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  1. Wonderful generous gesture but I would break the surprise to them prior to the cruise . Their joy will not be diminished but their ability to plan will be appreciated . Anticipation is a wonderful gift you can give them . When you ask a question on CC , you are going to get advice . It's all solicited . Get a grip !
  2. Does anyone have a link to the wine package selection's . Someone posted only a "gold" package is available . What are the details? I will be on a Sapphire cruise out of Singapore . Will my cruise have the Australian version of the wine list ? Anyone have any info ? thanks People choose and prefer wine based on their eyes and egos ($$$'s is better because I'm better) . I was once with a crowd of self-proclaimed vinophiles . We were served a high end wine that they oohed and aahed about . I tasted it and it was seriously corked . Perhaps the emperor has no clothes .
  3. Thanks oneputt I agree but the prices for other services are quite high . BEARD TRIM EXPRESS $47 | $35* BEARD TRIM/SHAVE $88 | $66* HAIRCUT $34 | $26* HEAD SHAVE $57 | $43* MUSTACHE OUTLINE $16 | $12* STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVE $68 | $51* $68 for a shave ? Wow!
  4. From Holland America SMOKING POLICY All staterooms, suites, and verandahs are non-smoking. Guests in violation of our policy will be charged a $250 per day cleaning fee. E-cigarettes are permitted in staterooms, otherwise only in designated smoking areas. Except as otherwise noted, cigar and pipe smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the ship; it is only permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas.
  5. Finally purchased CCL shares . Oddly proof must be sent by mail or fax and not by PDF or attachments . The credit for my upcoming Princess cruise was very fast and just appeared in my booking info details . I understand that Carnival has very few if any restriction on receiving this OBC . RCL is supposed to have significant exclusions on getting these ownership benefits where they can not be combinable with other discounts .
  6. Meh . Projected net income is $1.78 billion from $1.71 billion last year. So what's 60 million ? Less then 4 % . The amount is trivial . The danger is further sanctions , criminal , civil and reputational for future transgressions .
  7. On my Getaway cruise the cruise price went up but the taxes went down . The net was a small increase so I was fine with the change . I was also hoping that there would be a small credit onboard from reduced port fees . No such luck . 🤷‍♂️
  8. This is Cruise Critic . Cruise Critic !! The whole site is the definition of first world issues . 😛
  9. As always a good post . I'm thinking cruises are the last remaining segment of the travel industry with fat commissions . Flight commissions are tiny and hotel's are pretty small . I understand that travel packages to AI's and cruises are what's left . So I wonder if the cruise lines are going to attempt to drastically cut TA's cut in the next few years . I'm betting they will and these cuts will stick. Then the cruiselines will not have to match big discounts because with shrunken commissions there won't be any to give .
  10. This comment or variations of it keep being made . I don't agree with it and believe the us versus them argument is exactly what Celebrity hopes for . We are moderate alcohol drinkers but when you add the waters, coffees, sodas and fruit juices we absolutely will average almost 10 drinks a day . Comparing this to NCL's program where we average less then five as nothing but fountain soda and alcohol are included . So yes there are going to be who drink a lot on Celebrity but there are many that enjoy the breadth of the Celebrity program with non-adult drinks .
  11. Not sure . Flabby pasty bottoms are also unappetizing .
  12. Official policy aside, this was our experience . We ordered different but same price beers . Another time we asked for the second beer(s) to be left unopened . That was also done for us . Appreciated .
  13. Fascinating . Where did you get this info ? Is your hypothesis that revenue P P translates directly into cruising quality (to use your term cruising tiers) ? Perhaps but not perfectly .
  14. Hmm . We'll see . The things that made Celebrity special , perhaps a half step ahead of the other mass market brands have largely been eliminated over the last few years . Eliminated for non suite guests . My personal observation is that the heaviest drinkers I know who cruise have mostly migrated to Celebrity and NCL .
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