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  1. What is the information you have as of 8/19? My gut feeling is that CCL will be cruising by Jan.1, 2021 if not earlier. A couple European cruises have started back up, US will be close being (again IMHO).
  2. That was a great tour! Saw NIN three times that tour and three times on the pretour out in LV!
  3. I just signed up for my first solo cruise in 14 cruises. Thanks for writing this as I wanted to get a perspective of being a solo cruiser. I may do a live review on my Jan Magic cruise.
  4. Their timing is getting better, I submitted for my Jan 2021 cruise this morning, had the OBC listed in my documents within an hour. I hope this means they are gearing up for a restart!
  5. We will be on your ship too. Can't wait for the Sailabration!!!!
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