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  1. Wags So will you/would you take another river cruise? Was it what you expected? After so many ocean sailings - it is a big change (no matter what lines you have sailed on) but appears you enjoyed the experience. We sailed on our first river cruise about a year ago and I had done a lot of research prior to booking and sailing so I knew what to expect regarding the onboard experience prior to stepping on board - Bob
  2. HBC Just wanted to thank you for taking us all along on your sailing. Really enjoying your photo's and your detailed reviews - was really surprised at the interior shots of the ship you posted above - such a spacious and expansive atrium - for a minute I was not sure it was of the ship! Having only sailed on one river cruise (so far!) on AMA Serena - it's atrium/lobby was much smaller. thank you again! Bob
  3. AF-1 Agree completely with Jazz. As many others will tell you - read as much and as many stickies at the start of this section and read others reviews and posts (and keep an open-mind!). A well informed cruiser whether ocean or river cruiser (in my opinion) is the best cruiser in terms of managing ones expectations! Our first river cruise was on AMA as well - and I am completely hooked on river cruising now. Would sail on another (vs an ocean sailing) in a heartbeat. Just as ocean cruising is not for everyone - river cruising is the same. Specific questions - ask away - the boards are extremely helpful as I am sure you know ! Bob
  4. Bob Thank you so much for all your very informative postings, your wonderful photos both on and off the ship (s) and for taking the time to post all of this information ! Really enjoying traveling along with you - ! Thanks again - Bob
  5. Bob Thanks again. Really enjoying your posts and photo's. Normandy Beach day - what time did the excursion leave the ship in the morning? And assume back on the buses around 4:30 to reach the ship at 7:30pm? Monet's gardens look absolutely beautiful. It would be a completely different experience for us if we sail on the sailing between the holidays at year end - thats for sure! Bob
  6. Bob Thank you so much for the GF information! While I hate to be one of those diners with special requests / restrictions - sometimes one has no idea what ingredients are used in the preparation of a dish - and what I may think is okay - turns out it may not be. Glad to know if I am lucky enough to book a Uniworld sailing this winter - I will be in good hands! Your postings are making it really tough! not to start the conversation with the family! thanks again!
  7. Bob The little icons on the dinner menu - looks to be a V (vegetarian) and a ? Curious since the icons really do make selecting items much easier when one has dietary restrictions (had to go gluten free a few years ago). Your photos are wonderful - thank you for sharing your trip - looking forward to traveling along! Bob
  8. Bob Also following along with great interest! Uniworld and a Paris sailing is on my radar. Hotel looks fabulous! Bob
  9. Thanks for Posting Robin! brings back wonderful memories! What line / ship are you sailing on? Bob
  10. Keith If you need a good restaurant recommendation for Vienna while still there - let me know. My oldest was there for several weeks and when we sailed last year - we went to one of her "local" recommendations - it was fabulous and right in the heart of the city. One of those places unless you know about - would not think to stop in. Bob
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