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  1. Thank you for posting the Fleet report.
  2. Looking forward to your live review of cruising on board the Zaandam. Wishing you safe travelling and a fabulous cruise.
  3. Enjoy your stay in beautiful Vancouver, and have a fabulous cruise on the Volendam.
  4. Thank you for your interesting reports, and photos.
  5. One day when I walked into the Neptune Lounge for coffee, (the concierge not present) was appalled to see a passenger use her fingers to take pieces of fruit from 3 individual little bowls of fruit salad, she then returned her handful of sliced fruit to the bowls, picked up different bowl and sat down to eat with her fingers. The concierge then returned, I quietly told him what I had seen, he was horrified , showed him which were the affected bowls, which he promptly removed. On another occasion in the Lido, a passenger alongside, dropped the serving tongs on the floor, then put the tongs back in the bread basket, I told a staff member who was nearby, he removed the bread basket.
  6. I would have no hestation in recommending the overland trip as you see some of the best scenery in NZ, even though it means missing the attractions of Dunedin as you arrive back late in the day just before the ship sails.
  7. I always like port as you can see other ships passing.
  8. When a ship goes from Dunedin(PC) to Fiordland the pilot often travels on the ship, but sometimes he makes his own way by car, and the same arrangement can occur in the opposite direction.
  9. Thank you for posting the HAL Fleet report.
  10. Roy, Thanks for your report. Do you have a photo of you and your dining companions on Gala Night?
  11. Had a voluntary committment today so unfortunately missed the last sailaway.
  12. Thank you for posting the photos of the ships in Juneau today.
  13. Thank you for posting the HAL Fleet report.
  14. Thank you for reviewing your cruise. Shame about the bathroom.
  15. Roy, Thank you for your reports. Will check back later to view the photos on your last report. Good that you have booked another cruise.
  16. Appreciate you posting the Fleet report, thank you.
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