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  1. I stand corrected! Interesting coincidence that the first Ocean Princess became the MV Oceania and the second Ocean Princess was sold to Oceania. Just love those R class ships...
  2. The Ocean Princess, which is an R class ship, was sold to Oceania and became the MS Sirena. It was not transferred to a sister line.
  3. Do you mean the A380? The A330-800neo has only one deck. If you mean the A380, you might want to go ahead and book some seats with EZ Air and then go to the airline's web-site and make the change directly. It might also be that the class of seats you want to book aren't available on the other deck.
  4. Nope, your cruise and flights are all the responsibility of Princess. They make it good.
  5. According to this webpage which was supposedly updated June 9, Discovery Princess is currently scheduled to be delivered in November of 2021. http://www.cybercruises.com/orderbook.htm
  6. Got an email from Princess last night saying that since we were booked on the now cancelled Nov 24 Tahiti cruise, they're offering $150 per person to rebook the 2021/2020 French Polynesia cruises (balcony and above). We had already booked and lo and behold, there's credit in our accounts!
  7. I saw that report just before our last cruise. The bottles were definitely available on the Pacific Princess. I was going to mention the bartenders are generally OK with not opening the bottles for you. It was nice to have them in the cabin fridge for morning eye-openers.
  8. Mini bottles of Prosecco are included in the package. One of DW's favorites.
  9. We booked the 34 day Pacific Princess FLL to PPT as well this morning. It's a long ways off but as another said, Christmas in Tahiti (probably in Moorea for us) will be fun!
  10. If only we all looked that good in a Princess robe ...
  11. So excited about this! We were booked on the doomed PPT to FLL 2020 cruise that was cancelled when calls to Cuba were forbidden again. So we rebooked PPT to SYD and so on for 2020. Those cruises are still a 'go' but I think there's only a 50% chance they go and even if they do, I'd expect a few dropped ports because some of the countries still won't accept cruise ships even at the end of the year. Just sent a note to our TA to book us on the 34 day version of the FLL to PPT cruise in 2021 as soon as it's available! Happy dance!
  12. How about offering customers with cancelled cruises to purchase additional FCDs while not on the ship? I know in my case with five booked cruises, all with FCDs, one has been cancelled and if I take the double your deposit offer, I lose the FCD. I suspect at least three more will be cancelled as well. While DW and I each have one FCD still available, in our situation we'd likely purchase some 'fresh' ones for future bookings.
  13. IMHO that's one of your best posts - only because I've been thinking along the same lines. 😁 What a logistical nightmare!
  14. My first thought was "Great, now we're bringing even more people onboard who possibly could infect passengers and crew..." - again, just a thought.
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