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  1. We'll be in a suite on the Enchanted. I see they have a Concierge Lounge; is there a Concierge on duty in the lounge? Hours? Open on embarkation? Assume they could make the 1st night specialty arrangement. Thanks
  2. Will be in a full suite on next cruise. When I try to reserve the complimentary specialty dining for the 1st night (embarkation day), the app asks me to authorize payment to my credit card. How does this work to reserve without paying? Thanks.
  3. We had the chance to sail on the original Love Boat Pacific Princess used in the TV show in 1999 with our nine-year old daughter who was already a cruise veteran . It was the Northern European Capitals itinerary (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm and Oslo). By then the ship was showing her age but was still a real gem--small, beautiful and classic. We had so much fun getting family pictures taken on the 'famous Love Boat staircase' and pretending we were Isaac the bartender doing ' finger pistols.' She went out of service no too long after that. A great trip, great ship and unforgettable memories!!! And last November on the Discovery Princess in Ensenada, we had a horn play off with the Disney Magic--the Love Boat Theme vs When You Wish Upon a Star.
  4. It's quite a drive from the port in SJ to the Bio Bay. You won't be able to do it unless a ship's tour. We did it a few years ago while staying SJ--drove out & made a lovely evening of it by having dinner before at a great restaurant nearby. We had a lovely clear night & the bioluminescence was bright & plentiful as we trailed our hands in the water. Also fun to see the giant iguanas in the tress as you glide through the mangrove tunnel. Well worth it if you have the time.
  5. We were rejected two days before the cruise. Always good to originally choose a cabin you really like; don't count on an accepted bid.
  6. We were in a reserve mini-suite on the Discovery a few weeks ago & were comped 360. Thrilled to get it for free, but, yes, we would have done it at cost. We thought it was the best dining experience we've had in 35 cruises--for the artfully presented delicious tasting menu; the accompanying beverages; the impeccable service (one server for the two of us); the intimate venue that allows for the 360 immersive experience of the sights & sounds of Greece, Italy, Spain & France; & the super fun interactive table projections. The whole experience was delicious, surprising & delightful. Pre-Covid, we did the Chef's Dinner that included the galley tour--a very good meal (too much food) with nice presentation but not anything like 360. Apples & Oranges. I say, if at all within your budget, go & enjoy!
  7. very happy with original cabin booked & cruise was great. I think the moral of the story is to book something you’ll really like then you won’t be disappointed by not getting upgrade.
  8. Notified that bid wasn’t accepted the day before cruise started.
  9. Will be on the Discovery in 5 days; first experience placing a bid. Will be happy with the cabin we booked but very disappointed that Princess never let us know that the bid wasn't accepted.
  10. We’ll be on the November 4 too. Usually pass on IC sandwiches or eat them open-faced—too much bread in relation to the fillings.
  11. Don't find any of them worth the uncharge; especially had several underwhelming meals with poor service at the CG.
  12. If we decide to walk along the Embarcadero, where would be a really good place for lunch? Is it an easy walk from where the ship docks?
  13. Beware the IC's Chai Tea Latte (especially if diabetic). Not one bit of tea in it--just chai flavored sugar syrup. Gross.
  14. We traveled (not cruise) through various areas of Japan for several weeks in the summer; Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Alps Region, Kyoto, etc. It was melt-your-face hot & humid. Except for large city modern hotels, not much air-conditioning. On long touring day, expect to be fatigued & go to great lengths to stay hydrated--not just water but something with electrolytes. We would like to go back but only in the spring or fall.
  15. With most companies moving to 'Pay More; Get Less", there will be no such thing as business/ company / brand loyalty. We are Platinum on Princess, but have no qualms looking at other travel companies & cruise lines for the best itinerary, price & perks that suit us for each trip.
  16. Getting really fed up with the complicated nickel & diming! We don't drink so always go standard; they make sooooo much money on the Plus packages, they're trying to push everyone to them.
  17. If booked in a reserve mini-suite (Discovery), do we need to make advance reservations for main dining?
  18. As Princess veterans, we have looked at Viking but are always put off by having to pay in full seven months prior to the cruise.
  19. We did it pre-covid year & really enjoyed it. A fun way to learn Bahamian history & culture while eating some good local food.
  20. Is there a limit on the laundry service that is included with a suite?
  21. Thanks. I'll contact the travel agent. Special occasion; did the comparison, not looking to schlep bags & make own arrangements even if it costs a bit.
  22. Our cruise id booked through a travel agent. We've decided to book one princess pre-cruise hotel night / transfer. Q: Can I call Princess directly or do I need to go through the travel agent?
  23. Thanks. Without a doubt, Kristoff is by leaps & bounds the BEST cruise director on Princess or any other line in my experience on 40+ cruises on multiple lines.
  24. Anyone know where Cruise Director Kristoffer Greyling is? On vacation or left Princess?
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