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  1. Yes to all of the above. Likely it's going to be a longish break from cruising for us.
  2. It's not just NCL that is in serious trouble . Which company is least likely to go bankrupt may be the question. The brands may survive after chapter 20 but not the FCC's .
  3. It seems in a world of hysteria, the CDC believes the only thing that can get you fired is action . Inaction is considered prudent with an abundance of caution . 🙄
  4. As they are part of RCI , I've got to believe that Pullmantur FCC's will be honored by the parent company . I'm waiting to see the first bankruptcy of a cruise company . Hoping for none .
  5. Agree ! I have my doubts about changes helping fight Covid but these changes should have other positive effects .
  6. I have no problem with cafeteria style buffets . I'm wondering if pre-portioned small plates would still be OK . This seems to be the direction cruises are going and it's a good idea . But you do serve yourself and I have watched people scoop the contents of multiple tiny plates and deposit the food onto a single plate and then leaving the empty plates right on the counter . Not a big issue for me in the past but today .......🤢
  7. We were very fortunate . We booked a 10 day Sapphire cruise leaving March first from Singapore . We waited and waited for Princess to cancel . The cruise before before us was only cancelled the day before sailing and of course many had already flown great distances to get to Singapore . Eleven days before sailing our cruise was cancelled as was the cruise before us . Again most had already flown there for that cruise . We got a full refund onto our CC in less then 2 weeks and 50% FCC for the whole package including air . Hotels.com returned 100% of our non-cancellable hotels . Again we feel very fortunate and realize that things went extreme just after us . With no cruise we looked for an alternative and got a great deal on a last minute AI in Cozumel . It was wonderful . We had a fantastic time there . We do have a good amount of FCC but may not end using it .
  8. I think this is OK news for those of us with credit . My FCC is in US $'s but my Princess account is in Cdn $'s . I priced out a Caribbean cruise and the FCC was automatically converted to Canadian at the 1.4 conversion rate .
  9. We ,like many, have significant future cruise credits (FCC) . There is a very good possibility it will not get used . In our case the credit must be used in less then 9 months , we would have to fly to cruise , and work schedules are an issue . I'm not complaining . We were fortunate enough to get our money back for our cancelled cruise so this is "found" money but still .... What about you . Will your FCC likely go to waste ?
  10. Yes, the non cruise ship ban is currently June 21st . The cruise ship ban is " Cruise ships with overnight accommodations allowed to carry more than 100 persons are prohibited from operating in Canadian waters until October 31, 2020." You can argue that the ban is justified . You can not say that the ban is not targeting cruise ships .
  11. Politics as usual. Trudeau correctly figures there are more votes with the haters then cruise lovers.
  12. Next thing you know they'll want to be treated as equals. 😳
  13. Excellent post . The changes to the non-buffet options will be massive. These changes might be greater in terms of the customer experience . Full masks and shields for all staff . This wouldn't bother me in the buffet but would certainly harm the MDR experience . Cruise lines may go back to strictly assigned seating times, perhaps in 3 shifts to facilitate full social distancing with only small tables of solely family units . Not keen on eating at 5 or 9 PM . Maybe 4:30 and 9:30 to facilitate extensive cleanup between shifts . So YES , people are much too concerned with possible buffet changes . The changes required to the sit-downs will be greater and more disruptive . And if all this happens, it will happen without me .
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