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  1. I just found your posts. It is always great to follow you guys on the boards. I will be following daily as usual.
  2. Total waste of time! Celebrity sent me a survey about using the Wonderverse and I told them the same thing. They need to use their marketing money elsewhere.
  3. I've been elite for a while and was never aware of the elite breakfast. I guess I need to read up on the benefits. Are the breakfasts anything special? I normally hit the buffet or maybe the main dining room once or twice.
  4. You must be correct. When I checked the gold benefits it said 1 carton flow water.
  5. We are Latitudes Gold. We had a balcony. We received 6 liters each of the Flow water due to our gold status. It was so much water for a 7 day cruise that we ended up leaving 5 liters when we got off the ship.
  6. We just got off the Breakaway on March 5th. This was our second trip on the ship. I agree with all of the negatives stated above. The staff is great and try to do their best. The ship if poorly designed for the number of passengers it carries. It always seems crowded and noisy. The cigarette smoke from the casino spread across two floors via the atrium. It can be overwhelming. If you have smoke allergies, be aware and careful. Food preferences are very individualized, so I won't comment on the main dining room. We are platinum on NCL and have enjoyed our previous cruises. We plan on going again on NCL, but not on the Breakaway.
  7. Do they have regular bottled water on the ship? We don't like the alkaline water. We normally just drink the ship's tap water, but if they have the regular it will keep us from bringing an extra container in our luggage. We will just buy one bottle and refill it the rest of the time.
  8. I would definitely call to cancel. You may ask if it is possible to push out your sailing date a few weeks. They may not do it, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  9. So they have done away with the production shows and live theater productions?
  10. Great pics. I can't wait until we board in a few weeks.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. We want to be able to enjoy the wine we have with dinner.
  12. Would someone mind posting a copy of the wine list they have onboard? I'm trying to decide whether or not to bring some onboard. We have the free beverage package, but if they don't have what we like we will bring some. We are not wine snobs, but just like certain wines whether they are only $7.99 a bottle or $30.00 a bottle. Thanks
  13. We are thinking about booking this hotel pre cruise. Does anyone have any personal experiences staying at this hotel? If so what was your impressions? Is it within walking distance of many resturants, bars, shops, sites, ect Thanks in advance Larry
  14. I just started investigating hotels for my Oct. 2023 trip as well. Thanks to all for their personal experience and information. I like to keep the price at $150.00 a night or less. I've paid more for a good location/property, but not frequently.
  15. We are on the Breakaway in Feb. How essential is getting reservations for the shows in the theater? Will they turn you away without a reservation? The cruises we have been on in the past we just showed up and walked in. No one even checked for reservations. We like to go with the flow of the evening, and I would hate to make reservations and then not show up knowing someone may be denied a seat.
  16. It should be on page 3 of your booking confirmation agreement. There is an area that lists the itinerary as well as whether the ship will be at a "dock" or "tender" port for that particular cruise.
  17. I love that idea. I may have to pick up a couple of rum runners to take next cruise. No need to pay for minibar or room service for a drink in the room.
  18. We are flying out to Rome on Tuesday. Can't wait to get on the Connie on the 22nd. It should be a fun trip.
  19. Thanks. I just put this on our, "Definitely try" list.
  20. We are ending our TA on the Celebrity Constellation in Tampa. We are looking at the Tampa tour that includes a transfer to the airport after the cruise. Has anyone done this tour? If so, do you think it was worth it? The tour description the Celebrity site is not very descriptive. Thanks
  21. Does the Constellation have Le Petite Chef?
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