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  1. I think he announced that he isn't even planning to take a jacket, so he had better hope for room service or that his SO will bring him leftovers. I only run into him at gatherings of my late husband's family, so once every several years; it's a weird extended family. I may get my step-daughter to let him know. Thanks so much!
  2. Thank you! I don't know how long their cruise is, come to think of it. He was talking about several and there were a lot of people talking around us.
  3. I'm going to jump in here and ask (honestly for a friend who thinks he know everything), does Crystal still have Formal nights?
  4. They keep saying "a cruise out of North America", is St. Maarten considered America? Anyway, I ordered some plastic sleeves for the vaccine cards. Know what came in the same envelope? A dozen or so of the "official vaccine cards", no need to forge them, people will just send them to you.
  5. One cruise, six people, four suites. It was the ideal time on the perfect ship; I sat out the wait and got my refund because I don't know if the six people can do it together in the future.
  6. Our experience in Alaska (although it was many years ago) was that there are excursion booths set up along the waterfront. My husband took one of those and was very happy with it.
  7. We were on Rovos Rail during a land trip. It was interesting.
  8. I have been to S. Africa twice, and at that time there were no vaccines required to enter the country. That was 15 years ago, and there may be requirements now that didn't exist then.
  9. So they haven't canceled the Alaska cruises yet?
  10. I remember roaming musicians; we sailed the Panama Canal on Legend when she was very new and impressive. We had a large table, and we all wanted to exchange the day's activities with each other; the musicians were annoying. I remember one lady slapping them away like flies, because they interrupted her. But I can't remember when that was.
  11. I took the cash refund, also; there were six of us, and that was a lot of cash. Oh well, I'll stay gold for the rest of my life so it doesn't matter.
  12. Oh, so I maybe did get credit for the cruise that didn't happen. I have never actually cruised solo on Regent.
  13. I am showing 12 reward nights. Even if it was for the cruise that got canceled, it should only be 7. Oh well, I was barely gold and I won't make it past gold so it is what it is.
  14. Just browsing, and found out something. I am SSS Gold, and as far as I know, I haven't ever gotten a newsletter from Regent.
  15. Pam

    Opinions please

    Absolutely, I would.
  16. Slight thread swerve here, but... Blacksmith, do you pay fees to your travel agent for helping you plan a cruise that he/she is collecting commission on from the cruise line?
  17. I honestly didn't see that it would do me any good to call Regent or email/call my TA; when somebody knew something, I would know. As it turned out, I was the first (after Regent) when my payments showed up in my Amex account. I know it's a lot of money and some of us needed it pretty badly after what has been going on, but I did my best to concentrate on things I actually could change. I'm not buffing my fingernails or polishing my halo, I just thought that I could worry about other stuff.
  18. I was just reading some of the older posts; our port fees and taxes weren't broken out; I got eight solid credits, four deposits and four final payments, exactly in the order I had paid them. And I am curious; if nobody wants to answer me, I won't get my feelings hurt. But do cruisers in the UK make payments to their travel agents, instead of the travel agent simply giving Regent your credit card number? My invoice is from Regent, and my refund was from Regent; in fact, I knew about the refund before my travel agent did, I let her know. I am always interested in how people live.
  19. My refunds showed up on American Express today. Four deposits, four final payments. Exactly the amount I had sent. We would have departed Seward on 6/24.
  20. My refund is sitting in my American Express account; it still reads "pending" so I will call for a check tomorrow. It looks like they refunded in exactly the same way that I paid, deposit amounts and then final amounts. We had picked some shore excursions that cost extra but hadn't been actually charged for them, they probably already knew the cruise would be canceled. We would have departed Seward on June 24th.
  21. We did a British Isles cruise on Voyager (I don't remember the year). I think this was the only time that a Regent ship sailed up the Thames and docked in London where the Cutty Sark is/was (it burned, I think, and I don't know if it was rebuilt). Captain Dag turned around partly up the river, and sailed a good part of it going backwards; I took a picture of him from our suite and somebody asked me why he was angry. It wasn't an angry face, it was a face of total concentration; it's hard work sailing up a river backwards. There was a terrible fog, and he didn't know until the very last minute whether or not he could make the turn into the Thames.
  22. My cruise was to be June 24, so I'm watching. I called American Express today, and they confirmed that they will have to send me a check.
  23. Yay Rachel! Maybe I'll get some happy news this next week, my name is right after yours on the spreadsheet.
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