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  1. I visited a lovely B&B in Santa Fe last year and they had a very nice product dispenser in the shower. It saves on packing products going to the trash can. I wasn't a fan of the Etro products.
  2. 42 days on Regent Navigator. French Polynesia to Miami. A back-to-back!!
  3. Hi JIMinNC, FYI - The 2nd evening onboard is usually Captain's Welcome Aboard dinner. That night has the best menu in the Compass Rose.
  4. Thanks Gerry, I look forward to yours and all the other posters from Splendor!!
  5. This has been a great thread to start the new Splendor. Thanks to all who contributed. Wonderful photos and descriptions! Waiting for the next installment.
  6. This is a smart idea on Navigator. My favorite deck on the ship is deck 6. Close to the Coffee Connection and Navigator Lounge for coffee in the morning and drinks in the evening!!
  7. I think you have told me all I need to know. Thanks.
  8. Thank you, 1985rz1, I appreciate your input.
  9. Thanks, ORV, I appreciate your comment.
  10. This is good to hear. I'll be on Sirena in January with at least one tender port. Thanks for the update.
  11. I would be interested in how the Cyclo red wine tastes. Any reviews?
  12. Wishing each and everyone of you a healthy, happy holiday season!! Hope you get 2020, 2021 and/or 2022 cruise tickets under your tree or bush!!
  13. Hi pna, I enjoy visiting one of the specialty restaurants on the first night aboard, usually my favorite. The 2nd night onboard is usually the Captain's Welcome Aboard night which can mean a special meal in the MDR. I'll book the other specialty restaurants skipping a night if the cruise is longer than 7 nights. There may be a chance you can get another reservation in one of your favorites. I prefer to dine around 7:00 or 7:30pm on the ships. Last year, on Marina, my friend and I had a bad experience with one shared table, so in 2020 we tried to book a single table. One night will be shared as that is all that's what's available in our timeframe. Finger crossed that we have nice tablemates.
  14. You will normally receive an email from Regent via your TA that has a pdf of the excursions offered for your cruise. Ours arrived at almost 10pm this past Friday for booking at 12:01am on Sunday. Not long to look over the list prior to booking.
  15. Thanks, Lana. I'll be following along. I have friends onboard so it will be nice to see the ports you visit and your daily activities.
  16. Happy to see the latest installment of your cruise. Thanks, guys!!
  17. Yeah!!! The newest installment of Cwaze & Cwaze's lastest cruise adventures. Love your theatre curtains in what may be your entertainment room. How cool! Plus I was a big Dark Shadows fan in my youth. Still love to catch an episode. Will be wringing my hands in anticipation of your next video!
  18. Thanks for posting the photo, happycruisingUK. I hope everyone enjoys the outdoors Coffee Connection.
  19. I emailed my shareholder stock benefit information yesterday for my January 13th cruise. I usually send my emails in two months in advance. Haven't been denied yet.
  20. Terry, I hope you enjoy Regent. Remind me the date of your cruise and ship?
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