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  1. I called to have it sorted and it still isn't sorted. Old app shows me as elite and new app does not. The ocean rep said they see that I am elite and it is a glitch. Fortunately I already booked medallion.net with the old app for all our upcoming cruises and the discount was applied for each one. Hoping it is corrected eventually.
  2. I have 4 cruises from now until Sept 2025 and they also show on old app. Old app I'm elite and new app I'm blue as well. I purchased internet for all upcoming 4 cruises yesterday using the old app to be sure I got the elite discount.
  3. Last night I was able to purchase internet for upcoming cruises through late September 2025. I had a little trouble getting it to work with my credit card for a couple of the cruises, but somehow it finally worked for three upcoming cruises. So we are all set now and have locked in at the current elite discount rate before the price increase next week.
  4. I don't have any package, but I have the same icon with the plus sign. So... the plot thickens....
  5. Thanks! Much appreciated. You are a fountain of information! I have sent an email with my concerns about my loyalty status being incorrect as well as my concerns about the shoreside transaction credit card requirement.
  6. I looked around in the app and didn’t see anything helpful. I guess I should look on the website. How do you reach out to them? Is email an option?
  7. I have similar issues. When I log in as me, I am not “ready to sail” as I deleted my credit card for shoreside purchases ( I never had authorized those …hmmm) and so it shows 6/7 completed tasks. My husband however shows ready to sail and no mention of shoreside credit card approval. When I log in as him, it is the reverse, I am ready to sail and he is 6/7 even though I am the principal cardholder. Also for some reason even though we are both elite, my loyalty status is zero no matter how log in to the new app. My loyalty status is elite is correct on the old app. Not sure how to fix that one! Fortunately I have already purchased internet package ( and that shows up in the app as purchased) so I don’t have to worry about the internet discount issue. Anyone know how to fix loyalty status on the app? We don’t sail until June so I am hoping this all just fixes itself in an update.
  8. We did a South America/ Antarctica cruise on the Coral Princess starting in mid Dec 2019 and ending the first week in January 2020. Yep. Just in the nick of time before covid. It was an amazing experience. I did a Live-ish review with photos etc on cruise critic boards. There were many very interesting presentations on the history and expeditions in this region. As well, there were all the typical Princess Christmas festivities and even a midnight buffet on New Year's Eve that was fantastic. We sailed from Buenos Aires to Chile with 4 days in the Antarctic region. We had a balcony cabin, but also spent a lot of time on deck. While there are no landings in the Antarctic peninsula on this type of cruise, it was spectacular.
  9. We just got off the Magnifica a few days ago. There was a card in our room when we boarded that set a time for us to have the Diamond dinner benefit. If that time would not be satisfactory, it gave a number to call to change the reservation time. The Magnifica only has one specialty restaurant. The Diamond dining experience was very good. However, we prefer the specialty dining options on the newer MSC ships, the Butcher’s Cut restaurant in particular.
  10. I just downloaded it. So far it is working correctly. Has all my information.
  11. Yes, Cellular data is turned off. I go into airplane mode, first connect to Intranet and then connect to Internet by buying the princess wifi plan. My carrier is Google Fi. I love being able to send and receive regular texts. Not everyone has Whatsapp or Messenger. It is very convenient.
  12. We are on the Emerald Princess right now. We purchased a 4 device wifi plan and are traveling with our adult son and his wife. We text each other as well as others back home. No problems at all. I have a pixel 5a. My daughter in law has an iPhone. We can send and receive texts both with Android users or iPhone users.
  13. We are on the Emerald Princess now and my android phone works fine, as does my husband's phone and my son's phone. My son had trouble with the app before boarding , but was able to solve the problem by using the web version to check in. Now on board all is well.
  14. We were on a 17 day Transatlanic, starting in Ft. Lauderdale, with 4 ports in Iceland, 1 in Canada and one in the U.K. before disembarking in Southampton. There were numerous enrichment lectures in addition to the trivia, etc. I thought we would be bored, but honestly, we found it to be excellent. The lectures were really interesting and we enjoyed the relaxation on sea days. We booked a transatlantic for 2025 because we loved Iceland and want to do it again! Anyhow, this is also just our two cents worth!
  15. There are multiple complimentary options in grand class ships, including International Cafe usually on deck 5, Salty Dog Grill usually on the Lido deck ( formerly called Trident Grill) for hamburgers, hot dogs, and grilled chicken sandwiches, and Slice pizza on the Lido deck for 2 to 3 types of pizza by the slice.
  16. We have tipped the laundry staff on two separate cruises that were around 17 days each. We put a note on the laundry slip indicating there would be an envelope in the laundry bag an asked for confirmation it was received so we didn’t think the tip ended up being washed! On both occasions we received very appreciative phone calls from laundry personnel. From their phone calls I gathered it was very unusual for them to receive a tip. Even though we know part of the crew appreciation goes to staff, we wouldn’t hesitate to tip the Laundry staff, as well as our steward, and a number of other staff in the coffee bar, trident grill, pizza place, etc. on future cruises.
  17. We got back last week from the Fire & Ice Transatlantic on the Island Princess from Ft. Lauderdale to Southampton and they had this list of the buffet daily menu specials. It was helpful in planning when we might want to eat dinner in the buffet instead of the MDR.
  18. I guess this means the Island Princess does not have the motion sensor lighting installed in the cabins yet. We will be on the Transatlantic departing Ft. Lauderdale on May 26, so we have time to purchase your suggested night light. Thank you for this link.
  19. So if I buy a 2 device wifi plan and I want to be logged into 2 devices ( phone and computer) simultaneously, can I do that? Or do I have to log off one before I can log into the other?
  20. I leave Saturday and can't find the health assessment either. It shows my check-in is complete on the app.
  21. Thank you so much for all this information. This is extremely helpful. Two additional questions. First, any idea what the cost is for the more costly option into London to the Tower area you mentioned? And second, if you could provide an estimate, how long does it take to get from hotel to terminal 3 when we want to get to the airport to get our flight back to the U.S. just trying to figure out when to leave for airport for a 9:30 a.m. flight. I know we need to be at airport several hours early. thank you again!
  22. We are booking the Princess transfer to Heathrow and are staying at the Holiday Inn Express, Terminal 4 in mid June. I assume we can ask the transfer to drop us at terminal 4 so we can hopefully easily get to the hotel. Then we want to go into London to do some sightseeing the next day and wonder what is the best way to get from the Holiday Inn Express into the city to see The Tower. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Finally, two days later we depart on a 9:20 flight from Heathrow terminal 3 on Virgin Atlantic. Any suggestions how to get to the correct terminal since I know the Holiday Inn Express is not near terminal Virgin Atlantic departs from? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  23. We are Diamond and currently on the Meraviglia. To make your dinner reservations they ask you to go to Ocean Cay restaurant on deck 6 between 9:30 a.m. and I think 5:00 p.m. and they make reservations there for any of the specialty restaurants. I made our diamond benefit reservation at 9:45 a.m. the day after we embarked and waited in line for 15 minutes to do so. Enjoy the Diamond benefits!!!
  24. In preparing for our Alaska cruise this past June, I deleted the information regarding my expired passport and I saved the new info in the medallion app...but when we checked in, the old info showed up on Princess tablet even though the medallion app on my phone showed the updated passport information. How strange is that ! So... now what I am doing in prepration for future cruises on Princess, I used the web based version of the cruise personalizer and entered the new passport information. We will see what happens the next time we check in !
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