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  1. You are only getting the OBC because purchase and then use of a $100 FCD as a cruise booking deposit nets you OBC based on cruise length and cabin type. You don't need to feel pressured to make a cruise decision or booking on-board. For sure, buy the FCD's.
  2. What seems to be different about Princess is there is no provision for mask exemptions which many <most(?)> areas have in bylaws - at least where we live. As for outdoors, it makes no sense to be wearing masks outdoors. I hope when we cruise, Covid-19 is finished and gone for all intents and purposes.
  3. IDK why PE wouldn't have LNG - or be getting it in place.
  4. CC members did complain loud and long several months ago. This is an old thread and most people did their venting already.
  5. Although Princess did not send out a notice saying they were taking away this and that, they did publish notice of the new benefits and reading that one would realize the changes - hopefully.
  6. Agree. There are no special deals on board. Make sure to get your FCD's ordered. That's what really matters to future cruise bookings. Getting to book a cruise is not the Sanctuary. LOL. You can relax and take your time.
  7. Yes, we kind of beat this one up a few months back. It is what it is now.
  8. Part of this phenomena could be since Princess is supposedly making it possible, then people want to do it. Also, many of us could be testing to see if the App is working or not working since we know it has been full of bugs.
  9. As @Ombud wrote - refundable. Same is true with MedallionNet purchases.
  10. You have PLENTY of time as long as willing to get up early and they are ready to start testing early.
  11. Depends when they start testing. But I must admit, I wouldn't normally be up extra early for an 11am flight. Would likely leave the ship around 9am. So need to be off before 8am to get the test. I doubt I would push it. No plans to cruise from FLL by flying in from Canada this Winter. We are spending Winter in SW FL, so we could drive over and cruise, but it would be a last-minute decision and we wouldn't have to deal with much nonsense other than the pre-test - IF they are even still testing by mid-Winter. Who knows? I am more concerned about the land border opening sooner than later. 😉
  12. Considering ships are ready to disembark shortly after 6am or 7am (non-Royal Class), and airport is 10 minutes away, an hour or so delay for a test doesn't make the morning flight impossible at all. Makes me wonder who is going to be using those flights though - LOL.
  13. Perhaps when they start making some money, they will retro-fit some of the older ones with the newer concepts. Recall they finished off and opened the center stairwells after that poor design decision.
  14. As I stated, CBSA officers cannot deny a citizen entry to Canada. But you should have a good quarantine plan or they may bundle you off to a not-so-nice facility. Going back to the rental car, it would be useful to tell them that a friend or family member is going to return the rental car for you after you arrive home.
  15. Princess.com info indicates they are doing the test after exiting the terminal and indicate a PCR result can be had within about 60 minutes. PITA sort of as delays getting to airport, compared to getting the test on the ship a day or two earlier. Perhaps they are expecting to have a large volume over a longer period of time than when first conceived.
  16. I request a re-fare of the cruise booking when there is a significant enough change to warrant the effort for myself and the TA. Wouldn't bother for $25. As for EZ-Air, I rend to check that fairly often and it is self-service, so no need to bother someone and wait for them to respond or act.
  17. When I have a login with those questions for verification, I pretty much answer anything to a question even if nonsensical. It doesn't have to be a "correct" answer - you just have to give the correct response when asked based on what you setup.
  18. I would cruise anticipating the minimum standards are enforced and then you cannot go wrong. No t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, torn clothing, etc, in dining rooms. The clothing recommendations in FAQ's cover this.
  19. Refundable because if you purchase it on the spot you are charged 90%.
  20. I respect your point of view, but I fail to comprehend why you picked a two-month old post of mine to respond to which had nothing to do with complaining about the loss of the free minutes benefit. In fact, I have never posted a complaint about this loss.
  21. Well, yes you are expected/supposed to do that, but technically they cannot deny a citizen entry to Canada - and you are already in Canada when you present yourself to CBSA. If your return-home test is +ve for some reason, you could still show up and would be ordered into quarantine I expect. Since the hotels are gone, presumably you could drive home with a suitable quarantine plan. Otherwise, they could send you to a facility. Assuming you are fully-vaccinated, there is a relatively low chance, but you never know. I am just saying what you might do and what happens at the border in terms of admission.
  22. Just following on your thoughts, putting any personal moral issue aside for the moment, you could fly to a border town (BUF in my case), and then rent the car.
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