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  1. We've spent many days on both. Unless you were looking at life preservers, life boats, the bow or anything else where the ship's name appears, you would have a very difficult time know which ship you were on. Pretty much identical, even down to the artwork and statuary.
  2. Earlier today I could still see my two canceled March/April cruises on the Royal Princess as well as our Nov 16 cruise on the Pacific Princess. I couldn't see any details as I got errors. Also noticed the EZ-Air for the two canceled cruises was no longer on the airline web-site. Now I'm like everyone else, not seeing anything.
  3. I too was concerned about that statement. Caribill pointed out that Princess has subsequently walked that back so while there's no guarantee the PA won't be sold someday (and of course it eventually will), not having the Medallion won't be definitive.
  4. They are still selling cruises on the PA after November 2021. They've cancelled quite a few cruises on the Royal Princess as well, even after the end of March. I doubt they're selling the Royal so by that logic I wouldn't infer they're selling the PA.
  5. So, all rules are made by people more knowledgeable with valid reasons? I don't think so. There have been many terrible 'rules' made by people with little knowledge and faulty reasoning. It's not a good idea to always follow rules blindly.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Booked on the Royal B2B at the end of March, 2020.
  7. I don't think anyone is trying to force you to carry a device while you're on the ship. It's certainly up to you and I for one understand the desire to disconnect. You'll be cruising like you did in the 90s and the first decade of this century but hey, that was a pretty good time too! However, there are some who would like to enjoy the technology's benefits but they fret over inadvertently incurring charges on their phones in spite of all the advice given as to how to set the device so that doesn't happen. Heck, I've forgotten a few times to do that. I suggested an inexpensive tabl
  8. For all you folks who are nervous that using your smart phone on the ship will incur roaming charges and for those who don't want to invest in one I suggest a less expensive alternative would be an inexpensive tablet. Amazon's Kindle Fire series low-end models are very inexpensive and would serve nicely on a ship as an interface to its intranet. No, I don't work for Amazon!
  9. While domestic fares aren't always a lot better, I did find this with EZ Air: If you're one of those who can't get suitcases under 50 pounds, I have often found that flying First Class, which includes an allowance of 70 pounds for two bags is often cheaper that flying economy and paying all the extra baggage fees.
  10. Got it, thanks! It's more clear that you were trying to show two separate reasons there may be no cruises in December. Sometimes I can be slow.
  11. You're conflating two different issues. Carnival is on 'probation' for environmental violations. You responded with this to a post about restrictions on shore excursions to combat COVID-19.
  12. I'm not qualified to suggest a basis for appeal but I have seen attorneys get very creative over my years on this planet. I just was wondering if there was an avenue CCL could use to appeal, not if it would be justified or not.
  13. I wonder, do you think CCL plans to appeal to a higher judicial authority?
  14. This moniker comes from what I did early in our marriage to get permission to purchase a car DW didn't think we really needed. She then put personalized plates on the vehicle, BEG3YRS. I loved it. This was when we lived in California. Now we're in Arizona and that first beggar vehicle is long gone. Yet, I have another as you can see from my avatar. Same method, different state...
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