, friends have used the Tiber. Tiber is clean and reasonable with a free airport/hotel shuttle. You can unwind then travel refreshed the following day.
  13. Memory from the distant past, consider Hotel Cinquantatre, they did have king plus beds Ask your all questions direct with the hotel regarding beds. They were very reasonable then, but have no current price indications
  14. If considering Afternoon Tea, then book The Ritz. Just a better experience (not packed with noisy Tourists looking for a done that tick). Plus one can walk there and back, When booking (early) ask for a table on the Balcony
  15. Book on the QV using OBC On this voyage the tours do not contain any “great rarity”. In your Stateroom there will be a complete schedule, port by port, of all the tours (what is shown today is only a nosegay). Also, your Stateroom TV has a channel showing videos of all tours. Complete your tour bookings on the schedule, then go to the tours office (opposite Purser’s Desk) where you’ll find a drop off letter type box to the side of the desk. Just “post”. Tickets will be promptly delivered to your Stateroom. Any questions will be answered by a usually helpful Tours Desk. Opening t
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