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  1. Romina is currently on the Jewel and Aline was signing off on May 11th. So I'm not sure if Romina moved over to the Suite Lounge or not. I'm not sure who is replacing Aline.
  2. Voyager Update: Only Deck 14 is being used. Deck 9 is closed. There are 3 Golden Concierges: Andrea Juhasz, Sylvia and Francisco.
  3. On the Asian sailings, there are hardly and Crown and Anchor members on board so they don't use the Diamond lounge. The Suite Lounge usually has 4 concierges who rotate shifts because they keep longer hours. The Asian market is handled very differently. I'll try to get the names of the other concierges.
  4. I met Bill on the promenade and then every time I saw him after that he called me by name and chatted with me. The time I saw him in the Windjammer he invited me to sit down and eat with him. I found him to be very social.
  5. Andrea Juhasz is permantly assigned as a Golden Concierge for the Voyager so you can take her off of the Mariner listing. Tao is in the Suite Lounge on the Mariner with Grecia in the Diamond lounge.
  6. Christopher Dhookit is in the Suite lounge on the Adventure. Rafael is still in the Diamond Lounge
  7. You have your choice of prices. We didn't need dinner but we booked the premium seats. We were seated at a table all the way up front by the stage. We paid $95 per person. The people who were on the ship's tour were seating further back. The ship was charging $199 per person. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Of course, we had to pay a taxi to get there . The show was non stop, action packed singing and dancing. We really enjoyed it.
  8. John Denton is now on the Empress for 2 months.
  9. Super easy to exchange money in the terminal building. They have many many cashiers there waiting to do this. Easy peasy. Not an issue at all. We didn't know how much to get but since we were overnight we had a better idea of how much more we needed to make it through the second day so we ended up getting money twice. A 2 hour ride on the Hop on Hop off bus was $10 dollars. ( Cuban). A half hour ride in a convertible was around $25 bucks. Cigars can run you a range of prices but we bought a few for $10 a piece. You can bring up to 100 cigars back with you. We went to the Tropicana show at night. It was great. We booked it online. Cuba was much more than we had expected. We had a great time.
  10. I just updated the worksheet. Santiago Scarone is back on the Mariner as of Sept 17th.
  11. Mariner --- Tao told me the day that he signed off that he was back on Oct 29th. Allure - Usha goes on vacation in mid October.
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