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  1. On the varying opinions on price of the new Caymus, I am guessing the new price is the $149. It would have helped if those posting what they paid included the date.
  2. Mine had been Mondavi, but same idea.
  3. I read it that it was the whole restaurant for the old WMD. On Caymus, I guess I was thinking it was $149 like the other high-end experientials. I guess we should be quoting this as $165 now since old price included grats.
  4. Really? So soon? PS - I bet it's a carbon copy from what we guests will see as they have no time to see how Sun shakes out. If they build a third one, then you might see some tweaks (as in Royal Class).
  5. Not so fast because many of us like to have the same wait team for the full voyage.
  6. No reservations for any of the standing CD locations. I think they do take reservations for the pop-ups like Planks and Steamers? (Check me on that someone)
  7. There's a video on the main Sun thread about that.
  8. Sorry, duplicate post. It's on the main Sun thread.
  9. I know but how many grains are going in the same direction? Your second paragraph should be stricken due to the P word (notwithstanding whether I agree or not).
  10. I imagine they filled all the tables. Been at something similar in Sabi's some years back and they filled all the tables.
  11. Are you guys sure that old dinner is still $40? Seems hard to believe with EVERY OTHER dining situation up in price. I recently saw a $45 price point posted, but even that seems like it should be $49/$50 based on other increases.
  12. It's on the main Sun Princess thread. (I don't see the point of two threads unless he is going to do a Live From. I do agree - almost no shade at all. Unless in a pricey cabana. Even the Suite chairs look out in the open. I was confused as I thought I saw a still photo a day or two ago with the overhead shade "sails" and they looked a bit denser and less "gauzy" than on Royal Class ships. Could have been the angle or lighting. 324 capacity - didn't catch the nbr of loungers, nor how many are reserved for Suites. 5-6 Double loungers (yuck) near the pool. 8 Cabanas. No prices mentioned. IDK why the video guy Rex did not mention one of the most important pieces of information about the place.
  13. My understanding is you can swap out Guest #2 on a res. So, swap Dad and Baby. Are you too late to cancel Plus altogether and get refunded and go Standard? Then, add Plus on board. At least you know what to do next time. I am thinking Princess - at least on the ship - will not charge Baby for Plus. The PCL call center overseas is going to just read you chapter-and-verse and you have to pay. Maybe your TA needs to try a bit harder. IDK. Seems like they didn't give you the right advice from the get-go. Hope it works out.
  14. At least the Arena. Also no Magic shows (but I think that may have been known).
  15. What's with so many loungers that are thin webbed with no pad? I also noticed 5-6 double beds near pool and those are normally not that popular. Also, continues to be a major lack of shade unless in a cabana which must cost way more than the rest of the fleet. Oh well. Sigh.
  16. Personally, I would never expect PCL to decorate/furnish cabins the same as another cruise line.
  17. It is unfortunate, but appears none of our top cruise bloggers are on this voyage. Which of our regular super-bloggers is going to be on the Sun first?
  18. I will vote but it's a grain of sand on the beach.
  19. $80 a couple. I don't believe the poster was clear whether $99 covers 1 person/1 chair or a couple. But, here goes PCL again monkeying over $1. It's a hundred bucks.
  20. PCL should have a brief instruction guide in the cabins. Wouldn't surprise me if someone breaks the mechanism.
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