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  1. I'm still waiting for a reply from Customer Services to a query sent in August, despite sending them a reminder a week ago...nothing.
  2. durante

    * Competition * QM2 TA

    Thanks ClanMcLean!:) I don't know why I never spot these competitions myself....
  3. durante

    Holiday Inn Southampton

    The room we are in has 1 double bed and 1 single bed. I think it is called a triple, although we only booked and paid for a twin room, they allocated us this one. The single bed is a proper bed not a sofa bed. The other time we stayed here was in January when the building work was starting and it never bothered us during the morning when they started work
  4. durante

    Holiday Inn Southampton

    I am currently staying at the Premier Inn which is directly opposite West Quay shopping centre. The construction site you mentioned is behind the hotel, and absolutely no noise at night. As mentioned earlier, it should be finished by the time you are here. The other thing I would mention is I can see the Holiday Inn from my window and can't see any shops/restaurants near to it, so think you would be better off at the Premier Inn if you don't want to do the longer walk to West Quay over 3 days. It's the second time I've stayed here and it's spotlessly clean.
  5. durante

    Indian Visa

    I was on the QM2 full world cruise earlier this year, and we had one Indian port. We did not need an Indian visa if we wanted to stay on the ship, which is what we planned to do. And no problem with that as about half the passengers must have done the same and stayed onboard. However, prior to the cruise, there was a lot of incorrect information especially from Cunards Visa specialists CIBT who advised me we would need a visa even if we wanted to stay on the ship. This was totally untrue. The Telegraph article quoted by Blueriband below is factually incorrect as in addition to not needing a visa if staying onboard, the rule was changed to allow e-visas, I think in December so cruisers didn't need the full visa if they only stopped at one Indian port and wanted to go ashore. Anyway, after worrying about whether we needed a visa or not, I emailed Cunard a few weeks before the start of the cruise and received a reply confirming we didn't need the visa as we were staying onboard. I don't know why they can't confirm the same thing to you, unless they think it's too far in advance to give a clear answer?
  6. durante

    QM2 Verandah Lunch Menu

    The lunch menu is now different to that link from the Cunard website. The Verandah is only open for lunch on sea days.
  7. durante

    QM2 ran out of wine!

    Hi Balloonman, here's an update on the Prosecco situation on QM2...there were only a couple of bottles of Prosecco left in the Britannia restaurant last night. Our sommelier said it would be replaced by a South African sparkling. They had already run out of the Prosecco in the alternative Coriander restaurant when we asked about it a few nights ago, and the replacement offered was the same South African sparkling wine. Interesting that the venues seem to keep their stocks separate.
  8. durante

    Alcohol - bringing on ship

    Currently on QM2, and we had no problem bringing back six bottles of wine onboard after our day at the Wineries in the Stellenbosch area just over a week ago.
  9. durante

    India, visa question

    Hi Kathleen, my post and others on this thread relate to the Indian Visa on QM2 2018 World Voyage, so cannot comment on your situation regarding the Indian visa with Princess.
  10. durante

    India, visa question

    FTnumbers, Am currently onboard and many people, including myself, do not have Indian visas as we will be staying on the ship at Cochin. If you still require confirmation directly from Cunard, then why not email them ? They will confirm you don't need the visa in writing which will give you peace of mind. I originally had the same query as you, and wish the Visa specialists CIBT had been more open and factual, instead of advising that I would not be allowed on the ship without the visa, this was blatantly untrue, and a ploy to create more business for themselves.
  11. durante

    QM2 stops at Dakar

    We are still anchored off Dakar, Senegal awaiting a local boat to arrive and transport a sick passenger off the ship. We must have been here at least two hours waiting.
  12. durante

    India, visa question

    Well, the person who checked us in at Southampton made no mention whatsoever of the Indian visa. She only asked to see proof that we had valid Tourist visas for Australia.
  13. durante

    India, visa question

    In addition to at least two other people who have contributed to this thread, I have also received a written reply from Cunard confirming that I only need an Indian visa if I want to go ashore. I have a UK passport and will be embarking tomorrow 10 January. I am annoyed with CIBT as they told me it was compulsory to obtain the Indian visa and would be denied boarding the ship at the start of the cruise. I'll try to let you know how I get on tomorrow!
  14. durante

    India, visa question

    Thanks for this. No, we didn't receive anything in the post regarding the visa. Sandra Smudger, thanks..
  15. durante

    India, visa question

    Hi cruiseluvva, could I ask which department in Cunard wrote to you, as I need to check this with them also. I emailed CIBT this morning with the same question, and have just had a reply saying the visa is required for Cochi, whether you stay onboard or not. It could be a case of CIBT trying to drum up extra business of course! I