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  1. Just did 7 days on the Nieuw Statendam. Purchased the 7 day premium for $111.99 . On the ship it was $139.99.
  2. It would take a lot for me to give up 17 days of an expensive cruise. Sorry to hear that.
  3. I am the original poster, and my friend who treated us was the only one who got his discount. The remaining three were charged full price. I verified this last night.Even though I am five stars , he got charged full price for me. Glad I wasn’t paying.😀
  4. I bought dinner for six people last December at the Pinnacle on the Noordam. No questions asked. However this is the proper way to do it.
  5. Had dinner with a group of five people at the Caneletto. 2 people were two stars. Two were 4 stars, and I am five stars. My four star friends paid the bill thinking it would be 9.50 pp. 50% discount from 19. Caneletto billed him the whole bill, but each meal was billed at the legitimate discount rate. Two at full price. Three at 50%. He was a little disappointed ,but I am glad they are checking. I have read posts where it was said who ever pays the bill gets their discount on the whole tab.
  6. I have used it for up coming cruises and made a 500 dollar payment, and it worked.
  7. I am on board and started with 100 dollar shareholders credit 30 dollar 5 star internet credit 40 internet credit for internet being down two days i forgot I had free gratuities and now still have an 88 dollar credit.is this a use it or lose it situation?
  8. 7 day cruise. Internet down 1 full day and two mornings. However, when it works, it’s fine.
  9. Just checked my Amex everyday card. This offer appeared this am. Will be making a deposit on my future cruise.
  10. Currently on the Nieuw Statendam. Many people have not had their liquor collected when coming back on to the ship. We are in the Caribbean, and liquor prices are very good. Change in policy, or crew just not paying attention ?
  11. Just saw the digital manager. Pro rated a credit of 40 dollars, which is fine for a day and a half without service.
  12. I purchased the premium internet for the week on the ship. Internet was down all day while in port in Amber Cove. In St Thomas currently and it is down again. Just curious if anyone has had similar experiences. Any pro ration of the weekly charge , or is it just part of the cruise contract.
  13. I paid $111.99 pre cruise for the premium which would be $139.99. Savings of $28. I should then get my five star discount of $30 on board. Hoping to use skype and wifi calling.
  14. We have been told not to get to the port until 2pm due to inspections.
  15. We always used that as our souvenir memento. Too Bad.
  16. If I book the premium internet pre cruise online, will I see a statement credit on my shipboard statement of the $30.
  17. I think I will arrive at two pm. Not a fan of standing outside.
  18. I have also been looking at these itineraries. Not sure if its worth the trip for a 14 day cruise.
  19. Thanks for the video. I would have no problem in that cabin. Only use the tub to hang laundry on occasion.
  20. Having done 4 Celebrity cruises, I think the MDR on HAL is better. Specialty restaurants are equal.
  21. I have also been curious about these suites. Never using the tub, would they be too small for two people.
  22. I am thinking of buying it ahead for our Nov 10 on the new statendam. $111 for premium. Can you make wi fi phone calls over the premium package? Just curious. Should get my 30 credit when I board.
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