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  1. Some will need to reduce inefficient capacity. Some may consolidate lines or merge with other firms. I fear for the HAL brand. We are thinking of using our FCC and the cancel for any reason offer and booking for fall. I see things going teo directions: one, smaller, more expensive and exclusive. Two, massive ship to basically nowhere party boats. I hope I am wrong but if it comes to pass I know where I will be.
  2. April 25th has been cancelled. I'm disappointed but I understand.
  3. Just note for ppl wandering by, the entree charge was a test on certain vessels, was never implemented, and has never come up again.
  4. Wow, OP. Did you delete "(restrictions apply)" when you posted to make your claim of injury look better?
  5. Its not just HAL. For example Oceania advertises something like "4 category stateroom upgrade!!!" That certainly does not mean you go from inside to concierge. Be real. $25 a day is not gonna get you all that stuff plus a balcony.
  6. This has been mentioned here before. Upgrade within the category versus upgrade to a higher category. So they gave you your money back. I dont see what the BBB is going to do about any of this.
  7. I believe the daily auto gratuity for Neptune is higher than standard, so already they will get a little more. If you leave the auto gratuity intact, then anything you give to an individual will go to the individual. If you remove auto grats, anything you give must by the employment contract be handed over and go into the pool. So the way we do it is keep the auto grats on, and in the event we receive exemplary service, tip extra. But we dont just run around tipping extra for meeting expectations.
  8. I was on Oosterdam Alaska last season. The pass was cheaper online pre cruise. Never ever heard about couple for the price of single. They offer everyone the tour. Supposedly, if the embarkation day price is less than the pre cruise online price, your account will be credited the difference. This policy would seem to preclude the ability to haggle a different price.
  9. No. There was a 12.31.19 code on 4 of our cards. And the March one only came on one card.
  10. We are close to final payment on our April cruise. We only got it on 1 card this time. But for this cruise we have made 5 $500 payments for a total of $500 off the last couole months. Good timing with the offers!
  11. Great blog. We are thinking about Summit for the fall. Thanks!
  12. Celebrity has their "kids sail free" promotions that put more kids on the ships, especially 7 day cruises during breaks. The Elite and Zenith members are having a time adjusting to all the changes over there but X is def going for the younger demographic. You could yry them. Or Royal, of course. I wouldnt mind if hal stuck to their "mature adult" demographic.
  13. My humble opinion: Hollands niche is not that coveted in the Caribbean hence lower prices. Kids? Fun? Carnival or Royal. Entertainment? Royal or MSC. Every near-luxury line has ships there in the winter. Want a "premium economy" type experience? There's Celebrity. Holland has itinerary and service. Not that important in the Caribbean where the ship likely is the destination for most ppl.
  14. I was on Oosterdam in May for a Seattle to Seattle 7 day Alaska cruise. The pool was never crowded. Passes were limited by number. They were cheaper online before the cruise. The loungers were popular but it wasn't crazy.
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