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  1. We cruised on the Pacific Princess May 2018 through July 2018. The bedside lamps had USB outlets, probably installed during the previous dry dock which extensively refurbished the cabins. The lamps didn't seem any larger than before, still plenty of room on the table.
  2. Sorry but no, it isn't available.
  3. Or swim early in the morning. The only people you'll have to deal with are chair hogs... Probably about 8 to 9 strokes per length if you go on the diagonal.
  4. Yes but ... I've found the earlier I book the better the deal. It's a fundamental principle of economics that when supply goes down, prices go up. Once or twice I've gotten significantly better fares/perks later on but it doesn't happen often. I'm kind of obsessive about rechecking fares after a booking too. Booking as early as possible, as long as your deposit is refundable, is what I recommend.
  5. Princess' official dress codes do not vary. They are no different based on the specific ship, the itinerary, the season or the demographics of the passengers / clientele. I took a quick look at the description of the cruise to which you refer and there are no special notes regarding a different dress code than what Princess uses fleet-wide. That said, it may be the choice of many passengers to dress in black tie, but it isn't a requirement in any sense of the word.
  6. If you look at the disclaimers on the web-site, those photos are only representative and there may be differences.
  7. There's been some discussion on the Roll Call for the Dec 22, 2019 sailing about the dry dock in May of this year. Everything from adding Medallion (doubtful but maybe it's some preparation) and a MUTS (maybe IMHO) to as little as a new large format video screen in the theatre (the most likely IMHO). Regardless, something's afoot as it is a bit longer dry dock, especially as she just went through one very recently.
  8. Another reason a captain may decide not to enter a port during seemingly nice weather is the forecast for departure is bad. In 2016 during our South America cruise on the Ocean Princess, it was tough decision for the captain to deploy the tenders in Port Stanley. The morning was nice but the afternoon forecast was terrible. He was going to abort but another line's ship started tendering and I think that swayed his decision to go ahead and tender. That afternoon the winds were awful and tendering was cancelled for awhile after one tender was blown into the rocks and damaged a propeller (it had to be towed back to the ship by a local fishing boat). Preparations were being made for overnighting all of us stuck on shore when the wind dropped for a bit and we were able to get back to the ship. I think next time that captain will be less likely to be swayed by another captain's decision. MVI_5592.MOV
  9. Yes! It was a few years ago but there was a kerfuffle about new balcony furniture being so bad (or something like that). I remember Princess actually replied here on Cruise Critic (they have a verified account) and stated the furniture issue would be corrected with new stuff as soon as possible. Here's the link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1525194-new-balcony-furniture-on-caribe-deck-on-grand/?do=findComment&comment=31867004 Here's another link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1525194-new-balcony-furniture-on-caribe-deck-on-grand/?do=findComment&comment=31746846
  10. Enjoyed him on the Pacific Princess for 51 days in 2018. He was the officer at our table during the most-travel-passenger luncheon as well. His jokes are corny, clean (mostly) and fun. Very personable too. Told me he's a "fill in" cruise director so he shows up on ships when the primary CD takes a break. Would love to sail with him again.
  11. It shows up in your travel summary just above the Important Notices. Ours looks like this:
  12. That sounds like a sensible plan. Check-in will be quicker as well.
  13. So are the covers on the ones in your homes. If the sensor catches fire it will have already been sounding the alarm for some time.
  14. After the last dry dock, the Pacific Princess now has USB ports in the base of the bedside table lamps. Still not plenty for my purposes although it's a start.
  15. Typically it's a half-hour before departure. There will be signage at the gangway when you get off the ship with the specific time.
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