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  1. Yes, on a B2B, September 6-13 and September 13-20, both cruises already have the double points loaded.
  2. We just turned Diamond Plus and we are wondering what perks we have. We looked up on the Crown & Anchor benefits page, but from what we have read so far, it was things we didn't see posted on there that we are wondering about. Here is what we know so far, maybe you could add to the list for us 🙂 Thanks in advance 🙂 5 drink vouchers per day BOGO Dining - please confirm & clarify Free bag of laundry - please confirm & clarify Balcony discount amount - please confirm & clarify
  3. Or they could always add a tier at the bottom called "Barnacle" hahaha😂
  4. We were assigned My Time dining, once onboard we were able to book the same time every night, as well as the same table, we were on a B2B on Serenade. Deck 4 was for vaccinated, Deck 5 was for parents with children under the age of 12 that are not able to be vaccinated at this time. I hope this helps.
  5. We just got off of a B2B on Serenade Of The Seas on Monday. An antigen test, with a negative result, was required at the end of the first cruise in order to be allowed to cruise on the second cruise. We booked a PCR test on Wednesday of the second cruise, for Sunday morning at 9am, we had to go back at 4pm to pick up our results. The tests were complimentary. I hope this helps.
  6. Is it possible for you to post the Cruise Compasses? Also, I just read on another thread that the Windjammer is open 6-8:30pm on Anthem, is it open on Serenade yet? Thanks again for taking your vacation time to answer questions 🙂
  7. I am wondering if you have any information on getting a PCR test done on your last cruise, prior to returning to Canada. I have been assured by Royal that they will do a PCR test for us, not the antigen test. Thanks for any info 🙂
  8. Hi, my husband is wondering if there are any lecturers or park ranges on board doing any talks?
  9. That was very sweet of you to post some pictures, thank you 🙂
  10. Is it too much trouble to ask for pictures of some of the newer slot machines in the casino? Loving the review so far, keep it going 🙂 Thanks for taking time from your vacation to do a review. We are doing a B2B in September.
  11. How did you find the ship in general, is it in good shape for the age? I know food is subjective, but how did you find it, still lots of variety? Was there anything shut down on board? How was the casino, any newer style machines? How were the health protocols? Do you know how many guests were on board? How were the ports? Were there any Park Rangers giving commentary when cruising the glaciers? I'm sure I will think of other questions. Thanks 🙂
  12. I appreciate your answer, and I did read this, but the agent said they are only doing antigen tests, not the required PCR tests. Who knows, maybe PCR is an option and the agents are not informed of this. I just don't want to have to try to sort it out while on vacation. Thanks again 🙂
  13. We are wondering if any guests on Royal are getting PCR tests done on their cruises in order to return to Canada. We are cruising on Serenade of The Seas, out of Seattle, and doing a B2B to Alaska. We have spoken to Royal a couple of times and have received different answers. The agent this morning said that I was the first person she has spoken to ask for this specifically. She looked it up and said a PCR test is definitely required, and not an antigen test. She gave me the number of the Special Access Department to call tomorrow, they were closed today when she tried to call. We are looking for any guests with experience with this. We want to fly home the same day we return to port, so a test would have to be done before arrival back to Seattle. Thinking outside of the box, I emailed a location in Ketchikan, which is our last port stop before returning to Seattle, but I have not heard back yet. We would stay in Seattle longer but we are still working full time and need to return to work 😞 Thanks in advance for any and all help/suggestions.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. We are booked on Serenade of The Seas on a b2b in September, not sure what will happen between now and then.
  15. I am wondering when you are cruising, and how long did it take to get a reply? Thanks, Rhonda
  16. Oh sorry, are you a travel agent? I am referring to the sale agents at Royal, I should have been clearer.
  17. As usual, I guess it depends on what information has been given the reps, unfortunate really. The rep I spoke to said that new information had just come out that day that I had called. Hopefully noone gets turned away from misinformation.
  18. I called Royal Caribbean Thursday night to get an answer to this question because of their wording "fully vaccinated", I wanted a clear definition. I was in the process of re-scheduling my husband's second dose to an earlier appointment and wanted to make sure what the requirement by Royal Caribbean was. It was explained to me that "fully vaccinated" meant 2 doses of the same vaccine, example: Pfizer/Pfizer, Moderna/Moderna, etc. If you mixed and matched, example: Pfizer/Moderna, Royal Caribbean was not considering that as "fully vaccinated", they are seeing it as 1 dose of 2 different vaccines, not 2 doses of 1 vaccine. I hope that makes sense how I explained it. I told my daughter to get the same vaccine for her second that she got for her first.
  19. I called earlier today because ours are also incorrect and the casino rep said not to worry, it shouldl be fixed in about 24 hours. He explained that the last column with the numbers did not seem to match anything, but could mean you spend time in the casino on every cruise, my numbers are different from my husband's numbers, so, who really knows!
  20. Specialty Dining Package Sail Length # Of Dining Package Meals Retail Value 20% Gratuities 3-5 Nights 1 $44.95 USD per person $8.99 USD per package 6-8 Nights 2 $79 USD per person $15.80 USD per package 9-10 Nights 3 $99 USD per person $19.80 USD per package 11-14 Nights 4 $114 USD per person $22.80 USD per package 15+ Nights 5 $129 USD per person $25.80 USD per package
  21. It does not say sail by. I even commented to the agent, oh, it has been extended, and he said yes.
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