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  1. 2 set? Then Dining is not a Grills or Club experience. Can't see set working.
  2. Well said..... Excellent. On the QV two years ago, we met two American couples, the evening before St Petersburg, who boasted had booked (and paid for) "Really Cheap Tours" . We asked the Visa question. It appeared they "thought" the operator was responsible. One couple went to their Stateroom to check the email exchanges, only to return with the bad news. Cruise ruined....
  3. Promenade Deck, and the tweeks to the internal and external space ratio? Don't think the Carnival bean counters will increase the tonnage to facilitate all three tweeks. Anyway, the proposed passenger numbers will not prove attractive.
  4. What are the known facts? No Promenade Deck Poor (in some Cunarders opinion) interior guest space ratio Poor (in some Cunarders opinion) exterior guest space ratio Based on known facts no interest is therefore declared, with statements made to support one's decision. And Carnival has not yet published the complete set of the Carnivalisations aka "turn offs" Please enjoy the new Carnival ship. It will not be Cunard.
  5. Apolgises, was referring to the many options for casual party ship, not similar to Cunard.
  6. Must admit having no real interest in the new Cunard ship. It's going to be a Carnivalised version, being too big in terms of guests, no wrap-round deck, with the target market possibly for those seeking a more relaxed dress code and "fun" cruise. But there are plenty of alternatives out there. The new ship will be Cunard, but not Cunard.
  7. "Quiet" indoor places to read etc., missed by many, to consider Sir Samuel's before16.00 hours The Board Room - Seperate room just off the inside of the Commodore Club The Atlantic Room The wide walkway on deck 2 leading from/to the Future Cruise Sales Office Comfortable seating by the entrance to Connections The Seating in the Queens Room - remain there for Afternoon Tea
  8. Burn money? This reminds me of my first venture into offshore powerboat racing. Was invited to try the 2 litre class. While waiting got taking with a private owner in the F class. I asked what it was like (driving F class), and the reply was..... "like sitting on a pneumatic road drill, in the pouring rain, watching a pile of £50.00 notes burn". My 2L venture? Last on the start, last at the first turn, first to loose it there, first to use the support boat.
  9. Agree. February 2016 - Signed up to the inorginal cruise waiting list and since late 2018 have received no updates - Pleased not to have purchased the required period clothing. Do think it will happen, but no idea when.
  10. They bring a very, very, hot flat rick to the table for one to cook (burn, cremate, spoil) one's own food.
  11. Best speak with your Cunard PCS and post the definitive answer on CC for benefit of all
  12. Contact the Hotel's Concierge, they will be pleased to assist and answer all your transport questions.
  13. There already is an "Unofficial" VIP Booker level.
  14. Agree some will not be well pleased paying. However, after venting their "OMG I've got to spend" feelings on various social media platforms, the bluster will eventually end, and cruisers will use their plastic and move on.
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