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  1. Be right there with you! At least at the bar ...
  2. Right! "Medically observed" doesn't mean only a physician can observe. Med tech, nurses and so on would count. Heck, you can purchase do-it-yourself tests to take with you on travel out of the US. You use them on a Zoom call with a nurse before you fly home. Those are "Medically observed".
  3. DW is GF and has many sailings since she was diagnosed. YES! We have been told by the staff they have a dedicated area for GF preparation.
  4. Got to agree with Steelers36, no particular discount. And, it can vary as to which is better, booking as a single journey (if you can) or doing it separate. For the most part we have found separate tends to be a little bit better. Another advantage to separate bookings is if you use EZ-Air. Air bookings don't become available until 330 days before disembarkation. We've found that booking air right away almost always provides a significant savings over prices available later so ... with separate bookings your inbound air journey becomes available just that much sooner. And, it's easier to modify your flights if necessary as if both inbound and outbound flights are on the same booking, to modify one you must modify the other.
  5. Not going to discuss the items I didn't quote because that would be against CC's COVID-19 discussion policy. Yes, the ruling of the appeals court changed in favor of the State of Florida. Not having a legal background, the language sounds to me like it was on some kind of technicality. Not sure though, hopefully someone else with expertise will chime in. The State of Florida had already submitted an emergency appeal to SCOTUS when the appeals court reversed itself. The suit filed by NCL is against the Florida state-equivalent of the Surgeon General regarding the no vaccination passport laws in Florida. It's against the person in that office as that's where the authority resides to enforce or not enforce the law in question. This is only marginally related, if at all, to the CDC lawsuits.
  6. Of course they will. On one cruise I received a phone call from a fraternity brother from the 70s. The nostalgia made me remember the drinks we make up to take to football games in coolers. His favorite was a Velvet Hammer. I asked the bartender if he could make one. Turns out they've got a recipe book for oddball drinks - he found it, made it and it tasted just as bad as it did back in the day!
  7. Dirty Banana. It's an adult milkshake/banana-split!
  8. I haven't been on the Sky Princess but every other Princess ship I've sailed has Disaronno.
  9. Copied from post #1: Orange status means the ship has reported cases of COVID-19 but is below the threshold for CDC investigation.
  10. We take a thin lightweight laptop but that's just us. I like the larger screen and a real keyboard. I could use our iPhone but it's just too small for serious work - we take longer cruises so some serious stuff needs to be handled now and then. Someday we might move to a decent-sized tablet.
  11. Thrak is absolutely correct, anything with a surge protector is a fire hazard due to peculiarities of ship-board wiring systems. They aren't fire hazards on land. We use an octopus power strip (Google it) as its unique design allows you to plug in all sorts of oddball chargers without covering up more than one outlet.
  12. Well, reading the actual article doesn't list Princess' specific ships, just what ports they'll sail out of. Los Angeles is included in the list. Be positive!
  13. Adults can have fountain sodas too. Cans (for both adults and minors) are not free but do get a 25% discount IIRC.
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