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  1. I love your reviews. Thank-you. I actually have gone to several beaches based on the information you have provided.
  2. So very Sorry for you and your family. Prayers on the way. (((HUGS)))
  3. You can bring 2 bottles of wine on board, 1 for each adult over 21.
  4. Book Hilton Rose Hall with resortforaday. Includes transportation. They have a lazy river, slides, pools and beach. Food and drinks were good.
  5. Loving your review and pictures! Do you mine sharing what cabin number or what category your room is? Love that balcony!
  6. I agree, ear plugs and enjoy the JS. You just may find that the problem is gone.
  7. I have been following all week. Great pictures! Thank-you. #needacruisebooked
  8. ff274 - did you check the Freedom, think it is back into Galveston tomorrow doing the 7 night run.
  9. I got it also. Read the fine print, don't think you can upgrade. By the time you pay airfare, taxes, port charges, gratuity's it's not really free unless you win in the casino, lol
  10. I think sometimes when you do a mock booking, it removes that cabin to a queue. Next time, do a mock booking in the category you want but choose a cabin you dont want to get the pricing.
  11. On LOS in May, all they had was some kind of coffee flavor.
  12. Now that I think about it, we actually had 4 bottles of water. Two were at one end of the desk and 2 were at the other end. We had the drink package and the soda cups they left in the room were the leftover xmas decorated ones, lol. I ending up doing pretty god at the bj tables.
  13. Nice pics! I was on this sailing also. Only got 2 bottles of water for Diamond?? Gambled with you guys one or 2 nights on the bj tables near the picture center. Told you my son is interning at GSD&M in Austin. You told me you know someone in their advertising department there, small world.
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