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  1. Therapy pool. My guess would be.. What...18 feet by 30? Heated. Not too hot. Wish it was hotter. One end is a steel rod chaise the width of the pool with bubbles from beneath. Center is more hot tub like. Stronger jets. Room for 4 or 6 around a steel wheel in the center. Massage heads spraying down on the back two corners with the steps in and out. Jets around the perimeter. Showers (please use them). Maybe 22 or 24 loungers around the pool. Windows to the outside shaded. Nice place imo.
  2. ER visit plus one night in the hospital for $3200? I would not call that exorbitant. Unless you are Canadian or EU. My insurance doesn't pay on the ship. So we get a supplemental travel policy. Glad shes alright. I don't see what HAL did wrong here.
  3. Yes. We got $1 deposit for next years transpacific on Westerdam. Just check frequently.
  4. The Captain's Club was able to get us all together. Thanks for the tips!
  5. Thanks. I will suggest she call the Captains Club. She can be persistent.
  6. Eclipse. This is only our second Celebrity cruise. We had anytime dining but my m.i.l. exercised her Royal status (D×?) to get early dining, then "linked" us to them somehow, whereby we lost anytime dining and were waitlisted for 6:00. They have their spots. There are no more anytime slots. Is there any chance of the waitlist being cleared prior to sailing? Otherwise we are 9:00 and that is kind of late for me. TIA.
  7. Slready Booked > Cruise Activities > Spa > Relaxation Areas My price for May 2020 14+ days is $279 single, $429 couple.
  8. I don't have a ton of experience but on each of my recent hal cruises the package was cheaper if you buy it online beforehand.
  9. If she has a premium credit card (like Chase Reserve) check their coverage. Part (or all) of the cruise has to be paid with that card, however. Worked for us.
  10. Btw the Celebrity forums are bogged down with complaints about cutbacks, Edge-ification, prices, etc. Everything is always changing. We have to be changing too, or you get left behind. A relative bought a rediculously cheap plane ticket. Then went off the rails complaining about this that and the other. "No seats! We can't reserve seats'" yes you can, it just costs more. Yes its remarkable you can go to Vegas for $69 one way. But you pay extra for your bag!! So what? It's still cheap. You have to compare apples to apples. I do think HAL has changed some. I look at the total value package. Shop the itinerary. Buy the darn upgrades. Cough up some $ for drinks. The value is still there. But if you are looking for a more upscale experience, Oceania has it starting at around 250 pp per night.
  11. I will be on Eclipse in October. We also like Oceanias smaller ships. I will be interested to read about the food on the Eclipse. Thanks for letting us follow along.
  12. Cant pick one. Yes, yes, hike New Zealand. Then take the ship back. We sailed on the Oceania Marina out of Auckland. One of my favorite cruises! All the best.
  13. Right you are. I'm going to have to recreate my search to see where I went wrong. On the ine hand...better for work. On the other hand...will we ever get back to the Chilean fjords? Hmmm.. Thanks. ETA today on a certain popular site the prices are more comparable. Something to think about.
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