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  1. Jammu2


    I'm late to the thread. I've read many of the responses but not all. My points in no particular order. 1. Azamara ships are old Renaissance cruise ships. Beautiful, but if you think 225 square feet is a sardine can you will be in for a shock. Have they launched newer ships? I dont know. 2. The RCI loyalty programs do offer reciprocity. However, cruise points earned are only applicable for the line. If, for example, you become Diamond on Royal Carribean, you can get a similar status on Celebrity. But then your next Celebrity cruise will not count on your Diamond status on Royal. 3. I dont care for Royal. I will be trying Celebrity for the second time this fall. 4. Check out Oceania's "O" Class ships (they also have 3 Renaissance "R" class ships). I really like them. 5. We will cruise on Oosterdam and Westerdam in 2019. I've cruised on Eurodam. I love Eurodam. Theres a lot of room per passenger. The specialty restaurants are good. If Oosty and Westy are comparable, then I think I will have found my favorite line for comfort/ food/ value. Though I do want to continue on Oceania once a year and would like to try Seabourn. 6. I don't make decisions based on loyalty programs. Across the industry benefits are degrading. Good luck!
  2. Jammu2

    Hotel parking in Seattle area

    Yeah the cruise lot is great. I've used it a lot. I was just trying to answer the question.
  3. Jammu2

    Hotel parking in Seattle area

    Parking is such a premium in town I dont know of any of the hotels that offer the service. Airport hotels do. But you are on your own to get to the ship. https://seattle.parksleepfly.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA7IDiBRCLARIsABIPohgXf5sLLE3hC6QI4vLxdxYEfxk2CSOT9pQDLlRwqOfm1er3lY2emvkaAr7mEALw_wcB
  4. Jammu2

    Waving of Napkins??

    Just say no!
  5. Just got back home. I guess I didn't miss much!
  6. The official count was over 500 infected. Who knows how many crew.
  7. Jammu2

    Hydro Pool on Oosterdam

    That will be the first place I go when I board Oosterdam in May!
  8. Jammu2

    Two new mid size ships starting 2022

    Cool. Thanks for the heads up. Though their recent price increases have put them out of our class for now.
  9. Steve, thanks for the information. So what I think you are saying, in the case of my father-in-law, is that I should always make sure any policy has "waiver of the pre-existing medical condition exclusion" in the contract because now he obvs has a pre-existing condition? Lookback - so if the lookback period is 180 days, the preexisting condition doesnt matter? Do you find the premier card benefits are a reasonable replacement for private insurance in most cases? (Chase Reserve, Amex Black). In what cases does it fall short? thank you!
  10. I'll check in later. Hopefully I won't forget. Treadmill first. 😜