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  1. I doubt the enforcement....I was in YC over Thanksgiving and I saw tshirts, ball caps and shorts at all dinners....
  2. Good luck... When we missed Ocean Caye in 2019,due to opening delays, we were promised a future cruise credit which was based on a % of our fare. Since we cruised Yacht Club.... I expected a nice credit. Of course we never saw it.... 3 or 4 emails to MSC and still got runaround. Finally a Rep said...we will calculate based on your next booking. I told them..no thanks as I book thru online agencies and just wanted a email with the amount so I could apply to the future cruise...never got a response and gave up.
  3. On Seascape we received a paper bill mid cruise and another the last evening of cruise. We were in YC
  4. We had Pringles in our cabin on our Seascape Thanksgiving Cruise as well as afternoon/nightly treats. I agree with your comments on the shops. I couldn't find a hat!! In speaking to a sales associate I was informed they had not received any recent shipments to restock!! I surmised...the retail element is not important to MSC. Not much was offered even for the so called "sales" at the tables in the walkways outside the stores
  5. Lol… to the expected gratuity or tax… but you never know!! A simple announcement stating” if you already pre registered your CC… please disregard. But I do understand.., they would rather inconvenience us upfront then chasing down 100’s at end of the cruise!
  6. You are correct. However, in typical MSC confusion...would be nice if they would clarify that those who provided CC to not prior to cruise could disregard!
  7. "Card Activation Kiosks - a wonderful service. No need to stand in the long Guest Services line to make a deposit, to get the balance back, or to register your credit card. We've used it several times and were pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. Now, you gotta wait when you touch your cruise card to the reader plate until you hear a ding and then proceed to use the services" The activation for credit cards may be for non US passengers?? All my past cruises on MSC, including the Thanksgiving Cruise, it told me my card was already registered when I placed my room key card on the Kiosk. I did provide my credit card information during pre-cruise registration
  8. Almost impossible to have a a bad experience in Yacht Club. Don't overthink it and just enjoy being spoiled!
  9. I just got off a MSC cruise...when I embarked...never asked for questionnaire or other doc's.... Just wanted to see my Passport Card. Its almost like boarding a plane now a days
  10. I have never been impressed with Aurea...Comes across as sterile and bland. Very small bar in corner....very few people use the area and only 1 or 2 hot tubs....Its basically a bland sun deck
  11. I remember see this but we were so busy( having a great time!) i didnt stop by future cruise desk until Friday!! It was also a nice touch that they had a future cruise rep in Top Sail Lounge several times during cruise
  12. Its obvious I'm blind and not a Craps player lol
  13. I hear you...we booked another YC cruise while onboard and our itinerary shows the same port in DR
  14. Morph...another great report. Sorry we didn't meet you on this cruise...but I 2nd many of your comments. We felt this cruise was the best of our 3 YC cruises. I was happy to see many of the little touches were back...nightly chocolates or sweets left by Butler/Jr Butler... also we may have had excellent Butlers (Kutsi was ours). I really don't have any negatives and despite a full YC with close to 70 children/teens....service was remarkably consistent and attentive.
  15. Amber Cove is a different port. Last Thanksgiving we stopped at Amber Cove on Odyssey of Seas cruise. The other port is NW of Amber Cove
  16. On Seascape...I mentioned the same to my wife...Saw several Thanksgiving cakes but never saw any cut and offered!
  17. When I finally figured out how to get out to Top 19 from YC (Day 5 lol)....I noticed that it was literally empty the remainder of the cruise. Even on our last Sea day...may be 10 people max. From the main cruise deck...has a glass door with a card reader which is accessible via your card or MSC wrist band. Not alot of traffic on deck 19 which limits entry by others. To get into YC from Aurea is a mini maze thru unmarked wood looking doors..so much different than Seaside where Aurea and YC sundecks were on same deck and accessible via a glass door reader. Pool deck in YC is on deck 20
  18. Decks 8 and 19 would be your best bet for longest deck walks...
  19. We took a previous MSC card with us and it worked just fine and kept lights on.
  20. Interesting... Just off Seascape and never saw the Craps table??? Saw Roulette...but no craps and I walked around all the card tables.
  21. You should be fine...We just returned from Seascape Thanksgiving cruise and disembarking began at 7:30...we took our time but from when butler escorted us off ship, gathered our luggage and went thru immigration....maybe 15 minutes! Facial recognition is amazing. I didn't know what to expect since we had previously cruised with BC and DL...and I didn't expect it to be as easy since we only had a Passport Card. Also baggage number 71...is only temporary. They ran out of YC tags and assigned that high number to YC passengers. Also YC luggage is closest to Immigration area
  22. For YC passengers...disregard the boarding time. It does not pertain to YC. All passengers are assigned a boarding time. Just got back from Seascape cruise. 3 rd time in YC and all 3 cruises we were at white tent at 10:30 and boarded with first group when ship was cleared from previous cruise
  23. What do you mean you don't have Uber or Lyft?? Its an app on your phone..easy to get.
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