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  1. I believe your opinion has great value. 🙃
  2. Does it matter if the CDC is Not Faring Well In Federal Court ? I will cancel my booked cruise if it doesn't seem safe (low levels of vaccination) or on the other hand, the safety protocols are too onerous . I generally support the CDC but at this point their role has diminished .
  3. I'm in the , CD doesn't really impact my cruise in any way , camp . Occasionally I've had an opinion and it was at odds with what most of CCers felt . Having read Matt's adios letter it seems that there is some pain there . This pandemic was very hard on many .
  4. What's a flip phone ? Never mind , I just saw a Consumer Cellular ad . 😁 Frankly this was never a great idea . Noro virus anyone ?
  5. I never thought I'd be so happy reading about someone else's cruise. Thanks A suggestion. Use an old phone . That's what I've been doing. It's great for wifi usage, pictures and music. If it gets damaged or lost, who cares.
  6. I'm not sure how it costs the consumer but I'm sure the loss of very loyal customers is not a smart decision . I'm not talking about myself having absolutely no brand loyalty but recognize that there are fiercely loyal Princess cruisers . Taking away perks that cost little but are greatly valued isn't a wise decision . As has been said , it's much cheaper to keep an existing client then to attract a new one .
  7. Perfect analogy . When prices are high with profits to match , both the oil and the cruise businesses plan for never ending growth . Both have long capital lead times . Only by shutting down marginal rigs and older ships were they able to reduce supply, for now . There are lots of huge spanking new ships on order and as always prices will go up and prices will go down .
  8. Exactly ! For the unvaccinated , whether the reason is medical or mental , don't cruise at this time !
  9. I'd assume she means whatever will get you to book a cruise or two or three . 🙃
  10. I guess NCL is now Royal's inspiration . RC's new slogan , We promise to out nickle and dime Norwegian !
  11. Competance is one thing but that does not excuse rudeness . I think that the US standard of service is generally pretty high with warmth and enthusiasm overshadowing a lower level of professional training . I would expect that on an American staffed cruise ship . And don't call me Shirley .
  12. Or when you want to pander to your supporters whose attitude is "Nobody gonna make me take no vaccine and I'm gonna vote for the fellar who supports my choice"
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