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  1. This stinks as I also like to go into the Cruise Planner for my clients because a lot of them are first timers.. usually to give them guidance with a drink package. I noticed this change a few days ago and hope it was a glitch. This is gonna stink that we can no longer go into their Planner.
  2. I have a friend on the ship right now. They were able to have a few hours in Coco Cay yesterday. It is a much needed break for those working on the ship right now. Raising the bedframes so the stewards don't have to bend over so much.
  3. They have a team onboard right now doing some cosmetic work. Changing all the carpeting in the guest staterooms and raising the bedframes. But not the major refurb that it was scheduled for.
  4. The Certificates get issued first and then the money gets loaded onto it a short time later. Usually it's only a couple of days.
  5. One person will submit the refund request for the reservation. All people booked under that reservation will be processed.
  6. Funny you mention renewing your passport. I just sent ours off on Friday. They don't expire until 2023 but all of our pages were full. I won't need a passport until March at the earliest so I figured I had better take advantage of this "down" time. lol
  7. Thanks for your report. Who is the concierge on your ship right now?
  8. Hey, it's Anita. We met on the Empress. I am hoping that you can help me with something. Can you please reach out to me? Anita k 63@ sbcglobal.net. Thanks!
  9. Reyno is currently on vacation but I don't think he's coming back to the Symphony. Gosh, I can't remember where he told me he was going.
  10. The open deck behind Boleros is also a smoking section on the Empress.
  11. Call your TA tomorrow. Maybe there are Central Park Balconies. Or maybe you are booked in a group and there is still inventory in the category that you want. Either way, your travel agent is the one who will be able to help you.
  12. Additional Info: John Denton does 2 months on Empress and 2 months on Grandeur. Julie Young is from Cambridge and the Empress is her assigned ship. Keith Murphy will go to the Independence some time next month ( the last I heard).
  13. I added Julie Young to the Empress. She and John Denton alternate on the NE. Also, I deleted Santiago from the Mariner as he is the Island Manager for Coco Cay. I'm not sure who is HD on the Mariner now.
  14. Symphony - Suite Lounge is Rahul Barua and Francisco Dean. Jenny Pasemba is in the Diamond Lounge
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