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  1. We always tip a additional $20-$25 at the specialty restaurants
  2. If it’s a Premier or Ultra cruise the 3% fee is waived IF it’s just a normal casino deal cruise there’s a 3% fee using your sign and sail card at the tables But Not at the slots
  3. I’ve definitely used mine in the casino
  4. We’re at 55 days and still no bid email offer nor anyone in my roll call group Hoping it’s any day now 😜
  5. Thanks ……I was thinking of bidding between $1,500-$1,600PP
  6. How much was a fair bid if you don’t mind sharing we’re waiting to get our bid offer Email and currently have a club balcony….going to try and bid on a 2 bedroom suite like you got. Thx
  7. Can people post what $$$ amount they bid and what cabin they got
  8. We drink mainly vodka and Grey Goose and Belvedere are included in the regular drink package so for us it definitely wouldn’t be worth it to upgrade and I’ll have some shots of Patron or Jd once in awhile and they are included as well
  9. What was the $25 casino free play based on?
  10. All this stress makes me happy my next cruise is with NCL who does the rapid test right at the port 😜
  11. I’m in FB casino groups for Carnival, NCL, Royal and MSC for over 15 years Ive Read my share of this same scenario throughout those years and NOT once did the person have problems boarding or have to pay double rate I’d go and have a blast with the understanding that there could be a extra charge per the contract….which would be slim to none happening Oh and a few people answered stating you can’t board because she’s not there….that is totally false. You’re on the booking and can 100% board some people fly in from different States etc and don’t all board together Lastly make sure to have your credit card registered for the sail n sign card
  12. In the contract it does say the person who’s offer it is would have to be there with that said I’ve read many many many posts on different casino sites and all the people did was have the one be a no show I’ve NEVER read one post or comment from someone who was them charged double could that happen? Yes it’s in the contract…..Odds of it happening are slim to none
  13. I read a reviews over on FB from people onboard the Horizon right now…..they said the staff is asking people to pull up masks in between taking sips from your drink but seemed more lax when it came to the people smoking
  14. Both….you can order Italian like always but also they have the MDR menu for those who want to order something else
  15. And I keep one of the trays from room service in the cabin for the whole week to make the trips down from the buffet back to the cabin simple 😜
  16. I’ve gone down and got a full breakfast of omelets, bacon, toast etc and brought it back up to the cabin to have on the balcony
  17. Call in now and pay to upgrade to a balcony you can’t do it onboard
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