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  1. No need to stand on line. Most NCL ships have electronic boards around the ship that will take your reservations. You can also reserve through your cabin TV. You can also reserve aboard using the NCL app on your phone.
  2. In my experience, kids who are confident enough to enjoy the children’s programs away from their relatives on board do well in the teen club.
  3. American flies nonstop from Philadelphia to Rome. Are you sure your flight is on United?
  4. I have only been leaving $2 or $3 per night. Looks like I will have to up my game.
  5. My condo building tips our regular letter carrier $20 per condo at Christmas, which adds up to a substantial amount.
  6. I find the Freestyle Coke machines on Royal to be far superior to getting soda from a bar with just a few choices.
  7. No more chocolate buffet, MDR lobster or chef’s table. On the plus side, the drinks perk has supplanted sky-high liquor bills.
  8. I booked a Club Balcony Suite (solo) a year ago for $5K. It is now over $20K. Clearly, NCL is driving Spring 2022 transatlantic reservations to its other ships.
  9. Only negative is the substantially higher price.
  10. I live 100 yards from the Great Miami. That would be outstanding. I used to live in Miami Beach—my condo balcony overlooked the port.
  11. Here’s hoping NCL decides to cruise out of Ohio.
  12. Staying mostly at $100-$150/night hotels, I usually leave $2 or $3 each morning for the housekeeper. Prior to a transatlantic cruise next spring, I have reserved a $250/night Manhattan hotel. Would it be customary to leave more, either because of the price or the New York location?
  13. I have not been able to find it on board.
  14. In my experience, sandals, jokey t-shirt and backwards ball cap sometimes seem to be the norm for males.
  15. Dawn stops in Iceland on its way from New York to Southampton in April 2022.
  16. I can’t say I understand the science, but I have have read that maritime use of LNG confers relatively little benefit with regard to global warming.
  17. I don’t think the administration’s goal, announced today, to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 bodes well for the cruise industry.
  18. If NCL has an outbreak sailing from a foreign port, good luck sailing from a US port anytime soon.
  19. July and August, NCL shore excursions only. Policy subject to reevaluation thereafter.
  20. Pure speculation as to when this requirement would be dropped (although I am guessing it would be before the 2022 Alaska sailing season). However, better to take an NCL excursion than to risk carrying COVID-19 back to the ship.
  21. The Haven service charge is $18.50 per person per day. For a seven-day cruise for two, that’s $259. Most also leave a reasonably generous tip for the butler and concierge. Many (not all) leave a couple of bucks for waitstaff and bartenders after service. You are also charged a 20% gratuity for the “free” specialty restaurant and alcoholic beverage perks. None of these are included in the listed basic fare.
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