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  1. A new phonimium, the WC top tier members now have their pre-dinner cocktail gathering at 11.15 in the morning. While others have a pre-dinner drinks 45 minutes prior to dining in the evening. Questioned this, with the answer "Too many top tiers"
  2. Forget biased opinions. Go with facts. We have only taken one P&O trip on the Azura out of over 100 cruises across various Cruise Lines.
  3. Our Voyage Specialist has just informed, that P&O now have a mirror image of the new and improved Cunard site. Obviously is was such a tremendous improvement and a great success with with Cunard guests, that Carnival will now look to roll out this wonderful site to all Carnival Group members. For the record, my Nephew is head of a known development Team within a Global organisation, and to him it's AMATEUR CRAP (style over substance). His Organisation would "Can" any employee who prepared this piece of garbage for primary testing. It would appear Carnival nepotism, Carnival sycophants, or a mixture of both, were involved. There is no other plausible explanation.
  4. Consider the "Seafood Platter" for 2 to share as a starter. Best $20.00 ever spent on Cunard
  5. best to hire a car and driver for a full guided tour. You can stipulate what you wish to see and do when contacting a driver. The driver will give you a much better experience than a map. Also you will be doing a bit for the island.
  6. Yes. It is holding all required government licences and permits. It is the only beach bar approved by the Royal Westmorland Group. It has a chef not just a cook. it has a very nice small beachwear shop, with beautiful one-off pieces for ladies. it has soft padded beds and umberellas for rent. US$ 25.00 for a complete set of 2 beads and umberella. It has a very genteel clientele. Enjoy
  7. Rico's By The Sea Away from the crowds and no T'erds.
  8. Contact "Waves" they may have spare capacity.
  9. Foursquare will call a very reliable and known taxi service for it's visitors.
  10. Similar to Beach Limerz would be Rum Bus a beach bar with a lively Caribbean vibe. But for a shabby chic class beach club vibe then it's Jacqui O's For both, best to book we'll in advance.
  11. Just pay the $10.00 (approx) and take a taxi. The walk is about 35 miniutes, is not a 100% pleasant one, and in the heat. Especially if one thinks you may be carrying Towles, food and drink. But if the idea is to save money, then another option would be to take the bus back to town and then another bus to VC. There are many likeminded souks would can price this for you on CC
  12. Winter Garden The QV exit doors to the pool area are automatic and to the ship's side, while on the QE the doors are manual and central. The QV walls by the Pool are actually sliding doors and open back.
  13. Totally agree. Working on your premise, Robins will now get a Knighthood.
  14. Plenty of time, plus plenty of patience, plus weatherproof outer covering as it usually rains, and sometimes very heavily. Give GA, noise, crowds and T'erds a miss, take a taxi over the hill to sanity.
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