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  1. https://about.geo-blue.com/crisisalert/covid19-members I apologize for not being specific enough. My concern is medical evscuation. So, it is the statement in the section on the link above that has me confused about medical evacuation coverage. It seems that in this specific question section addressing medical evacuations it is stated that in the Voyager and Trekker plans, medical evacuation for covid is not covered. This is what has me hesitating in pourchasing the Geo Blue annual trekker plan. Everything else about the plan seems perfect for our needs. Perhaps I am not interpreting this correctly?
  2. I have used Geo Blue in the past and was going to purchase another annual policy when we start cruising again in November. However, Geo Blue evacuation coverage excludes Covid. That is a concern to me. Any suggestions on other products which would provide a similar type of annual policy to Geo Blue but would cover evacuation in the case of covid ?
  3. We have used geo blue trekker pre covid. One worry now though is it appears the trekker policies exclude evacuation coverage if diagnosed with covid. Some countries and cruise lines are requiring insurance which covers covid, including evacuation coverage. Any policies that we should consider to meet these country and cruise line covid requirements?
  4. We will do third party insurance co. Not looking into that yet. A lot can change with covid requirements for insurance etc. We used Geo Blue in the past but while they cover treatment for covid, right now they don't cover medical evacuation for covid. We shall see how things unfold over the next few months and will decide what to purchase for medical and evacuation coverage.
  5. Ours was the oasis thanksgiving cruise as well and final payment was coming up so we made a decision to push out to next year. I feel a lot better now. All the protocols and everything did not make the cruise sound too appealing anymore!
  6. They are refunding our deposit as money to our credit card. We were before final payment so only the deposit had been paid. I don't know if it would have been refunded as an fcc if it had been after final payment.
  7. Our original cruise was for Nov 2020 on Oasis. Then we lifted and shifted that one to Nov 2021 ... Now we cancelled 2021 cruise and booked April 2022 on the Allure. The first cruise that started all this was booked well before covid!
  8. We just cancelled a November cruise on OAS and booked a cruise on Allure for April 2022 instead. We are getting our NRD refunded back to us. So the cruise with confidence policy works for nonrefundable deposits. It was before final payment so we were only concerned about the deposit. We just don’t think things will be resolved with COVID by the November cruise and hope that by the spring things will be much better for cruising. We actually prefer the Western Caribbean itinerary of the April cruise and prefer departing from Ft. Lauderdale over Miami. It’s also a little less price-wise, so a win-win all around. The only downside is waiting a few more months to get back on a cruise ship. But we feel that is the best decision for us.
  9. Curious if anyone knows if a passenger wishes to disembark at the RC private island if one has to apply for the Bahamas visa.
  10. So, you are saying a passenger is not required to meet the Covid protocols for entry to each and every port of a scheduled cruise if that passenger does not wish to disembark at a particular port. That certainly simplifies things.
  11. I guess the other question is even if Royal Caribbean isn’t requiring vaccinated guests to have covid tests during the cruise, are some of the Caribbean ports going to require us to have had Covid testing us to get off the ship within a time frame that would require a test to be done on the ship. I’m starting to look into that now for the ports for my November cruise.
  12. I’m torn over what to do. I want to get back to cruising in a big way, but part of me just wants to cancel and wait until things are much improved. We are going to look into travel insurance. Pre COVID our “go to “ insurance has been Geo Blue multi trip policy, but now the Geo Blue multi trip and single trip policies exclude COVID for its evacuation coverage, so not certain what we will do.
  13. In the fall of 2019 we booked Oasis of the Seas scheduled for November 2020 and then lifted it to 2021. Yep a NRD too. So....On a caribbean cruise from a Florida port, I see now that regardless of vaccination status everyone must present a negative covid test to board. We don't really mind that new requirement even though it will cost us money. BUT, In addition to this, even if fully vaccinated, Is everyone on board tested prior to return to to Florida? If so what happens if you test positive prior to disembarkation ? Could we be quarantined? Or forced to take some crazy expensive form of transport back to our home on the West coast of Florida when our car will be parked at the Miami port?
  14. Could you share the name of the insurer? That would be helpful for those of us who will probably now want to get coverage for medical and evacuation, etc.
  15. Got it. I have an iPad and when I go into settings I cannot see a version number of the app. Interestingly, on my phone, which is a Google Pixel, I can go into my settings, open my list of apps, scroll down to the medallion class app and see the version number in the details. I don’t know if this can also be done on an apple phone. I agree, if it says open vs. update you probably have the latest version of the app, whether you are in an android or apple device. Sorry for my misunderstanding the original question.
  16. Go to App Store on an apple device and find the app. Then click on the sea witch logo. Don’t click on “open”. After you click on seawitch logo, you will get to the screen you see in my first photo. Then in the first photo you see Version History and you click on that to see the app history noted in the second photo.
  17. It is all so ridiculous. But, it pales in comparison to life's "real" problems.... so I am going to try and go with the flow for now. Hopefully anything that is "required" can be input so I can remain in the green lane...
  18. I just updated the app and see the same notations as Steelers36 and Daniel A. Good news. I now have the emergency airport return and travel plans on my checklist, BUT the travel plans has weirdly and not completely imported EZ air information. I am not going to worry about it. Baby steps.
  19. I still cannot see an emergency airport return section but I can see and fill out the health section. No upload of a vaccination card though either. edit... I just updated the app and the emergency airport return section and travel section are here! Travel section has not correctly imported all my EZ Air reservations though.
  20. I was wondering about this as well. This will be an issue as well on the Dec 19 South America/Antarctica trip we have booked (if the cruise actually goes forward) as our leg of it commences in Chile. Since we live in Florida we will have to travel internationally to reach the departure port. I cannot believe Princess really has thought this all through.... Practically All yellow lane passengers for boarding will be an issue....
  21. My medallion app shows the same incorrect port of Saguenay. I can't even select an arrival group. It says it is too soon. Honestly, I don't think this cruise will even happen given the state of Covid and vaccinations and international travel issues. I would just wait and see if the app is ever fixed!
  22. I believe the brand they had December 2019 was Mighty Leaf tea.
  23. So, I have three upcoming cruises. On the first one, I slipped to yellow yesterday but then when I would click on a different voyage and then back to the first voyage, the first voyage would change back to green... I haven't looked this morning to see if it has reverted back to yellow. Also, yesterday, my health status section updated to a much more detailed section (but without an option to upload vaccine card). I am not stressing because I don't think my first upcoming cruise is even going to happen (South America/Antarctica for late December). I figure by the time my second booked Princess cruise comes up, things will be ironed out (June 2022 to Alaska).
  24. The medallion and a lanyard are free. You order through the app. You can get bracelets and other accessories for your medallion for a cost. Shipping to your home is free or you can pick it up at the port. To check in, most information is now required to be entered into or to uploaded to the medallion class app on your phone other electronic device such as a tablet. The cruise personalizer is now utilized only for a small number of items such as Ez Air reaervations and printing out luggage tags. Many people are having a lot of difficulty with the app. The check in process has not been going smoothly.
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