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  1. I'm confused . There are 2 Sabatini's menus up on the Princess specialty restaurant site . https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining/specialty-restaurants/ The first one listed, previously posted here says $25 PP .Cover charge of $25/person includes one selection The second one has a $29 price . https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/Onboard_Experience/Sabatinis-Menu-Sample.pdf BUON APPETITO Cover charge $29 per person. Why are there 2 Sabatini menus with 2 prices ? Edited to say I found the reason . Princess has 2 versions depending on which ship you are on . A bit silly that the prices and menus are different but there ya go . Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria†† Caribbean, Coral, Grand, Golden, Regal, Sky, Star Princess Specialty Sea Days 7:30am–10:30am Complimentary breakfast for suites only. Port Days 7:30am–9:30am Complimentary breakfast for suites only. N/A 5:30pm–10:00pm Opening times subject to change dependent upon itinerary. $25 per person (adults & children over 12 years of age) $12.50 per person (children 3–12 years old) No charge (children 0–2 years old) Sabatini’s†† Crown, Diamond, Island, Pacific, Royal, Sapphire Princess Specialty Sea Days 7:30am to 10:30am Complimentary breakfast for suites only. Port Days 7:30am to 9:30am Complimentary breakfast for suites only. N/A 5:30pm–10:00pm Opening times subject to change dependent upon itinerary. $29 per person (adults & children over 12 years of age) $14.50 per person (children 3–12 years old) No charge (children 0–2 years old)
  2. If you are offered a guarantee/sailaway , then they are promising you a cabin in a specific category .
  3. We were very happy that Princess Cay was our first stop on the Regal . Escaping Canadian winter and enjoying a nice beach day was just wonderful .
  4. I am one of those doubters .😁 Happy to hear they treated you properly and kudos on your fine attitude . Forgive my attitude as I continue to wonder what their compensation policy will be for those with upcoming affected cruises .
  5. Well that's shocking . They didn't change the prices ! 😲
  6. Any Pearl updates ? I haven't read anything new for 3 days .
  7. Wow ! Those would be quite the drinks !
  8. Your response was a bit snarky but the responses to your post were waaay over the top . Did you kick a puppy ? Yes it's cursed because if something bad happens , then the thing is cursed forever ! 🙄 You'll never get some people to believe that travel insurance isn't the best thing since sliced bread .Even if it's unneeded , redundant , expensive or it's small print doesn't cover the specific issue . It's existence is often used to blame the victim's of cruise line cancellations
  9. True but don't forget most cruisers are conservative and risk adverse . Plus many make pre and post cruise plans which may not be alterable. With suddenly no cruise as the filling in this sandwich , it makes last minute cancellation very hard to plan around .
  10. Well for NCL , this is fair compensation . I hope that the ship will be repaired in time for those with upcoming cruises on the Pearl and that Norwegian will do its best to keep them informed .
  11. What will it take to get you to do more then seriously consider it ? Make the gangplanks part of Vibe ? Truth is that RC seems to watch NCL to see how far they can push the envelope . If it flies , then they will introduce it on their ships .
  12. This. I agree that if you pay more, you should get more. But where is the line when you've pushed it so far that the vast majority feel like second class (or 3rd class) passengers. This is known as steerage .
  13. Add this latest move to the reasons I will continue to consider Norwegian only IF the price of the cruise I'm looking at is significantly less then the competition. You get less with NCL with your base fare. Their innovative ways to seperate customers from their money is impressive. 🙄 Love your posts.
  14. Yup great pastries . I bought multiple cookies in tins which were a great gift . Beautiful and tasty. Also interesting liquor brands not available at home at great prices . For American's if you don't have a prescription health plan and possibly even if you do , take advantage of common generic drugs at a very small % of the cost in the USA . There is a huge range of drugs from statin's to synthroid to the little blue pill . 😁 I'd say a 5 minute walk .
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