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  1. The Zuiderdam sailing on the 20th, and the Nieuw Statendam sailing on the 22nd are showing prices on almost all categories, but when you go to make a booking, it says that category is no longer available. Thinking they have stopped selling those cruises as a backup for the Nieuw Amsteredam in the event it doesn't sail on the 21st.
  2. Scheduled to leave on the NA saturday. Will know by 3pm of Tuesday. Will keep everyone posted on what transpires.
  3. I guess I will know by 3pm on Tuesday whether to go to the port.
  4. Those of us boarding next Saturday will just have to watch and wait. Glad I live in Fort Lauderdale.
  5. I am beginning to wonder if we will leave on her next Saturday for Christmas week!
  6. We board her next Saturday for a week. Wonder if that will be affected.
  7. Wow. So sorry for the 2100 passengers currently on board. Maybe it will get fixed and the ship will do an abbreviated itinerary. I am sure HAL will do the right thing.
  8. On another post it is reported that lines of children are boarding the Nieuw Amsterdam. Strange.
  9. Keep us posted please. We leave on her next Saturday for a Christmas cruise.
  10. I had the 7 day premium on a 7 day Caribbean cruise on the Nieuw Statendam. I used skype and facetime. Most worked ok. Skype was sometimes grainy, but voice was clear. Was overall pleased, except when the internet was down. On my seven day cruise it was out for one day and two mornings for just a couple hours.
  11. Just did a v1 gurantee on the Encore for 7/18 for 14 days as the v4s are sold out.. Never use the tub, so this would be just fine unless we get a higher category.
  12. Yes, it is a wonderful amenity, but don't give them anything that is the least bit delicate. I always pack cotton polos, tshirts, jeans, khakis that have been washed many times. I only pack what I will not be upset if it gets ruined. After so many HAL washings, clothing becomes much thinner. With that being said, I highly recommend the service.
  13. So, we are in 8162 Aft Wrap Neptune Suite for Christmas week. Hoping the Caribbean is calm. Don't plan on getting off the ship, which is why we wanted a big balcony.
  14. If you add seabourn airfare to your cruise, does buying Seabourn shield cover your airfare in addition to the cruise?
  15. I just booked 14 days on the Encore in the Mediterranean. I thought I only got the $600. My TA told me after I booked I got 600 minutes per person of internet and a 500 air credit per person in additions. Was able to get business to and from MIA for a reasonable price. Was surprised when she sent me the invoice.
  16. This is also done when you use chase sapphire pints. Don’t understand why. I had no issues on JetBlue.
  17. We had a 100 dollar bill from the medical center several years ago. My insurance I had for the cruise which was non Holland America, required me to submit the bill to Medicare and get denied. I then forwarded the bill to the insurance company I had for the cruise. Six weeks later, they reimbursed me. That's how it is done.
  18. Over the weekend, I put the 25 dollar depostit on a signature suite for the 1/17/2021 27 days. Only three signature suites were available, so I took the last one on the port side. Does HAL just not release the cabins as it is over a year away, or is that all thats left? Just curious. I know they don't show all the cabins, but seems unusual.
  19. The first thing I would do is see how many flights leave from AMS to Venice on your airline or partners of your airline. 50 minutes is tight, and why be stressed out on your trip over. also, how many days ahead of your cruise are you leaving? worst case is you miss the connection, leave later or spend the night in Amsterdam. Not a bad case scenario. if it were me, I would probably leave it alone. It could change again.
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