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  1. Thanks Roger. Is this at all walkable from the cruise port? We are big walkers and usually walk 4 miles a day for exercise.
  2. Is there a beachy area near the cruise ship port in Palma? We are not wanting a whole beach day. We just want to put our toes in the water. Thanks
  3. Is there a beachy area near the cruise ship dock in Cartagena? We are not looking for a complete beach day. We just want to stick our toes in the water. Thanks
  4. Is there a beach close to the cruise ship dock in Toulon. We aren't looking for a serious beach day, but just want to put our toes in the water. Thanks
  5. Cruisemom, The address of the hotel we are staying at is: Piazza dell'Esquilino, 1 Rome, 00185, Italy Are there any reasonable and good Italian places near there? Thanks for all of the interesting and informed information you provide on the boards.
  6. I think a lot is going to depend on the countries that the ship is sailing to. I wouldn't want to get to Italy, Spain, ect... and not be able to get off the ship due to local regulations. Other countries may not even allow a ship to come in if passengers aren't tested.
  7. Yes, We will be walking to the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Colosseum, so we will be in that area. I'll try to get reservations. Thanks
  8. This is our first trip to Rome. We will be staying 3 days in Rome before our cruise in October. We were wondering what restaurants near the Termini that everyone would recommend. We are staying at the Hilton Doubletree Monti in that area. We would like to find some walkable places to eat. Preferably some traditional Italian places, not the tourist traps that I've been reading about. We are also interested in the best Gelato locations.
  9. I really wish they would keep serving at the buffet. I was a nurse for 43 years. I have taught infection control classes to nurses as well as monitoring its implementation after the classes. As sad as it sounds, nurses have to be reminded about infection control frequently. It is hard for me to expect the general public to follow infection control protocols even under the best circumstances. Covid is only one reason among many to keep the serving protocol intact.
  10. Thanks. It is good to get info from someone who has been there.
  11. We are going to spend 3 days prior to a cruise on the Celebrity Constellation in Rome. Does anyone have any recommendations for tour companies for these sites? Any information on days/hours to book the tours would be greatly appreciated as well. We will be there October 19, 20, 21 (Wed/Thurs/Fri) 2022. We would need English speaking guides. Thanks
  12. I have a question that I can't find addressed about testing. We are sailing out of Rome (Civitavecchia). We are arriving and spending 3 days prior to the cruise in Rome. Will we still be required to be retested to get on the ship? I'm assuming so, but I thought I may check with some of you who have had experience doing this. Thanks
  13. I read on one of the sites that stores in France are closed on Sunday except for those in certain areas. Are the stores open on Sunday in Toulon? How about the restaurants? I've read that the Biltoki Hall and the Mourillon Markets are open on Sunday and closed on Monday. We are going in October on the Constellation. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Larry
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